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May 8, 2015

Metamoris = Mega Misogynistic

Spend any amount of time in the martial art / sport realm of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and you cannot help but notice an inordinate amount of machismo, and unfortunately machismo is accompanied by its close relative sexism.  It is something many of us ignore, or laugh off, but in reality it is becoming a serious issue in our community and it is perpetuated by folks such as Ralek Gracie and his promotion Metamoris which has a PPV event this weekend. 

As if trying to monopolize submission only events via offering exclusive contracts to stars such as Gary Tonon where one of the many ludicrous stipulations was that he can only fight in Metamoris events (keeping in mind there are only two a year), was not enough... Coupled with a purposeful ploy at bumping submission only PPV promoters such as Copa Podio where Metamoris scheduled there events on the same days as Copa twice in an apparent effort to directly compete with PPV audiences.  I suppose there is nothing technically "illegal" with these kinds of behavior but in general they are considered a giant dick move that really is not needed in such a niche community. 

But I personally draw the line when Ralek and his organization is blatantly sexist and misogynistic in there attitude and approach to once again not including any female fighters on the card! 
"We had one match and it was cool, but that was more of. 'Thats cool and that was interesting and I want to see that again if the girls are cute.'You know how it is.  The UFC wouldn't even have a women's division if it wasn't for Ronda Rousey."  - Ralek Gracie in response to no women's matches on the Metamoris 6 card. 

So prior to spending your hard earned money on the Metamoris 6 card this Mothers Day weekend, think about how you would like Ralek to address your mother, sister, aunt, or wife in one of his "Women Empowerment" seminars!?  We have enough problems in this world where we do not need to feed (literally) those who are just plain racist, sexist, or just down right assholish in our martial community.  Please do not support Metamoris for any of the crapola reasons I have listed.  Take your mom out to a nice meal on you instead.  Much better time and money spent, I promise. 

December 22, 2013

Augusto 'Tanquinho' Mendes Takes Home a Win in MMA Debut

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu multi time champion Augusto 'Tanquinho' Mendes (Soulfighters) made his amateur MMA debut last night in Mesa Arizona, at "Duel For Domination 6."  Keeping true to his nickname, Tanquinho bobbed under Jaime Carskaden's right hook and double legged him like a "Little Tank."  Capitalizing on the takedown Mendes climbed his opponent and locked in the kata gatame (Head and Arm choke) to secure the tap just :36 seconds into the first round.

Check out MMA Fighting for the video. 

Congrats Tanquinho!  

April 16, 2013

Metamoris II - June 9, 2013

JUST announced on Facebook, here is the lineup for Metamoris Pro II coming June 9th from Southern Cal:

  • Shinya Aoki vs. Kron Gracie (WOW!!  This has potential for LOTS of action and fun!  Aoki is one of my favorites!)
  • Braulio Estima vs. Rodolfo Viera (Double WOW!!)
  • Cyborg Abreu vs. Brendan Schaub (No gi??)
  • Mackenzie Dern vs. Michelle Nicolini (No matter who she fights, I will watch Mackenzie all day!)
  • Andre Galvao vs. Rafael Lovato Jr. (look for the grip fight to win this match)
  • Bill "The Grill" Cooper vs. Ryan Hall (Another potential barn burner as both are known for aggressive attacks and tricky submissions!)
Great match makers doing their best to keep the follow up to Metamoris a huge success.  This will be available to stream online live, in which case you do not want to miss it.  More info as they release it!  Happy Tuesday kids!


April 14, 2013

2013 World Pro Jiu Jitsu Tournament Results and Video

For the fifth straight year the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, played host to the World Pro Jiu Jitsu Tournament where the best of the best come to compete, and be crowned champion (with the added incentive of cash prizes!) in the realm of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Shorter (6 minutes) matches ensure constant action where stalling and playing boring jiu jitsu gets you penalized.  Though anyone can enter, winners of the various trial's throughout the world in the past year were given a paid trip to Dubai (type in airfare to Dubai from your hometown... you will see why this is a big deal;) where cash money and bragging rights pave the road of ambition.

Quick Results:
  • Tiago Marques over Samuel Herzog via triangle
  • Tanquinho wins on points over Cobrinha
  • Leo Lo over Lucas Lepri via points
  • Marcus Souza over Vitor Estima on points
  • Andre Galvao gets the win over Barral via injury (Barral's leg got injured during a sweep attempt by Galvao)
  • Rodolfo Viera bow & arrow chokes Pedro Peres
  • Brago Neto over Jose Junior on points
  • Rodrigo Cavaca defeats his student, Buchecha, 7-2 
  • Michelle Nicolini over Mackenzie Dern via points
  • Bia Mesquita wins via points over Luanna Alzuguir
  • Caroline de Lazzer over Fernando Mazzelli via advantages
  • Gabby Garcia chokes Tammy Grieco
A few notes on the matches... Viera is a beast in beast mode ready to rip off limbs.  Constantly attacking and moving, he impressed me most in the matches I saw.  For instance here is the win versus Pedro Peres:

The heavyweight finals found Ace Jiu Jitsu coach Buchecha fighting his teacher Cavaca, which is just awesome!  Here is what Buchecha had to say about fighting his coach:
"For us it was like a dream come true to get to the finals together because we have dreamt about it since 2010 when I got my black belt. We never close out any tournaments so we’re happy that we have reached that goal. And we are happy to do a fight because we don’t like close outs– that’s why we decided to fight."

I really admire this attitude!  Nice to see the fighters recognizing that folks pay good money to see good jiu jitsu, regardless of affiliation.  Someone do us a solid and translate this into Portuguese and send to the Miyao brothers please.

On another note... when do you think Gabby Garcia will want to challenge herself?  I am not sure I have a solid answer for the girl, but watching her demolish her competition is not nearly as exciting as watching Godzilla tear through downtown Tokyo!  Not to any one's surprise Garcia won the absolute as well.  She does not seem challenged, and the overwhelming size difference makes me wonder just how technical she is.  Fighting in the mens division is a lose - lose for all involved but what other solutions are there?

As for the male absolute we were treated to a rematch of last years bout between Buchecha and Rodolfo Viera.  I will say these three short things: AMAZING transition and sweep work on both parts / I would HATE to ref this match & the mutual respect and sportsmanship at the end should be required viewing by every student in every academy!

All in all a great tournament, and quality jits!  Glad to see the players getting some of the money they deserve as professional athletes.