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April 20, 2014

Just the Gi Top Podcast - Brian Johnson

Hey guys, tune in tonight at 9pm est / 6pm pst for Just the Gi Top podcast interview with our very own Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson!  They will be chatting about competition, training strategies, his lineage with the Machado family,

and the future of BJJ, so make sure not to miss it. 

Click here to be redirected to Just the Gi Top's site. 

Chris "Spider" Webb Takes Bronze

Yesterday NWJJA's very own Chris "Spider" Webb rode into Phoenix Arizona swung his sword of justice and collected some new heads for the mantle at home taking bronze at the NABJJF Grand Canyon State Open.  Fighting three fights and winning two in the purple belt medium heavy, Chris said he was "very pleased with his performance" so therefore decided to pass on the absolute division (which he qualified for) to spend more time with his folks. 

No tougher an opponent, no bigger a heart.  Congrats brother, proud of you! 

October 27, 2013

NWJJA Represents at RCJ Machado 5 Brothers Camp

L-R Top: Jake / Carlos / Rigan / Brian / John / Roger / Jean Jacques
Bottom: Rachel / Kelland / Dario / Ben / Denise / Rick

My brain was flooded with Rigan Trap details as is and then Jean Jacques came along and completely destroyed what little was left, so I apologize that this will be rather short, sweet, and not so articulate.  As I sit here exhausted from 15 hours on the mat with the Machado family at the 2013 RCJ Machado camp, the one thing I can put into written form is my appreciation for the only BJJ school I have ever known; the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Our academy, along with our affiliates from Canada, brought a total of 12 people representing 10% of the total attendance of the camp, and I can only believe that those numbers will grow each subsequent year!  To share in an experience like this is priceless and we had a great crew to travel with.  A huge thanks to my training partner Denise Holcomb who is hands down one of the best partners to work with period let alone at a camp this size.  No one else I would rather watch the Stars with (again next year right?).  Denise, by the by, had the wonderful distinction of being the only female black belt present at the camp!

Also much thanks to Rick Monce, Kelland Lindsey, Ben Wendell, and Rachel Lin for their support, ridicule, and great times.  Also a shout out to our brothers to the north, Canada that is... though they clearly need better taste in hockey teams it seemed like everyone had a blast and worked really well together!  It was great sharing the mat with Perry Bateson and his boys.
Voted two sexiest camp attendees! 

A special shout out to my brother from another mother "Big" Mike Gates.  Though he is now a BLUE BELT under Marcos Santos, we at NWJJA consider him our adopted son as he has wiggled his way into every one's hearts!  We love you brother and you know you always have a home away from home with us.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the absolute joy you have brought our coach Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson.  Though he may never say it, your attendance and involvement with the RCJ Machado camp means the absolute world to him and each and every one of you made him proud this weekend.  So thank you for making this an amazing event for my friend and coach.  I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. 

On that note... to our coach Brian Johnson... bro, what can I say?!  Every moment I am around you, you make me a better person.  It has been too long for one of these road trips!  We differ in many ways, yet compliment each other like blood brothers.  You are an inspiration to me, a friend to me, and I am eternally grateful for your guidance.  I am not sure if your students understand how fortunate they really are, but I do and from the bottom of my heart I thank you.  Thank you for introducing me to a world that has become my lifestyle, literally my life.  Thank you for guiding me to multiple world championships.  Thank you for being there like no one else was when I needed someone most.  My loyalty to you shall never falter.

Before you sign off, if you could quickly fill out the survey to your right.  I am trying to get an idea of what kind of kimono's my readers like.  If you vote "other" please leave a comment on this post as to which ones you like. 

Can't wait for next years camp.  See you all on the mat tomorrow night!


October 21, 2013

NWJJA Successful at US Open

Wanted to take a quick moment to congratulate our crew from NWJJA on their collective success at the US Open in Santa Cruz over the weekend.  Ray took bronze.  Spider took bronze.  Perry took it to his only opponent 13-0 winning gold!  And Matt fought his ass off in his first major tournament.  Congrats gents we are all proud to share the mat with you here at the BEST BJJ academy in the Pacific NW.... Northwest Jiu Jitsu Academy under Brian Johnson! 

August 9, 2013

Good Luck NWJJA at the UGF This Weekend

The UGF (United Grappling Federation) makes its second annual stop in Seattle, WA. this weekend, and I wanted to wish all of NWJJA's fighters the best of luck tomorrow.  Kick some ass Perry / Ray / Spider / Kamau / Ivan / Rick and anyone else I do not know of. 

Owner and operator of UGF Mike Uhlinger stopped by with Lenna last night to train and had this to say about NWJJA: 

"Great training with everyone tonight. I am always blown away by how great your school is. We travel all over the country and train at a lot of places and your school is one of the best. Amazing instruction, great people ,and a great facility!"

A huge compliment from a great guy, running a great tournament.  On that note if anyone wants to make a few bucks by helping out, the UGF pays cash money and/or free tournament entry for time keepers and ring coordinators.  Those interested in helping out on Saturday contact Mike at [email protected] 

Either way make sure to support Mike, the UGF, and our fighters at the ONLY tournament that is actually hosted in the city of Seattle!  


July 12, 2013

John Will Seminar This Sunday!

Last call on the John Will seminar this Sunday 12-3pm at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (942 N. 95th St.)!  Word from the man himself is he will be covering the crucifix position in grave detail for half of the seminar.  So after you ensure you vote on the poll to your right -> check out these video clips by John Will:

Followed by 1.5 hours of Escapes:

Don't miss the best seminar in Seattle this year! 

July 4, 2013

John Will Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar Seattle, WA.

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Presents:
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar
w/ “The Coaches Coach”
    John B. Will
John training with Renzo Gracie back in the day! 
July 14th
   942 N. 95th St.
    Seattle, WA.
      $65 for 3 hours with a grappling legend!
*Revolution Competitors Special: $35*
John Will’s martial resume reads like a virtual who’s who of the martial world.  One of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen,” Australia’s first BJJ black belt, John has trained under the Machado family loyally for over 20 years!  Renowned for his teaching prowess, John travels the world teaching martial artists and coaches alike!  This is one of only three stops he makes in North America so don’t miss this opportunity to train with a legend.
Contact Brian Johnson at 206-440-8856 or stop by the Academy to reserve your spot ASAP!

April 25, 2013

Jean Jacques Machado Visit's NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Seattle, WA.

 It is no longer a secret, mark your calendars kids as Red-Black belt Jean Jacques Machado will be visiting the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy in Seattle, WA. for the first time ever to offer a weekend of grappling training November 16-17, 2013!  No details are available as of yet other than we will be doing one day of training no-gi and one day gi.

This is not an opportunity you want to pass up and we will have VERY limited space, so when registration opens up ensure you reserve your space ASAP!  Jean Jacques is considered by many to be THE most technical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player ever to grace the mats.  I personally have trained with him several times and can say I am blown away after each and every training session.  His understanding of angles and leverage is second to none!

Stay tuned to The Ground Never Misses for more info and other exciting news coming soon!

And just  in case you have no clue who JJ Machado is, check out the videos below.

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

February 5, 2013

Brian Johnson BJJ Seminar Feb. 23rd 2013

Our friend and coach Brian J. Johnson, head instructor at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy, will be over at Seattle Integrated Martial Arts (SIMA) on Saturday February 23rd for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar from 1-3pm.

2nd degree black belt Brian Johnson is in the rare situation where the only thing to overshadow his competition career is his teaching prowess!  Come see why many consider Brian the best kept secret in the Pacific NW.

Saturday, February 23rd
1:00 - 3:00 PM
Seattle Integrated Martial Arts
4159 Fauntleroy SW, Sea Wa 98126

November 12, 2012

NWJJA Students: Like Us on Facebook

Brian and I want to let everyone know that we will be using the North West Jiu Jitsu Academy Facebook page as our central portal for information regarding classes, specials, seminars, and we also plan on getting up tournament footage of our competitors as well as short snippets from classes.

So in an effort to get everyone on the same page, literally, would you please take a moment and "like" the NWJJA Facebook page by clicking here and then hitting "like."  Also if you could send a message to anyone you are friends with and invite them to like NWJJA it would be appreciated.

For those wishing to stay informed, but adamantly fighting signing your soul away to Facebook (I admire your reserve BTW), you can bookmark this very blog and I will do my best to make sure all announcements get made here as well.  Either way make sure you check weekly at minimum for announcements and all news regarding the dojo and our ever growing academy. 

Lets make sure to spread word so everyone at the academy knows please.  Thanks for the support everyone!

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

November 6, 2012

Attn: NWJJA Students

Heads up folks, our fall belt promotion is upon us, this Thursday at 7pm.  We will have an abbreviated class and training session followed promptly by pizza and beers somewhere in the Greenlake / Greenwood area (heard good things about the Hungry Beaver). 

Whether or not you are getting promoted please come to class and show your support as our brothers and sisters shed their old ranks for fresh colors!


September 30, 2012

Oregon Open Results - NWJJA

Big congrats to NWJJA very own Scott Stillwell on taking silver in the purple middle weight division at the Oregon Open yesterday!  Also a shout out to Stache Webb who fought valiantly and from what I here Phil was a coaching fool all day! 

It sounds like you guys had a great time and in the end that is all that matters.  I look forward to helping you dissect your game on the mat in the coming weeks. 

Cheers brothers,

July 8, 2012

Revolution Quick Results Edition

I have pics, and video (speaking of competition video, make sure you vote in our poll to your right ---->) to post later but here is a quick list of how NWJJA faired at the latest Revolution BJJ tournament.  We all just fought gi:

Randy Bacon - Bronze (lightweight): Randy had some squirrely opponents who were very quick.  In his second match a momentary lapse in focus got him caught in a triple threat position.

Kamau - Bronze (Super heavy): Kamau fought extremely well the first match I saw winning on submission!  I heard he also got an armbar later.  Kamau's division was stacked with heavy hitters so he had his work cut out for him but did great!

Mike Adams competed and did very well though I am not sure if he placed 3rd or not.  Great defense as well as attacks, Mike's game has really come far.  This was a solid test at blue belt after some injuries and I think he proved to himself that he can hang!

Guaminian Ron -  Unfortunately I did not see any of Ron's matches as they went on too late, but I heard he had two solid fights.  For your first tourney all you can ask for is the balls to step up and you accomplished that brother!

Hands down the "most improved grappler" award goes to Connor "The Kool Aid Kid" Faust!  Though he did not medal Connor showed a HUGE improvement since his last tourney, and proved to himself and others that he is truly ready to hang with the blue belts!  Got a few things we need to cinch up but overall I thought Connor did very, very well yesterday!

Last but not least yours truly nailed bronze in the purple heavyweight.  Despite being KO'ed in the middle of the match (I was out of it after an accidental smack to the back of the head) I pulled out a 7-0 win fighting for 3rd place.  Had two tough opponents!  Was not my best showing but I learned a lot from yesterday.

Quick shout out to my sponsor 1914 Kimono's.  Appreciate the support and encouragement!  If you are serious about BJJ and want the best gi on the market hit up the guys at 1914... you will not be disappointed!

More to come later... go enjoy the sunshine if you are local, and if you are reading this from anywhere else then Seattle and Alaska... try to stay cool and drink plenty of water.  Our thoughts are with the farmers and people hurting throughout the heartland.



June 9, 2012

NWJJA Taking Home the Gold!

A great weekend already at 4:20pm on Saturday...
Coach Brian Johnson of NWJJA fame secured first place in lightweight, and 2nd at absolute at the Grapplers Quest Tournament in Boise.  He said their was a solid turnout and all of his competitors were VERY tough, with him winning 4 matches total via points (one fighter was 280#'s!!), and securing the gold at his weight with one of those pesky triangles!  Great job B!

Not to be out done Scotty and Spyder were rumored to be lurking down at Sub League where Scotty took first in his weight, and then 3rd in absolute in the gi division, and Spyder took 3rd at his weight as well!

Great job all of you guys!  Very proud to train along side you and I am sorry I could not make it on these fights.  Hoping I will be back in action soon.

Before you exit, take a moment and vote in my poll to the right-----> (perfect timing with the question and Brian winning).  Few people know how competitive (and successful) our coach Brian Johnson is, but he continues to amass titles in both gi and no gi events!


February 27, 2012

Early Registration Ends Wednesday Night for Revolution

If you are planning on fighting in the upcoming Revolution tourney, make sure you sign up before Wednesday at midnight to lock in the discounted rate ($45 for one division)!  Sounds like NWJJA will have their biggest showing at a tournament ever with this March 17th date, so even if you are not competing please come out and support the troops.  If you have never fought before you do not realize how big of an impact this little thing can have on a fighter.  Trust me... I have flown a 2,000 miles to fight in tournaments where I had no friends.  No coach.  No no-one.  Believe me when I say it is a huge confidence builder to have support from your fellow students, friends, and family.

   This is a great opportunity to discuss the poll from last week.  As you can see only 12 people chimed in to answer if they would participate / like to see an absolute division at local tournaments such as the Revolution?  An overwhelming 91% (11) of you voted in favor of such a division.

I would fight in them
  11 (91%)
I would not fight in absolute
  1 (8%)

Votes so far: 12 

 I know it was a small sample but perhaps this will spark some interest in Revolution, or perhaps other organizations to add absolute divisions!  I have fought in a few and they are exciting, fun, and an opportunity to learn the importance of technique.

Either way I hope to see you on the mat next month!

February 17, 2012

Thanks to NWJJA Sub Crew!

I wanted to take a moment and thank Denise, Eric, Randy "The Lost Mendes," "Scrappy" Phil, "Chickenwing," and Chris "McMuffin" for their excellent instruction and guidance this week while our fearless leader is catching some much deserved R&R southwards.  Extra props to Randy and Scrappy on their excellent jobs teaching classes for the first time!   Many folks believe it to be easy to teach, but if you care, really truly care, it is actually quite energy draining and difficult to teach people martial arts.  Both Phil and Randy made it look like they have been doing it for decades!   I have much to learn from both of you.

We are truly blessed to have such a fine cadre of talent within such a small academy.  It is always beneficial to gain insight into another persons game or style of rolling.  One thing I took away from this week's various lessons is the importance of our basic principles!

  • Three points of contact must be maintained at all times
  • Guard passing is essential to a deeper understanding of BJJ
  • The guard is essential to a deeper understanding of BJJ
  • We need to work our guard passing drills more often
  • We should never quit striving to be better partners
Well I guess that is more than one thing, but you get my drift.  Thanks also goes out to the students who came in support of our fellow teachers.  For those of you prepping for the various tournaments it is time to get your ass on the mat and train!  One or two classes a week ain't going to cut it guys.  

Speaking of which, please take a moment to vote on the poll to your right --------->

Much respect and love,

February 16, 2012

Revolution BJJ Tournament - St. Patricks Day Edition

Sign up now for the next installment of our local grappling tournament the Revolution!  The premier tournament in the Pac NW, Jeff Bourgeois has been getting better and better at each showing (all in all 3-4 a year).

I caught up with Jeff to ask a few questions regarding absolute weights and super fights (both missing from the Revolution tournaments).  Here is what he had to say:

"We've had Absolute divisions in the past and had lots of people say they'd compete but then not actually compete. Because of that people are guaranteed a second match already we took the Absolutes out."

In regards to super fights:
 "We feel that stopping 9 rings of competition running the super fight and then trying to get everything back up to full output makes the day longer than people want."

I see Jeff's points and they are solid ones.  Personally I would rather see the second match eliminated and absolute added.  This would eliminate confusion and up the ante a bit in terms of local competition.  For the most part Jeff has tailored his tournament to be just like IBJJF tournies (Pan Am's / World's etc.), and the addition of the absolute divisions would prepare fighters at the local level for the types of fights they will experience in the major tournaments.  

 I also see his point with stopping action for super fights.  One possible solution is to not stop the whole event. 

So I decided our next poll would address such issues at the Revolution.  Vote now to your right on whether or not you would like to see absolute divisions at local tournaments such as the Revolution!  And while you are at it registration is open for the Revolution 3/17/12.  Sign up today and I will see you on the mat!


February 3, 2012

G SUB X - Feb. 4th Seattle, WA. - Best of Luck NWJJA Fighters!

A sincere wish of luck to Chris "Spider" Web, Scotty "Dude, someone tagged my car" Stillwell, Brett "Dutchess" Smith, and anyone else I am unaware of at Ivan's GSubX No Gi Tournament this weekend.  Wish I was fighting along side you guys.  Kick some ass and take some names!

January 21, 2012

The 206 Represents at Sub League Open

A huge congrats to all the NWJJA fighters who traveled down to Oregon to fight in the first Sub League Open of 2012!  From what I have heard you all fought your asses off and did very, very well.  The official, unofficial stats are as follows:

  • Bret 'Dutchess' Smith / Silver (no gi) 
  • Scotty Stillwell / Bronze (gi) & Gold (no gi)
  • Chris 'Spider' Webb /  Silver (no gi)
  Word on the street is Mr. Joshua is bringing his So Cal leg attack game tearing up knee's!  Nicely done Mr. Joshua!  Nicely done!  

Cheers brothers!  Proud of all of you.  Enjoy the victory tonight!  

November 13, 2011

NWJJA at the Revolution

The NW Jiu Jitsu Academy was well represented at the November edition of the Revolution Tournament with eight members showing up to fight.  Everyone fought hard and did very well.  The few we lost were so damned close it was not even funny!

Motorbike Matt fought a couple of hard fights in a big bracket along side Josh.  Both fought well and strategically, unfortunately their opponents capitalized on one single ounce of pressure that is taken off.

Taho "Big Walker" Kakutani fought a couple of hard matches that were once again very close.

Scrappy Phil came out strong in his first match against a wiry purple belt.  Phil did well working to pass the guard but his opponent caught him in a tight kimura getting the tap.

Randy the Baconater fought extremely well getting a wrap choke Brian just taught us last week (somebody stop this guy!), and losing a nail-biter by points.  Not to bitch but Bacon passed dudes guard and was in side control and the ref was not counting fast AT ALL!  Those points would have won the match.  Not sayin', just sayin'.

Brett "Dutchess" Smith continues his no gi reign and is showing huge improvements in his gi game to boot.  I am glad to hear he will be sticking around NWJJA for a while longer!  Great addition to the dojo!
Dutchess, the Cool Aid Kid, and Scrappy
Hats off to Connor "The Cool Aid Kid" Faust for doing awesome in his first grappling tournament!  Kid has been training his ass off and came in to fight a tough, tough fight against one of Foster's new white belts after scaring off an opponent or two!  This was a huge step for you Connor.  Analyze the fight and we will all help you work out the kinks, but all in all you did awesome and listened to your coaches!

Thanks to Mike "Chicken Wing" Leary for showing up to help coach with Brian being out of town.

Yours truly did okay.  I got a bye in my small bracket for the first round, then went on to go 1-1 in the double elimination format.  I will analyze more after reviewing the tapes and letting shit sink it.  My first fight I felt really solid and it showed as I dominated one of Marcelo's purple belts (James I think) keeping him from scoring a single point on me in the 7 minute match.  I am a bit frustrated that I could not finish him, but I am happy with the win overall.

Rocking the OTM RSC 420 Gi!
My second match was very frustrating as my stocky opponent, Jack, from Eugene, OR. ended up passing my guard in the last couple of minutes and I could not escape his side control.  I really need to work hard at not allowing big guys to pass my guard.

Overall I am happy with everything I saw at the Revolution, and very proud of all the NWJJA fighters.  I appreciate your positive feedback and patience in my attempts to help coach.  I am new to coaching BJJ so I hope I helped more then I hurt.  Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!