September 23, 2012

Warrior Food Extreme by Warrior Force - Supplement Review

Dr. Jameth Sheridan of Health Force Nutritionals has just released his Warrior Force line of supplements geared directly towards athletes of all facets, but especially those involved in combat sports such as martial arts, football, lacrosse, Judo, boxing, etc.  I am very excited to be offering some exclusive reviews of the full Warrior Force line including Warrior Food Extreme today. 

Warrior Food is the hub of the Warrior Force line acting as much more then just a protein supplement with Spirulina blue-green algae helping support kidney and the immune system functions, as well as an extensive enhancement blend that is 100% vegan / raw / organic / gluten free / including no GMO's!  The protein source is completely non-animal (NO WHEY!!) based sprouted brown rice, and hemp.  To be honest on paper this line of supplements is arguably the most complete product line that has been made readily available whereas Dr. Sheridan has thought of everything from packaging in 100% recyclable materials, to ensuring each jar has gone through a complete Energenesis Energetic Enhancement. 

I found the best medium to mix your Warrior Food in is almond milk, I prefer chocolate.  Not only is almond milk non-dairy, but it is packed full of nutrients and mixes easily with the Warrior Food.  The Warrior Food line comes in natural / vanilla / chocolate flavors, where in my biased opinion chocolate is the best.  There does seem to be a slight chalk taste throughout the flavor profile but both me and my friend Karliss who tried out a sample thought that coffee helped buffer some of the bitter.  As with anything personal taste can take on many different profiles and I suggest experimenting with various liquids and additives. 

Warrior Food does contain BCAA's which are beneficial for post recovery workouts and I felt the most bang for your buck was consuming a post workout shake with WF in it.  But I also felt that taking WF prior to my rolling and teaching of classes left me feeling full enough not to be bothered with hunger, yet not feeling bogged down or sluggish.  Certainly no "sloshing" feeling!  Either way WF certainly lives up to its billing of being a no nonsense vegan alternative to whey based supplements, and in the health conscious Pacific NW these types of supplements are becoming more and more popular with vegan's, and vegetarian's. 

Click here to be linked to Warrior Force's complete line where you can buy anything from a trial size to a 1000 gram bottles for $59.98!  Make sure to check back here at The Ground Never Misses for more Warrior Force reviews.

Train Hard.  Play Hard.
Jake B.


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