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February 18, 2014

Weapon Based Self Defense

Because this is awesome!! 
It is evident that the general public desires the skill set to defend against an armed assailant as the results of the poll where I asked "What would you like to see covered in a self defense book?"  And why wouldn't you desire this knowledge?  Our masters had to deal with weapons of all sorts, and in modern society weapon based attacks are all too common (though violent crime with guns has dramatically dropped in the last couple of years).

So if you would please vote on the latest poll to your right -> and then check out our friend Darrin Cook over at Big Stick Combat, as he has written a couple of posts regarding concealed carry weapons and the responsibilities involved with carrying. 

Multiple Attackers
  5 (35%)
De- Escalation Tech.
  4 (28%)
Weapons Retention
  4 (28%)
Weapons Defense
  12 (85%)
Psychology / Intent
  11 (78%)
Ground Defense
  8 (57%)
Clinch Work
  8 (57%)
Situational Awareness
  9 (64%)
Training Approach
  10 (71%)
Finishing Techniques
  3 (21%)
Other (please comment)
  0 (0%)

November 5, 2012

Sticks & Blades

Just a quick reminder of the Lucaylucay Kali seminar tonight with Guro Scott Brennan.  Come spend two hours with us learning the fundamentals of blade work as taught by one of Ted Lucaylucay's first students!  Oh, and did I mention it is FREE!?!?!?!? 

Join us tonight at 6pm at the NWJJA, 942 N 95th St. Seattle, WA.  Also Mr Brennan will have a full selection of trainer knives, swords, and live blades as well for purchase, so make sure you bring some extra cash and/or the checkbook.

Then you can join Guro Scott at the Hufana International seminar November 16-18 2012 at the Bellevue Martial Arts Academy.  Click here for more info!