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December 14, 2014

Inverted Knee Bar from Sambo Championships

Thanks to Reilly Bodycomb for sharing this awesome inverted knee bar.  A lesson to always be aware of your openings even when it seems as if you are pinning / submitting / winning...

June 13, 2014

Igor Yakimov Sambo Clinic

Thanks to our friends DSTRYRsg for sharing this great clip of Sambo expert Igor Yakimov teaching a clinic at Sambo Canada recently.  Some really nice takedowns and transitions into leg attacks (in typical Sambo fashion;).

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

April 9, 2014

Minowaman Breaks Goran Jettingstad's Leg - IGF 1

MMA legend, and renown leg attack artist, Ikuhisa Minowaman fought Goran Jettingstad in Tokyo Japan at the inaugural IGF MMA event.  Anyone familiar with Minowa knows he LOVES leg attacks and is quite brutal with there application.  Apparently Goran and his fight camp did not receive said memo and seemingly invited Minowa to grab Goran's left leg, and allowed Minowa to slide his left leg through and break Goran's femur.  Effective not only in MMA but a fight-ender on the street!  Leg locks and their defense are neglected across the martial spectrum for no good reason.

So sit back and turn down the volume, turn up this leaked Pharoahe Monch and Black Thought collab (from Monch's forthcoming PTSD album) and learn to defend some leg locks tonight! Click here to listen.

January 23, 2014

Bas Rutten and His Leg Locking Ways

As I take my first steps as a brown belt on my BJJ journey it is time to revisit the more advanced leg attacks such as heel hooks and toe holds.  These are techniques that will be legal in various tournament formats, plus now that I have some experience under my belt I can confidently apply locks safely regardless of how much of a spazz I am rolling with.

Bas Rutten is unquestionably one of the most ferocious leg attack specialists ever to fight in MMA and thanks to Jiu Jitsu Style for finding this little gem... over an hour of heel hooks and leg locks from the maestro himself:

August 15, 2013

Flying Heel Hooks and Make Sure to Keep Your Hands Up

A great HL reel of a multitude of ways to enter into a heel hook position.  Heel hook's are often under trained or outright ignored in many grappling schools, but when it comes to an efficient method of self defense / MMA... heel hooks are unquestionably one of the best weapons in your arsenal.  Easy to apply.  A little bit of technique goes a long way, and the destruction is fight ending!  Enjoy Ian "Enty" Entwistle from Phuket Top Team:

And listen to your coach when he says keep your damn hands up:

May 13, 2013

"Leg Lock Mastery" w/ Daniel Faggella - Media Review

I finally got the chance to sit down and spend some time going through Daniel Faggella's latest project called "Leg Lock Mastery"and I am seriously quite impressed with this young mans teaching ability and mat prowess!  You  have most likely seen Dann compete as he is becoming well known for his dynamic entries and fast leg attacks: 

Now you can actually tap into the source himself with a program solely dedicated to leg attacks from all angles: ankle locks / calf slicers / heel hooks / toe holds / knee bars etc.  The program involves getting a new PDF and program weekly where the teaching clips are about the length of a class, 30 minutes or so.  Professionally edited and taught, the video and audio production are clear and high quality without distracting noises and people in the background (common issue with programs like these). 

Daniel takes the student through a progressive learning model building upon the previous technique taught, and taking divergent side paths where appropriate to discuss certain strategies or variations for those of different body types / abilities.  And that speaks to the experience of this young man in conveying information.  Often times a teacher is guilty of seeing the world only through there own eyes, but an experienced coach will offer variations for those not flexible enough / not agile enough etc.  Daniel also offers options depending on rule sets you are fighting in.  For example heel hooks are game in NAGA events, but in IBJJF they are illegal across the board!  Daniel offers different types of attacks from the same controls that are not interdependent on the rule sets.

Daniel also offers a "Leg Lock Drilling Guide" which gives the student a template to work on the setups (arguably the most important aspect of leg attacks)!  All this for $7.95 a month is a steal in my opinion!  Daniel is putting in tons of work and honestly the material is solid.  He is real honest giving props to where he picked stuff up at which I find refreshing, and he teaches with a sense of humor which I always appreciate. 

The clips he sent me to review all covered Tanquinho's insatiable appetite for heel hooks!  Dann got the chance to do some training with the man himself and brought the techniques back to his students and subsequently that is part of the clips he shares on "Leg Lock Mastery."   The camera and audio were great, with the cameraman floating and repositioning when needed.  I am not sure if it is Dann's awesome editing, or his super conscientious students but never did anyone walk in between the camera and the teacher!  This is rude enough live in class, but when someone is filming it is enough to make you want to go ape shit nuts on someone as inevitably they cut across when the teacher is showing the most important detail!  Not here!

The only criticism I have, and mind you I have not seen the ENTIRE program, is that I would like to see Daniel incorporate more drills and coaching models into these instructionals.  Great for students, but the next step in breaking down HOW to drill these techniques would be invaluable to coaches across the board.  I think this platform is a great launching point and knowing Daniel he will take this constructive criticism and offer something next week!  That is one of the things I like about Dann... he is constantly improving and bettering himself.  Admirable in a teacher! 

Daniel and I have spoken quite a bit about the importance of leg attacks and escapes from leg attacks.  Too many BJJ schools ignore these aspects of grappling to their demise as they advance in rank and get exposed to leg attacks.  If you need inspiration then look no further then World Champ Buchecha and his incessant leg attack mindset!  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or brand new to the leg lock game I think Daniel has something to offer your game.  With a nickname like "Micro" you have to believe you will be getting all those minute details!  

Click here to be redirected to Dann's page and order up your program today!

Tape Early, Tap Often,

Reviewers caveat: I was payed by Dann to advertise for his program on my blog, but the review is solely independent of said promotion and as unbiased as humanly possible.  Simple fact is if I don't like it, I will not accept money for it regardless! 

April 18, 2013

Maintaining Leg Control with Dan Faggella

Our friend and Pan Am champ Dan Faggella over at BJJ Leg Locks recently wrote a nice article for Grapplers Planet on maintaining leg control when attacking with leg locks.  I am going to be reviewing Dan's DVD on Heel Hooks you see advertised on the left, and this is a great introduction to his analytical approach to attacking the legs.  For Three Harmonies Students who have the night off this is good study material.

Click here to read the entire article where Dan uses a nice instructional clip from Reilly Bodycomb, a Sambo leg lock expert, to illustrate the importance of controlling your opponents free leg.  This is an often overlooked detail when learning leg attacks, yet it is arguably one of the most important. 

Study this article and check out some of Dan's videos, and look for a review in the coming weeks of his Heel Hooks DVD! 

April 15, 2013

Spider Guard Leg Attacks with Yuri Simoes

Checkmat is renown for their leg attacks, which I touched upon with this post on Buchecha last month.  
So I thought this clip from Budo Jake and the crew at Budovideos with Yuri Simoes attacking from Spider Guard would be a perfect fit to start the week off. 

For members of NWJJA Brian will be working Spider Guard this week during classes, so make sure to get on the mat and work your open guard game.  Thanks to my bro Jeremy for finding this clip on! 

"If you don't have a solid open guard game, you are not doing jiu jitsu.  Period." - Brian J. Johnson

And here is Cavaca doing what he is known to do best... Achilles lock:

Train Hard.  Train Smart. 

April 11, 2013

Thursday AM Judo, Heel Hooks Tutorial, & Belt Promo Reminder

A quick reminder to NWJJA students to be on the mat with your gi on by 7pm tonight for the belt promotion.  We will then roll a bit and grab some grub after class. 

Also you will notice my friend Dan Faggella has a brand new DVD on Heel Hooks (which I will be reviewing soon).  Be redirected to his site by clicking the Leg Locks banner on the top left hand side of my blog! 

Here are some grappling goodies for a dreary Seattle morning:

December 16, 2012

Knee Bar Nailed From Inverted Iminari Shot

Thanks to our friend Reilly Bodycomb who shared this sick clip on his FB page.  2012 World Combat Sambo Championships... Knee bar hit from an inverted Iminari shot! 

September 6, 2012

Perfect Rolling Knee Bar

A beautifully executed Viktor Roll from 7 time world Sambo champ Rais Rahmatullin..  Many grapplers are neglecting certain aspects of their game, but this clip illustrates not only the sportive efficacy of the rolling knee bar, but also consider how efficient this technique would be in a self defense situation!

May 22, 2012

Leg Attacks and the Evolution of Hooks In Guard

Thanks to all 12 of the individuals who voted on my poll regarding which leg attacks are permitted in free rolling at your academy.  Many grappling academies prohibit certain leg attacks, or in some cases all leg attacks.  While I admit heel hooks, and toe holds must be approached cautiously, leg attacks are very valid both from a sport perspective as well as self defense wise.  Keep in mind that the Russian art of Sambo specializes in leg destruction's because when used in combat not only would you incapacitate a solider completely, but one would also drain the resources of the enemy with extra men needed to carry the wounded solider off the field.  Crazy Russians and their strategery!

As you can see the results of the poll were as follows:
"What leg attacks can you use in your academy?"

  1 (8%)
Straight Attacks Only
  2 (16%)
Everything But Heel Hooks
  8 (66%)
All Are Game
  1 (8%)


Coincidentally Coach Brian covered the straight ankle lock and uncommon entries into it all last week.  On Tuesday night all in attendance were treated to a bit of fireside chat as Brian was feeling particularly good and wanted to share some history.  I had heard Rigan Machado tell this story before but of course Brian remembers details much better and is a better story teller in general.  But some of you hooks in guard players might find this interesting.

There was a period in Rigan Machado's life where he obsessively studied leg attacks, training with Sambo practitioners, Judoka, anyone and everyone that could teach him about leg attacks he trained with and soaked up the information.  Subsequently he came back to the academy and shared with his four brothers Jean Jacques, Roger, Carlos, and John, as well as many of most famous practitioners of BJJ today!

As Rigan was opening up closed guards he was attacking rather then attempting to pass.  His training partners were baffled by how quick the submissions came and how defenseless they felt, to the point no one wanted to open their guard when rolling with Rigan!  So when sparring with Rolls Gracie (1951-1982), and Jean Jacques they started getting wise and when playing open guard they would tuck their feet into Rigan's thighs essentially playing a hooks guard.  Slowly the game developed as Rolls noticed you could lay down with hooks in or you would get passed.  Started sitting up.

This is exactly how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, really all martial arts, evolve!  We bring a new technique or even just a new perspective of an old technique.  We try it in sparring.  Our partners get savvy and offer various defenses, which in turn we start to develop counters too, etc. etc.

Regardless I thought this was rather interesting historically and technically.  As a side note it should be mentioned that in 1993 (and I believe in 1994) both Rigan, John, and Jean Jacques won the Pan Am Sambo Championships!  As a testament to the above story here is a clip of the Machado's competing at the Sambo championship.  Check out Jean Jacques submission starting at 20 second mark:

Nuff' said!


April 19, 2009

Leg Attacks Focus

Anyone who has ever rolled with me knows I am a huge fan of the leg attacks, all forms of them; Achilles locks, knee bars, toe holds, heel hooks etc. etc. I love them! They are misunderstood, poorly defended, and highly effective in both sport and street self defense. Many people have no clue how to defend them which makes them all the more effective.

So I have decided to have a focus for a bit on the blog.... all things leg attacks! I will offer reviews, ideas, and will even start it all off with a bang!! My teacher Tim Cartmell will be in town Saturday May 16th to offer a whole day of leg attacks and submissions! His leg attack game is very tight and he is excited to come in an offer a full day of lessons focusing on these specific attacks. Below is the flier for this event. Hope you can make it!

Train hard, train smart,

Leg Lock Intensive May 09

Three Harmonies Martial Arts Center


NW Jiu Jitsu Academy

Present a Grappling Intensive on:

Leg Attacks & Submissions

w/ Tim Cartmell

May 16th, 2009

Seattle, WA.

*location and other information provided with registration*

Single Session: $65

Both Sessions: $95

For more information, or to register contact Jake Burroughs at: [email protected] / 206-941-3232

All stylists and ranks are welcome to join us for an intensive workshop on leg attacks and submissions. Leg locks are often overlooked and misunderstood by many martial artist’s who feel they are low percentage techniques, but if done properly leg attacks can catch your opponent off guard, and in a self defense situation can end an altercation decisively!

Leg attacks can be categorized into two different foci: Straight (linear) attacks, or Twisting (circular) attacks.

Sat. May 16th 12:30-3:30pm

Linear Attacks (Straight Ankle Locks / Knee Bars): Learn proper set ups, intricate details on securing the lock, how to protect yourself from getting tapped while attempting leg attacks, and how to finish the locks effortlessly.

Sat. May 16th 4:30-7:30pm

Circular Attacks (Toe Holds / Heel Hooks): Tim will guide the students through every detail and aspect of these devastating fight-enders! Positional dominance will be key throughout the weekend’s seminars, as will proper mechanics to ensure these techniques can be employed from various positions.

About the Instructor:

Tim Cartmell is Cleber Luciano’s first black belt in BJJ and the head instructor at his Orange County Shen Wu Academy of Mixed Martial Arts. A winner of the Copa 7x at both the brown and black belt level, Tim has used his expertise in leg locks to finish many of his opponents in both the Copa and the 05 Mundials where he took silver! Co-author of “Passing the Guard” Tim is one of the most sought after grappling coaches in the US. Visit for more info on Tim and his teachings.