Two Handed Sword DVD Hits The Market

My martial uncle, Gao Jian, has just released his latest DVD project on the Praying Mantis Two Handed Sword (Tanglang Shuang Shou Jian). I have yet to see this DVD so this is not a review, just an announcement.

Here is a preview of the DVD and a short note on the content:

"Double handed mantis sword is reportedly grew out of Shaolin
Pai swordsmanship. It is mostly practised in China's Shan Dong
Province. Being combined with Praying mantis characteristics,
Double handed mantis sword evolved constantly ever since.
The routine showed in this DVD was handed down by grand
master Ma Han Qing in Beijing during the late 1980's, it has
the characteristics of concise movements, impulsive vigour
and practical techniques.
Featured with an introductory session, a Demo from
different direction views and breakdown shows
part by part, this DVD lasts 52 minutes in duration.
With a systematic, fluid, yet powerful manner,
Mr. Jian Gao revealed this awesome weapon in front
of viewers making it a truly inspirational apparatus!
This DVD can be a very good tool for those people whom
would love to learn or to refine the wonderful routine."

The price is AU$46.95 (about US $42 at the moment). To order email: [email protected]

I would like to see some actual apps for DVDs like this, but there seems to be more interest in form from the general CMA community. $40+ bucks is a bit steep too, but this is truly one of a kind so for collectors, or practitioners of this form it is well worth the moola! It is a beautiful form handed down from one of Mantis’ greats, Ma Han Qin.
I will warn the potential consumer, I have bought DVD’s from Oz before and had to get them converted to a common format for viewing here in the west. Factor that in if purchasing, easily another $20!