October 13, 2014

No Gi Baseball Bat Choke

Magid choking out Zac Maxwell with a baseball bat choke
 Scott Sievewright has been nailing a no gi version of the baseball bat choke (typically done with a gi) with a modified S grip.  What I love about the grappling arts... once you think you have learned every possible way to do something, some kid in the Midwest decides to blow all of our collective minds by simply thinking slightly outside the gi, er... box!
Principle... don't skip this pic

Here is the man himself Magid Hage showcasing the Baseball bat choke with a gi:

Here is our friend Ari up in Victoria teaching the no gi variation:

And finally we have Scott Sievewright (one of Red Schafers students) who has been nailing fools with this:


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