June 10, 2015

Jean Jacques Machado in Jiu Jitsu Magazine

Our friend Professor Jean Jacques Machado has a feature in this months Jiu Jitsu Magazine specifically on how to attack the turtle position via a series of chokes.  Two things I love about this article... one is the variety of chokes JJ offers, with variations I have not seen other places.  And the other is the constant inspiration Jean Jacques Machado offers all of us where a man with virtually no fingers, nor a functioning hand, can specialize in a variety of collar chokes.  He never let his birth defect EVER slow him down not hold him back.  Respect. 

1 comment:

  1. I wish!I could have get a magazine for Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Connecticut with which I can encourage my children for jiu-jitsu!By the way,I have read this one.It was wonderful.