January 14, 2013

Alexandre "Pequeno" Franca Nogueira

In light of Strikeforce being one of the last hold-outs before getting gobbled up by the Fertitta conglomerate, I wanted to show this highlight reel someone put together on Alexandre "Pequeno" Franca Nogueira.  "Who?" you ask?!  Known in some circles as the Guillotine Master, Pequeno was one of Shooto's most prolific lightweight champs (holding the record for retaining the title in all of MMA; 6 years, 8 months, 2 days before having to to relinquish it due to a knee injury) with a record of 14-6-2 in pro MMA.

Saddens me to see yet another great fight organization get absorbed by the UFC monopoly.  This leaves Bellator as one of the only heavy hitting competitors to the UFC.

Check out how Pequeno seems to bait his opponents in to shooting in and giving up their neck.  Awesome technique.  Killer soundtrack.  Great vid for a groggy Monday morning.


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