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August 24, 2015

Buakaw Practicing Muay Chaiya

Thanks to my friend and coach Tim Cartmell for sharing this clip.  I love Buakaw for a multitude of reasons, one of which is because he seems to be the consummate humble student.  Always learning, always training, always with a smile.  Much respect.

Enjoy the Thai Hair Metal and awesome ankle pick at 2:30!!!

December 6, 2014

Ross Enamait Interview

Our friend Ross Enamait over at Ross Training offers some sound advice for fighters, martial artists, and fitness freaks across the board in a recent interview on Expandercrank.  When Ross speaks, we should all listen.  Here is an excerpt:

How do you progress your fighters? Do you approach a beginner in the same fashion you approach a champion contender? Or is there something that you do differently with beginners and champions respectively, except of course for scaling weights and training intensity?
"Fighters progress through fighting more so than anything that ever occurs inside the gym. Speaking as a boxing trainer, when I consider a prospective opponent for one of my fighters, I look at what he has accomplished inside the ring. For instance, I look at his amateur background, who he has fought as a pro, and how active he has been in recent months.
   No one cares how much weight a fighter lifts or how many pull-ups he can perform. We want to know what the fighter can do inside the ring. The best way to gauge progress is by observing the fighter’s sparring as well as his actual bouts. A fighter should improve with each bout. Nothing is as important to a fighter as actual ring time and competitive experience.
   As for the novice vs. champion contender, beginners naturally require more work in the mental department. It is not uncommon for beginners to be quite nervous when sparring or fighting. They are dealing with anxiety and fear that the more seasoned fighters have learned to control. And it is these mental aspects which make real experience so critical. The gym will never prepare a novice fighter for the emotions that are experienced when fighting a stranger in front of a large crowd. True experience is earned one fight at a time. There are no shortcuts."

To read the entire article click here.

October 31, 2014

Tricks and Treats With Dominick Cruz & BJJ Scout

Our friend BJJ Scout has once again given us a bag of goodies with a 11 minute plus breakdown of the tricky footwork and body movements that enable Dominick Cruz to be SO frighteningly effective!  Any fan of MMA will appreciate this video as Dominick is a blast to watch fight:

August 21, 2014

K-1 World Max Final

One word.... HELLSYEAH!!!!!!!!!!!  Paul Daley, Andre Dida, AND Buakaw!?!?!?!   WAR Buakaw!!!!  Someone please tell me this will be on PPV!?!?!?  More info by clicking here. 

August 11, 2014

The Body Shot - AKA Liver KO's

Wanna' spar??
Here is a great compilation of body shots.  Delayed onset, total incapacitation... the body shot SUCKS!  Liver shots are the most prevalent but trust me that a kick/punch to the spleen is just as bad and painful.  SO important for southpaws to protect their bodies well. Study and learn...

May 23, 2014

Muay Boran - A Martial Art Renewed

The NY Times featured this nice photo essay on the first ever World Muay Boran gathering held last March in Ayutthaya Thailand.  A welcomed distraction from the political unrest the country is experiencing.  Though short the essay is quite nice.  Click here to read the entire article. 

“This tournament is important because people only see bad information in the news about Thailand,” said Chinawut Sirisompan, a grandmaster.

March 28, 2014

Head Trauma in Mixed Martial Arts - American Journal of Sports Medicine

Proponents of mixed martial arts (MMA) have long claimed it safe"er" then boxing and kickboxing due to the number of different ways one could win a match, not just percussive striking to the cranium.  That has always been the rub though, safer does not mean it is safe!  Obviously a number of factors and variables come into play with such a broad subject, but this is the first (to the best of my knowledge) academic study on head trauma in MMA. 

Just this week the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine released an article entitled "Head Trauma in Mixed Martial Arts" in their journal American Journal of Sports Medicine.  Using a descriptive epidemiology study, the doctors surveyed over 840 UFC matches between the years of 2006 and 2012 (this is notable as the UFC has been fully compliant with regulations and rules by this stage of their development ie. must wear 4oz gloves / banning of soccer kicks and stomps to the head etc.).  Thanks to my teacher Meynard for turning me onto this article.

The results are quite interesting, click here to read the entire abstract.  
Some serious food for thought for both professionals and hobbyists alike.  Lots of information coming to light regarding just how fragile our brain really is.  Below is the conclusion of the study:

Conclusion: Rates of KOs and TKOs in MMA are higher than previously reported rates in other combative and contact sports. Public health authorities and physicians should be cognizant of the rates and mechanisms of head trauma. Preventive measures to lessen the risks of head trauma for those who elect to participate in MMA are described.

January 25, 2014

Vice Magazines 'Fightland' - Thai Prison Fights

Vice Magazine has launched a new online magazine geared towards the booming combat sports popularity which has surged in the past 10 years.  "Fightland" has some great stories and info on it such as this piece on Thai Boxing in the prison systems where inmates can work off sentences for fighting in the ring, and disagreements between fellow prisoners are dealt with maturely and fairly (novel idea).

Vice is one of my favorite news magazines because they bring stories we would never, ever hear about otherwise.  HBO is worth the money alone for Vice News:

January 16, 2014

The Ground Never Misses: Best Martial Arts Blog Online?

Photo by: Mike Baltierra Photography
I wanted to take a moment and thank my loyal readers and followers over the past five years of blogging, as I am constantly surprised at the support I receive. With some help from my homie Dutchess I can proudly say The Ground Never Misses will continue to be your premier go to source for all things martial.  2013 was my most prolific year in terms of posts, reviews, and dissemination of information, and we are trying to ensure 2014 is even better!

It is my goal with this blog to offer opinions, news, reviews, acting as a central meeting place for martial arts and grappling systems from all cultures worldwide.  A martial arts blog for martial artists with senses of humor and a dose of common sense. 

If you are so inclined to help out and spread word, it would be greatly appreciated.  What takes you a second really makes a difference to us.  Here are a few things that would help:
  •  Take a moment and bookmark and visit the blog daily if possible.
  •   If you order from Amazon, please go to their site via my link to the bottom left.
  •  If you are on Facebook please take a moment and "Like" our new FB Ground Never Misses Page.     I would appreciate sharing my blog with anyone you know on FB and other social media sites.  
  • If you are interested in training either privately or in a group hit me up for some lessons: [email protected] 
  Every view helps me in numerous ways.

I am proud to say I have one of the longest running blogs online: 5 years this February!  Help me make it another five years and we will walk the martial path together.   The martial "secret" is in perseverance. 

January 11, 2014

Buakaw Goes Boom

Quite simply one of the best ever.  Period.  Study his use of the teep (front kick) and his relentless forward intention.


October 15, 2013

San Shou Lei Tai Fights From Taiwan Circa 1986

Thanks to my broski William for sharing this clip of San Shou Lei Tai fights from Taiwan circa 1986.  San Shou is not a style per se of Chinese martial arts, but rather a rule set of full contact kickboxing.  Different organizations have varying rules but in general all strikes are allowed (minus head buts) as well as takedowns and throws with no ground fighting.  Many traditional artists will train San Shou as well as their respective art.

So enjoy this video and if you are interested I wrote down some basic observations after it:

  • The round kick is absent from the traditional Chinese Martial Arts, yet it is one of the most prevalent attacks used in this video.
  • Those with straight strikes scored faster and in general hit harder.
  • Those with wild swinging strikes still hit really, really hard!  You must respect the strike even if it is sloppy.
  • Notice the clinch is absent here.  This may be due to some governing bodies restricting clinch time (limited to 3 seconds), or banning the clinch position all together.
  • Because the clinch is restricted, the majority of throws we see are quick sweeps and fast knockdowns (kao die).
  • Dropping your hands doing some crazy Bruce Lee type shit gets you hit! 

August 23, 2013

Prince Naseem Hamed HL

Amazing footwork.  Uncanny understanding of range.  KO power in both hands (notice how he switches stances).  Prince Naseem Hamed will go down in history as one of boxing's greatest fighters.  Though I would never advocate the cockiness and bravado he exhibits, his style is fun and unique to watch.  Enjoy on your unproductive Friday:

July 7, 2013

Three Harmonies Combatives and Kali Class Schedule (Revised: July 2013)

Effective July 9th the following class schedule for my Combatives Class as well as the Pekiti Tirsia Kali Class:

Monday 6-7pm: Combatives

Tuesday 6-7pm: Combatives

Wendesday 6-7pm: Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Thursday 6-7pm: Combatives

Saturday 9-10am: Pekiti Tirsia Kali
              10-11am: Combatives

There are a couple things you will notice here.... First and foremost the importance of training in the combatives class even if you are mostly interested in Kali training.  We now have 5 days a week you can train in a group lesson.  Private instruction is scheduled individually.  Tuition will not change... still $105 / month for unlimited classes, or if you choose to attend 1-2 classes a week it is only $85 / month.  Private instruction is available as well in BJJ, striking, weapons work, personal fitness, etc.  Contact Jake Burroughs to arrange a lesson today: [email protected] / 206-941-3232

February 28, 2013

Ramon "The Diamond" Dekkers Rest in Peace

It is with a heavy heart I pass on the news from Sherdog that Dutch sensation Ramon Dekkers passed away yesterday at the age of 43 in his hometown of Breda, Holland.  According to the early reports he was biking when he collapsed and passer-by's could not revive him. 

Ramon may be a "new" name to some, but for those of us who have been following kickboxing Ramon is nothing short of a legend posting an unbelievable career record of 186-33-2 before hanging up his gloves in 2006!  No... you did not misread... 186 victories alone, and lets not forget to mention the 95 KO's on the path to 186 victories!    That is a 51% KO rate for those keep track at home.  "The Diamond" as he was known, was one of the sharpest fighters ever to come out of Holland. 

One cannot help but wonder if the years of hard training and abuse contributed to his early passing (WAY too early), but either way lets remember the man for what he was... a true warrior and sportsman! 

My condolences and thoughts go to his family and fight crew.  May he rest in peace.

(Carl Orf's Carmina Burana is THE best fight music!!!!)

February 8, 2013

Mad Boxing Skills From Little Girl

This little one is simply too cute, and a bit scary all at the same time!  Props to her pops for teaching her well.  She moves better then most adult men I see. 

September 19, 2012

Tighten Up Your Game With Private Lessons

Just wanted to let you all know that I also offer private lessons for those interested in improving certain aspects of their game, gaining strength and conditioning, as well as troubleshooting.  Several of my group students have taken private lessons with me and seen their game jump astronomically.  

Call or email today to schedule a lesson!  
206-941-3232 / [email protected]

Some things I can help you with when training one on one, or with a small group:
  • Weight Loss
  • Striking improvement
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Clinch Work
  • Pekiti Tirsia Kali
  • Strength & Conditioning Specifically Geared Towards Martial Arts
  • Chinese Martial Arts
I have over 20 years of training behind me and I still train and learn to this day as a purple belt in BJJ under my coach Brian Johnson.  I also meet with my teacher Tim Cartmell out of So Cal as often as I can, often when I am visiting Los Angeles to compete in grappling tournaments.  
I look forward to helping you meet your goals via the path of a martial artist.

Train Hard.  Play Hard.
Jake Burroughs

September 17, 2012

Most Impressive Martial Artist's Still Alive - According to John Will

John Will is one of my great inspirations both on and off the mat.  I have had the pleasure of training with him over the past 6 years and I must say he is one of the most impressive martial artists / coaches I have ever come across.  One of the things that impresses me most is his humble approach to the arts.  For instance he just shared the following post on whom he considers the most impressive martial artists still alive, in no particular order:

8th degree Rigan Machado
- Rigan Machado: his insight into the nuances of BJJ goes beyond anyone else I know - and I know some of the best. I have witnessed him tying up and tapping out world champions - seemingly, without effort.
- John Smith: perhaps someone only the wrestling community would know. My favourite American freestyle wrestler - current USA coach. Amazing competitive record and all-round takedown genius.
- Richard Norton: one of the best martial artists on the planet. All-round paragon of excellence - the person who taught me never to accept mediocrity. An amazingly proficient martial artist.
John Smith 2x Olympian / 4x world champ

-David Meyer: a great martial artist whose moral compass is set to true north. Once he came to realize that there was a better and more complete style of Jiu Jitsu down the road, he not only closed his school but suggested that all his students go and join up. David is an inspirational being.
- Marcelo Garcia: not only does he have extraordinary skill in BJJ but he is an all-round nice guy, driven by passion and joy, and seemingly without a nasty bone in his body. A smiling virtuoso.
L-R: David Meyer / Chubby Jake / Mr. BJJ / John Will
      Now ... having just named those awesome martial artists - I must say that there are also many, many others that come to mind. Each brings something unique to the martial arts landscape ... and it is an imaginary amalgam of this large collection of inspirational figures that should serve as a kind of archetypal guide for each of us as we strive forward in our efforts to be better than we currently are ... JBW

Truly an inspiration that at John's level and rank he still find inspiration in those around him and gives credit always where it is due!  


July 10, 2012

How To Approach Sparring

Here is a great video my coach Meynard Ancheta shared with me, and I can honestly say this is a great way of approaching sparring whether it is grappling based or striking based.  Sound advice for students of all levels!  Many "dojo masters" need to pay attention.

And speaking of video please share your opinion regarding video review and training on our poll to the right----->


June 29, 2012

ATTN: NWJJA & Three Harmonies Students

No class for NWJJA & Three Harmonies students on July 4th & 7th.  I will be opening the dojo at 10am on Wed. the 4th for an open mat class where we will get our roll on and get some training prior to the Revolution on Saturday the 7th.  I cannot "MAKE" you show up, but I really do not see any reason you should not be on the mat at 10am rolling if you are competing on Saturday!

On the competition note... those of you procrastinating need to keep in mind the registration deadline is Monday, so lets get signed up ASAP!  Click here to jump to the site. 

Also look for some exciting news and reviews this weekend with an advanced look at Rafael Lovato Jr.'s latest release "Ultimate Pressure Passing System"  and Origin's Technical Mundial Backpack!  As always check us out daily for the latest in greatest news, reviews, views, all slightly askew.



December 9, 2011

Three Harmonies Students

A reminder their is no class Saturday Dec. 10th for Three Harmonies Students.  Stay home and train solo;)

Have a great weekend!