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October 17, 2014

RCJ Machado Five Brothers Camp

In less then a week you could be sitting on the mats with five legends of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... the Machado brothers invite you to an opportunity of a lifetime where all five of the brothers (Carlos / Roger / Rigan / Jean Jacques / John) and over 150 fellow practitioners will share one mat for three days of great instruction. 

Then literally the weekend after (Nov 1st) we will be hosting Carlos Machado here in Seattle, WA. for his first seminar in the Pacific NW!  Over 18 hours of grappling in 7 days with 5 of the best in 2 of America's most vibrant cities.  That is 1 hell of an opportunity not to be missed! 

October 12, 2014

A Historical Developement of Western Wrestling by Antonio Graceffo

Antonio Graceffo over at Wrestling Roots has just written a comprehensive and impressive chronological overview of the development of wrestling in the west.  Accompanied by a great bibliography make sure to check this out and spread word to any students, scholars, or other interested historians. 

Click here for the entire article.

1848, Greco-Roman wrestling was born in France. The Greco Roman style is unique in that it forbids attacks to the legs. The wrestlers must possess powerful upper bodies and have the ability to lift and throw their opponents. (Sparta Club, history of the Greco)
1870’s Catch-as-catch-can, or Lancashire wrestling, or just “Catch wrestling” was invented in Lancashire, England. Catch wrestling matches can be won by pin, choke, or submission. They had no time limit. And a title fight once lasted for over 11 hours. (Launchpad)
1896 Greco-Roman wrestling was included in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and has been included in every summer Olympics held since 1908. (,WRESTLING GRECO-ROMAN)
1904 Catch wrestling was included in the St. Louis Olympics. All of the competitors were Americans. And consequently, the US won all of the medals. It was also included in the 1908 London Games and the 1920 Antwerp Games. (Nash Aug. 2012)

October 5, 2014

Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson 2014 IBJJF No Gi World's Blackbelt Silver Medalist

Congrats to my coach Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson, head instructor and owner of NW Jiu Jitsu Academy, for taking silver at the 2014 IBJJF No Gi World Championships.  A consummate competitor who inspires all of his students and fellow fighters alike.  Hard work and dedication pay off.  Congrats brother! 

September 25, 2014

Tribute to the Females of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A nicely put together shout out to the chica's in the sport and art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, quite possibly THE best martial art for womens self defense.  Check out this nicely shot video... preferably on mute! 

July 11, 2014

Rhonda Rousey's Valentines Day Massacre

Apparently Rhonda has done this before!  Something to be said about consistency and repetition in practice.  Simply beautiful on every level!  Study this...

June 3, 2014

Henry Akins' Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar Kent, WA. August 9th 2014

Rickson Gracie's protege Henry Akins will visit the Seattle area for the first time offering a seminar open to all on Saturday August 9th at Foster BJJ.  I have heard nothing but positive things about Henry and his teaching style.

May 24, 2014

John Will "The Coaches Coach" - Seattle, WA. June 22nd 2014

John B. Will will be making his annual pilgrimage to the Emerald City on Sunday June 22nd to offer glimpses of his genius in both gi and no gi grappling.  As most of my readers know John Will has been Brian's coach for well over a dozen trips around the sun, and he takes a weekend of his year to visit with us each rotation.  One of the Dirty Dozen (first twelve non-Brazilian black belts), Australia's first BJJ black belt, and one of the most sought after coaches, join John Will at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy for a day of training. Payment reserves your spot and space is limited. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training
Sunday June 22nd, 2014

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy
942 N. 95th St. 

12-2pm Gi
2:30-4:30 No Gi

$50 one session / $85 for both

May 16, 2014

Luiz Claudio Open Guard Passing Concepts

Rickson Gracie blackbelt Luiz Claudio offers some solid fundamental movements and principles on passing your opponents open guard:

May 6, 2014

2014 Naturally Fit Grappling Games

RCJ Machado proudly presents the 2014 Naturally Fit Grappling Games July 26th in Austin, TX.  Both gi and no gi divisions will be available for athletes of all levels from beginner to advanced.  White to black belt.  To register or for more info click here.   

April 13, 2014

Kawazu Gake (Leg Entangled Throw) - Another Illegal Judo Throw

Here is a beautiful example of Kawazu gake (Leg Entangled Throw) which is classified as a side sacrifice throw and categorized as one of the four Kinshi waza (illegal techniques).  Keen eyed observers will notice the similarities of Kawazu gake with Shuai Chiao's (Chinese wrestling) "Leg Twist" technique.  Many teachers hold this as a "secret" technique in Chinese martial arts for no good reason. 

Techniques such as this fascinate me as they span the martial spectrum with no regard to "styles" nor "systems."  Riding high purely on principle.  Shame on Judo for making it illegal!  

I guess this is an illegal throw because to make it effective one must drive the opponents head into the ground.  As with many "illegal" techniques I find it silly.  We cannot continue to make techniques illegal simply because our opponent refuses to accept a fall!  Imagine if we made Uchi-mata illegal because of the propensity of destroyed knees.  Is the throw intrinsically dangerous?  No.  Not at all.  But when your opponent/partner resists... well... the knee loses.  Cause for a ban?  No.  Not at all.  

Also found in Sumo under the same moniker:

Leg Twist from Shuai Chiao as demonstrated by John Wang's students:

April 10, 2014

Marcelo Garcia Tutorial

Stumbled upon this New York cat who seems REALLY good at BJJ and thought I would share.  Lots to study here.  Enjoy...

March 29, 2014

Metamoris III - Results

"Old Guys Rule" proved to be the rule tonight at Metamoris III where Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo fought a 20 minute half guard clinic with Eddie throwing on submission attempt after submission attempt including his famous Vaporizer leg attack to which Royler would not give the pleasure of a tap.  A match no one believed would happen until it was well underway proved to be one of the greatest rematches in grappling history where both fighters went for it playing their specific games; Bravo with his infamous 1/2 guard and Royler's renowned knee cut pass. 

I must admit a bit of confusion in that the initial rules stated that a match would not be stopped if a submission was on!?  Technically that match should have continued until a tap or Royler escaped.  Just saying...

Though this fight ended in a draw it proved to be one of the most exciting matches of the event as well as asserting the fact that Bravo's first win was certainly no fluke.  Both of these fighters are well into their 40's and proved to be some of the best conditioned athletes at Metamoris.  I personally would love to see more "masters and senior" fights at Metamoris.  The first Metamoris was supposed to showcase Nelson Monteiro versus Jean Jacques Machado but never happened because of an injury to Monteiro.  But the experience level of Gracie and Bravo combined is well over 50 years, and experience is exactly what shaped the fight of the night!  Imagine if Metamoris brought back some of the rivalries of old... Gracie vs. Machado!?!?  Make sure to vote to your right and leave any feedback in comments below ---- >

The master Jean Jacques Machado coaching his pupil
The third edition of the submission only super show proved to be the best.  Production quality was topped only by punctuality (an issue with past events), with excellent commentary from Kenny Florian and Jeff Glover.  Both of whom brought the right combo of humor and information without the awkward pauses with past commentators. 

Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts
Surprisingly this match opened with a double guard pull which went back and forth until about the 5 minute mark where Maxwell passes Roberts guard and quickly follows into mount.  Attacks of Maxwell are defended to a draw. 

Gui Mendes vs. Samir Chantre
Gui set the pace throughout this match and it was clear early on that though Samir was certainly game, he was simply dominated this evening.  At the 13:30 mark Gui nails a baseball choke with the nights first submission. 

Babalu Sobral vs. Dean Lister
After a frustrating standup period Lister decides to pull guard and but scoot.  This leads to a great back and forth battle that includes the requisite leg attack flurry by Lister.  Though Lister attains mount he is unable to finish.  Awesome no gi battle that ends in the nights second draw. 

Kevin Casey vs. Keenan Cornelius
Originally Cornelius was scheduled to fight Vinny Magalhaes but a pre-fight medical check Magalhaes could not pass due to a staph infection.  Immediately the Gracie's (organizers for Metamoris) made phone calls and were able to grab Kevin Casey, MMA fighter and Rickson Gracie black belt, to fill in at the last minute... literally.  And let me tell you Casey stepped up, sweeping Cornelius several times from standing frustrating the younger fighter for the first half of the match.  But then Keenan's spidey sense kicked in and he noticed Casey tiring a bit and turned on the heat pulling into 50-50 guard, leg dragging Casey's leg to the opposite hip where Keenan attacked the inside heel hook securing the tap at 6:56.

Rafa Mendes vs. Clark Gracie

Simply put...a clinic on explosive Berimbolo attacks, which to the laymen sounds like something terrible you bring back from a trip to Guatemala, but to those who know Rafa this comes as no surprise.  Clark certainly was aware actively backing his hips out and barely squeaking out of Rafa's back control attempts.  Thankfully for Gracie no points were counted as this match ended in a draw.  

March 1, 2014

Arm Bar's in the Mail

When I was a kid I loved getting mail.  It was always something cool be it a card from grandma, a new comic book, or the latest Victoria's Secret catalog getting mail as a adolescent was great.  Fast forward to adult hood and most of us cannot claim such enthusiasm for checking the post, so it put a big smile on my face when I got this little care package from my bro Chad at the Armbar Soap Co.  

Expect a review in the coming month on this new all natural body wash.  In the meantime grab some after training soap to keep it clean.  Keep it real.  Keep it real clean! 

February 21, 2014

Rodolfo Viera & Michael Langhi: Class Personified

There is so much cliche shit I could write right now, but in the end I have nothing but admiration and respect for Rodolfo Viera and Michael Langhi. 
From Brent Smith on 10th Planet Forums:

World champions Rodolfo Vieira (GFTeam) and Michael Langhi (Alliance) were in Gramado last weekend to follow the Brazilian WPJJC Trials.
Rodolfo was watching his sister, Ana Carolina, who won at purple belt. Langhi was competing to secure his ticket to Abu Dhabi.

But, when organizer Fernando Paradeda invited both to take part in a very special moment. Langhi and Rodolfo put their gis and were ready to compete against two champions in life.

February 11, 2014

"The Grapplers Handbook: Gi and No Gi Techniques" - Review of Jean Jacques Machados Latest DVD

Jean Jacques Machado and Jay Zeballos have released the DVD set "Grapplers Handbook: Gi and No Gi Techniques" which very well could be considered the pinnacle of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DVD sets.  A companion to the two books under the same title, "Grapplers Handbook (GH)" offers a unique approach that we have not seen a lot of in the DVD instructional realm and that is a glimpse into the game plan of a high level master.  With this 3 disk DVD set you will be introduced to Jean Jacques complete grappling blueprint for both gi and no gi.

Jean Jacques Machado is considered by many to be one of the most technical grapplers alive today where his ability to execute is only overshadowed by a keen teaching prowess that few possess.  When his other four brothers need the details to a certain position or move they come to Jean Jacques as he truly embodies his own quote "the more you know, the less you do."  The devil truly is in the details and lets be frank... BJJ instructionals are a dime a dozen now days, so why should you buy this DVD set over any other out there?  The answer my friends is two fold; exquisite details in both the strategy of the pedagogy of the presented material as well as the beautiful editing and camera work provided by Black Belt Magazine-Video. 

I will be blatantly honest here and say outright that this material and the format it is presented is geared towards the intermediate to advanced grappler.  Not to say beginners could not glean a lot from the lessons contained in the three hours here, but Jean Jacques assumes a base knowledge for the viewer.  Again he lays out a strategy and game plan, so this is not the conventional "let me show you every arm bar from the guard" type of training.  In lieu of being exhaustive JJM has pinpointed some choice techniques and grouped them into the following categories over three disks:

  • Passing the Guard
  • Attacking from the Guard
  • Top Attacks
  • Takedowns
  • Art of Pulling Guard
  • Mixed Martial Arts
Details of the techniques are taught along with slow motion and full speed versions for each segment demonstrated.  This is imperative when training with JJM, as his attention to detail often requires several reviews just to get into the context of the technique.  I must admit that one of my favorite aspects of this set is the overhead camera angle which offers SO much detail while JJM is instructing that I cannot believe others are not following suit.  Especially when we are talking about ground grappling, a third angle is desperately needed to see the complexities of the technique.

For instance when approaching the single leg Machado takes on  the subject from all angles; literally.  Walking the student through each scenario when grips are attained: push / pull / neutral, Jean Jacques lays the groundwork for understanding the principle, not just memorizing wrote technique.  Your entry to the single is predicated on their response to the manipulation stimuli.  Ultimately they have limited options as to which way they can go, and all options leave a leg exposed.  A glimpse inside the mind of a master is rare, and that they can convey such information is even more rare.  Practitioners of all levels will reference this DVD set over and over throughout your martial journey.

I have yet to read the two volume text of the same name; "Grapplers Handbook"  so I cannot speak as to how much they are similar or different, though I have it by good measure that Jay and Jean Jacques cover much more detail in this DVD set.   But you can purchase the 3 disk DVD set via Amazon by clicking here which will open a new tab on your browser. Every serious grappling student should own this set, and anyone considering producing a DVD should take note of the production quality, camera work, and editing done by Black Belt Magazine - Video. This is the standard all should be striving for. 

February 6, 2014

Care for Karl Seminar

This coming Feb. 22, 2014 Foster BJJ will be hosting a charity event to raise money for Karl Walters Jr. who is fighting a very rare form of cancer.  For over 3 hours participants will be treated to a who's who of the Pacific NW grappling scene including Cindy Hales, Nate Adamson, Arthur Ruff, Rick Geist, "300" Foster himself, our coach Brian J. Johnson, along with many more!  Raffles, seminars, silent auction and a BBQ are all featured, so pack up the fam and head on down to Kent for an afternoon of fun and training for a good cause. 

For more information visit

February 5, 2014

Chris Haueter Promoted to 5th Degree

We wanted to send out a huge congrats to BJJ Dirty Dozen Member Chris Haueter on receiving his 5th degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Prof. Rigan Machado over the past weekend.  Chris is one of the first 12 non-Brazilian black belts (Dirty Dozen) and has been a dedicated and loyal Machado student for decades, originally earning his black belt in 1996!

I admire equally his unquestionable skill as well as his unwavering loyalty.  Congrats Prof Haueter!

December 26, 2013

Brian Johnson's "Entangled Arm" DVD Sneak Peak

Look what I got for Little Baby Jesus Day!!!  Overall I did not get jack squat for the holiday, but I did receive a preview clip of the forth coming DVD by Brian Johnson: "Entangled Arm."  The much anticipated follow up to his stellar three disk DVD series on "The Basic 12 Curriculum", this DVD will present a much more specific "game" that has been HUGELY successful with Brian and his students in both gi and no gi competition at all levels.  Requested by seminar recipients throughout North America as well as the Machado brothers, this DVD will enhance your guard attack repertoire and add some sound principles to your grappling toolbox.

Stay tuned to The Ground Never Misses for the release of "Entangled Arm" in the near future, until then make sure your fundamentals are sound with the B12 DVD Series and check out this preview of things to come:

November 19, 2013

Jean Jacques Machado Seattle Seminar Summation

Here I am nearly 24 hours removed from what many are referring to as "the most epic seminar" they have ever attended!  Three hours of gi techniques followed the next day with three more hours of no gi training, both followed by rolling with the legend himself Jean Jacques Machado one cannot help but feel overwhelmed.  Xmas certainly has come early here at the Northwest Jiu Jitsu Academy with Jean Jacques Machado's first visit!

I could go through each and every technique and breakdown the genius that lies within the shell of a humble, kind, and subtlety hilarious man, but that is boring and redundant.  Instead I would like to try and convey the energy Jean Jacques brings to the mat when he teaches.  A drive fueled by a love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an unbridled passion for a thirst that will never be quenched.  Truly and honestly he did not teach one technique that I would refer to as "advanced" or that needed special flexibility.  Actually he made things simpler then I have ever seen and yet I still feel like I missed so many details.  Details... the gentrified permanent residence of the devil.  And ultimately it is the details that make the difference.

Brian acknowledged at the summation of Sunday's seminar that what drew him to the Machado brothers in the first place was their openness and willingness to share and teach the art.  I mean lets face it you can learn techniques anywhere; YouTube, seminars, weekly classes, with training partners in your garage.  But to make a connection with a professor, to truly be treated as a part of a larger family is becoming a rare commodity.  The Machado family has a motto: "Leave your ego at the door" and they truly embody that quote.  Jean Jacques humbly shared details to the various aspects of his game.  Teaching like a father to his children we trained and had a blast sharing the mat with a man whose life is solely dedicated to the training and disseminating of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge worldwide. 

Again, we did nothing technically "fancy."  The genius of this seminar weekend is that JJM touched upon a number of positions and techniques and offered little minute details that truly made our grappling much simpler and easier.  No fancy berimbolo's or bullshit 50/50 guard.  Just plain old fashioned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that was also not sport oriented "You might need to can opener someone in a self defense situation so you need to know it." - JJM

I want to thank Prof. Jean Jacques Machado for his time and sharing of the art he loves so much! I will see you this weekend.  Also a huge thanks to my coach Brian J. Johnson for having the vision to persevere and bring the best of the best to the Seattle area (now if we could get more of the community to appreciate these opportunities).  Thank you coach!  Thanks to all whom participated over the weekend.  Without you we cannot put these events on. 

November 16, 2013

NCAA Wrestling

It is that time of the year again, wrestling season.  I am stoked for the level of talent that comes to the mat for the 2013 season.  Not surprisingly the Big Ten is the dominant conference so far.  Here are the NCAA DIV I rankings going into this weekend's meets:

1. Penn St.         Big Ten
2. Iowa              Big Ten
3. Minnesota      Big Ten
4. Oklahoma St. Big 12
5. Oklahoma       Big 12
6. Oregon St.      Pac 12
7. Nebraksa        Big Ten
8. Cornell            EIWA
9. Iowa St.          Big 12
10. Wisconsin      Big Ten
11. Ohio St.         Big Ten