Famous People with Black Belts

Becoming a master in a discipline is far from being something everyone can afford. To wait for the Holy Grail, that is to become a black belt of martial art, you must be devoted to your sport and its values. A devotion found in some personalities, but perhaps not the ones you think. Indeed, only a handful of celebrities are strong and dedicated enough to possess a black belt in martial arts.

It is no surprise that you will learn that Steven Seagal is seventh in Aikido. The actor and director of action films are indeed one of the best practitioners of his discipline, which allowed him to work alongside UFC stars like Anderson Silva or Randy Couture and to open a dojo in the United States. Other actors like Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris are also Martial specialists.

However, did you know that the actress in the series Buffy against vampires is a black belt of karate? No? A good reason to view our beautiful little gallery.

These stars are black belts of a martial art

Ed O’Neill is best known in France for his role as Al Bundy in the series ‘Modern Family’. He has a Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

Guy Ritchie, a Hollywood film director, owns a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Bear Grylls, The star of Discovery Channel, is 2nd Dan in karate. While the facing nature you need all skills that can come in hand, not sure it’s effective.

Forest Whitaker holds a black belt in Kenpo karate. His teacher was the teacher of Bruce Lee’s son, the late Brandon Lee. He particularly distinguished himself by playing a modern-day samurai in the mystical film Ghost Dog.

Dolph Lundgren is best known for his role as Drago in Rocky IV. He participated in an MMA fight and is a black belt from kyokushinkai (karate style).

James Caan, known notably for his role in The Godfather, is 6th Dan in karate.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, president of Russia, does not hide his love for judo. And for a good reason, he’s the 8th Dan in the discipline.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, the star of the series Buffy against vampires, has a black belt in karate. Very useful for hunting vampires in Hollywood.

Sir Sean Connery had to face a lot of enemies in the six James Bond movies he shot. His black karate belt certainly helped.

Willie Nelson, an icon of United State’s country music, received his fifth karate Dan at the age of 81, making him one of the oldest karate students in the history of martial arts.

Jackie Chan is a black belt in Hapkido. He was also trained in karate, Judo, taekwondo, and the Jeet Kune Do. He does his stunts for movies all the time.

Carlos Ray a.k.a. Chuck Norris has a black belt in taekwondo. He also practiced karate in which he was world champion seven times.

Steven Seagal is seventh in Aikido and opened a dojo in the early ‘ 80s.m