Product Review – Defense Soap

When I was down in LA competing at the 09 No Gi Worlds I picked up some Defense Soap to try out. This product is purported to fight against fungal, and bacterial infections commonly found with combat sports (impetigo, ring worm, staph infections, etc.) which is a rare combo in soaps. Most over the counter soap products have an antibacterial component in them, but not necessarily an anti fungal component.

The main reason I never ordered any Defense Soap products online was because of the cost. An average bar of soap costs $5-6!! A bit pricey for soap, when an average brand name goes for a third of that! So is this “new” product just hype with combat sports being the focus of intense marketing, or does the product actually produce results?

First of all I did not go out and voluntarily try to get any infections bacterial or otherwise, so I cannot attest to the actual efficacy of the product in defending me from said infections. I have had impetigo (in my grappling career), and ringworm (as a kid) but nothing as of late (knock on wood).

I must say the bar actually lasted a long time. Just now finishing it using it just about everyday (a solid 2 months worth out of one bar). It does not have a strong odor, but the light smell (from essential oils according to the packaging) is pleasant and non-medicinal. All in all the soap lathered up well, and I walked away feeling clean after wards. One negative comment is that Defense Soap will REALLY dry out your skin. One can only assume this is a by-product of the anti fungal/bacterial factors in it. So I found myself using a softer soap afterward in an effort to add some moisture to my skin.

Overall I think Defense Soap is a good product. Better than what you can find at Walgreen’s? Not really. And that is one of my main complaints…. availability. One must order online or seek out a distributor in town (I know of no one, but I have not looked in the recent past either). Regardless you will not find Defense at your local supermarket. Availability, coupled with the inflated price makes me think this product offers nothing more than your average Dial, or Lever 2000 products. Now perhaps you are working a bit of the ol’ OCD and spending the extra couple of bucks will give you a sound mind… in that case go for it! Can’t hurt right? Either way this is a good product, but nothing worth seeking out and spending extra cash on in my humble opinion. Now, if they lowered the price and made it available in stores all over I would most likely scratch my OCD itch and grab it for peace of mind.

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