I am an avid martial arts practitioner who has been practicing since 1991, and plans on training until I croak!  I currently also teach martial arts here in Seattle, WA. to those who have open minds and are willing to leave their ego at the dojo door.  Visit Three Harmonies Martial Arts for more information on training opportunities, private lessons, and seminars.

I train under only the best with Tim Cartmell in Orange Co. / Brian J. Johnson here in Seattle / and Hu Xi Lin in Vancouver, BC.  When I first met Tim he introduced me to a simple, yet profound concept; “Gravity does not lie.  And the ground never misses.”  I had grown up doing all sorts of striking and joint manipulation based arts, but very little throwing or grappling of any kind.  This common sensical approach to realistic martial studies changed my view and approach to my training and teaching!  When I moved to Seattle I set out to accomplish a goal; to get fluent in ground grappling and combat.

The risk of any affair is that one will fall for another, and I instantly fell in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!  Brian is one of the most gifted coaches on the planet and I, quite fortuitously,  stumbled upon him.  All things happen for a reason and training with Brian at his NW Jiu Jitsu Academy is probably the greatest gift I can ask for moving to and living here in the Pacific NW.

It is my hope with this blog that I can share some of my insights, disseminate quality martial knowledge, and be a reliable resource for martial information both regionally and globally, as we are all one spinning on the same axis trying to figure out this thing called life.  The warrior arts are how a few (like me) keep some semblance of sanity in this chaotic whirlwind on Earth.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

Train Hard.  Party Hard.