The Versatile Genki Sudo

imageThanks to my friend Terry for this clip.  Genki Sudo is one of my all time favorite fighters who retired with grace and the heart of a champ.   Genki’s style was completely unorthodox yet extremely powerful and versatile in the ring.   Always entertaining, a very deep individual, and one who cares for the welfare of the world with sincerity, Sudo shows his versatility in life with a new band called “World Order” and this is one of their videos from it:
The choreography, film quality, and camera work is top notch!  Here are some of the lyrics I found online, a beautiful song!

imageWe have opened the veil of the world
and heard two voices
One is the soothing beautiful lie
and the other the distorted truth that fills the hollows
What is right and what is wrong
Truth is always the paradox
One era has gone by
and I awake in sleep

The rhythm of the universe the rhythm of your love
Dreaming cycle Beautiful Venus

The rhythm of the universe the rhythm of your love
Now in this moment I ‘dance’

World Order

And for those of you who have no clue who Genki Sudo is in the MMA world here is a nice compilation:

Hillary Williams is one of BJJ’s most accomplished and respected female competitors of our generation.  Here is a genuine plea for our help in assisting those who are much less fortunate practice the wonderful art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

On every Jiu Jitsu forum I’ve been on, once every other month (or so) a thread pops up with “how many gis do you have?” People (myself, unfortunately, included) boast about having 8, 10, and 12 gis. Twelve gis? Really? I train hours and hours a week, but let’s be honest. I probably don’t need more than four gis, much less 12.

imageOne of the greatest experiences I had on my last Brazil trip was the seminar I taught at a projeto social(community service) gym. We didn’t have great mats to roll on, some of the students didn’t have gis, and we weren’t even indoors–but it was probably my favorite seminar I’ve taught so far. The students were so enthralled that I came out there just to teach them, and I’ve never felt like Jiu Jitsu was appreciated as much as it was with those students. For the few hours we were on the mats, no one cared about time, money, problems at home, or anything else. We just did Jiu Jitsu until it was too dark to see.I was talking to Finfou (Alan do Nascimento) about his projeto in Brazil, in the Cantagalo slum. I met a few students back and forth through Checkmat in Copacabana, but the majority stay in Cantagalo. He told me the students are so dedicated, so hungry to learn, but so many don’t train because they don’t even have gis.That’s where you come in. I’m not asking you to buy a new gi and ship it out, I’m not asking you to donate your Shoyoroll #7, I’m just asking you to reach out. We all have a “starter gi,” and you know what I’m talking about. That gi you used as a white belt and developed a different fashion taste, that gi that shrunk too much in the dryer or the gi that just didn’t fit you right, the gi your son grew out of when he turned eight. If you can’t donate a gi (understandable), PLEASE talk to your gym, the parents of the kid’s programs, or someone you know who might. To you, it means so little. To someone in the projeto, it could mean so much.I need adult and kid (lots of kids!) gis, hand-me-downs in good condition are absolutely great. My goal is 30-50 gis, and I plan to take them to Brazil with me the next time I go down. If the deal breaker is having to pay the shipping to my gym, well, I’ll pay! As well, I hope by now I’ve earned a reputation of not being someone who would turn around and sell your gis.I realize this is just one of many projetos, and I realize the task is too grand to be able to get a gi to everyone who is needing them. I hope to help as many as I can and encourage others to do so. Every single person makes a difference. Every single gi will make the life of someone better.If you’d like to donate, please send your gi to:Westside MMA RE: Projeto Cantagalo1021 Jessie Road, Suite NLittle Rock, AR 72202We write daily about how much Jiu Jitsu has given to us, shouldn’t we try to give back?Sambo is an interesting martial art in that it took aspects from various folk wrestling styles from throughout the Russian expanse of land, and incorporated many of these strategies, techniques, and flavors into a cohesive system of effective grappling.  One of those influences can from Chidaoba, the native wrestling style of the Caucus area (Georgia).

Here are a couple clips shared on WWG forums.  Enjoy!

As of today Yokozuna Hakuho has 56 straight victories in professional Sumo.  He broke the previous record of 54 and needs 69 to take first!

Congrats Hakuho!

I know it is an overused cliche, but this has to be the epitome of what is meant by poetry in motion!  Kashiwazaki Katsuhiko, 1981 World Judo Champ, and currently head Judo coach at the International Budo university.

This type of Judo is rarely seen today, as the smoothness and fluidity is often lost.  I found myself mesmerized by how beautifully and effortless he moves.  You can literally SEE the decades of practice and refinement in his technique.

This is the true essence of Budo!


I got an advanced copy (I know a guy in LA) of Tim’s latest project “Traditional Sun Style Taijiquan” four disk DVD set.  I will offer a very detailed, and biased, review here shortly when the DVD becomes available to the public, but I wanted to share this preview clip the marketing department put together for the  DVD.

Stay tuned to the Ground Never Misses for the release of the DVD!


imageI believe I have found heaven kids; and it is called Bacon Freak!  They have everything bacon that one can imagine including a bacon of the month club that I plan on signing up for shortly.  Check out there awesome selection of bacon themed gifts and food, including some really neat recipes as well.

imageI will also be adding their blog (Bacontoday) to the blog roll to your left.

Enjoy, and eat lots of bacon this weekend!

imageHere it is kids, one of the most prestigious grappling tournaments in the world; the Abu Dhabi North American Qualifiers November 20, 2010 – New Jersey
imageDream 16 will feature the return of Sakuraba (another one of my favorite fighters) to face Jason “Mayhem” Miller at the end of this month.  I love watching Sak fight, but I am hoping that this one will turn out a bit better than the last couple as he is starting to show his age.  Regardless mad respect for someone in their mid 40’s to climb into the ring with a tough mofo like Miller!

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

imageAnyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE Shinya Aoki fan and I wanted to link a great interview by MMA Fighting that was just put up.  Love him or hate him you must respect his skills and approach to the sport.

Here is the interview!


Here are a couple clips I got from Ross Training of Sugar Ray Robinson, and Muhammad Ali training.  You will notice the lack of fancy gimmicks and training gear.  Simple is best, and obviously it works since these are arguably the two greatest boxers to ever step into the square circle.  Angelo Dundee’s commentary throughout the Ali footage is great!  Awesome insight from one of the best!


PS Anyone know the hip hop song with the Robinson footage?

imageVinny Magalhaes will be visiting Victoria, BC Oct. 16th for a No Gi seminar 1-4pm.Exceptional hygiene is a must!  It is amazing that this subject even ever needs to be brought up, but it does seem that many people are completely ignorant about the simplest of deeds… clean balls!Another great learning opportunity just came to fruition from Andy Wilson and the MKG crew.  Joel Juanitas (one of only two certified teachers under Tony Somera) will be in town visiting and teaching a two hour intensive class on Bahala Na.  This will be a primer for when Guro Tony Somera visits Seattle, WA. on October 23-24th 2010.  Hope to see you there!

Bahala Na was the slogan for Grand Master Leo Giron’s battalion  during WWII. It translates as “come what may”. The art is based on certain terrain, multiple opponents, and is known for the long range techniques or what we call “Larga Mano”. Even though we train with sticks, Giron Escrima is mostly a blade art. For those of you interested in Filipino martial arts we highly recommend this workshop!
For students of ALL LEVELS!
Master Joel has over 20 years of training in Giron Escrima Arnis exclusively under Grand Master Tony Somera and the late Grand Master Leo Giron. If you have any questions, his email is [email protected]
Please visit for more info. Bahala Na Escrima Workshop with Master Joel Juanitas Friday Sept. 17th, 20105:30-7:30pm$30(portions of the proceeds benefit the Filipino American Heritage Assoc.)MKG Seattle, 10722 5th AveI am very pleased to once again host my mentor and teacher Tim Cartmell (Search for tim cartmell) in Seattle, WA. this fall, and as an even greater benefit to local practitioners Tim will also be visiting Portland, OR. the following weekend!  Throughout the week Tim will be available for a limited number of private lessons as well.
Details for the Portland seminar are still coming, but essentially Tim will be in Portland at the Ecole De Budo Dojo  November 6-7th 2010 doing BJJ.
Here is the info for the Seattle, WA. series of seminars:

Brazilian Jiu JitsuMixed Martial ArtsW/ Tim Cartmell
NW Jiu Jitsu AcademySeattle, WA.
October 30-31, 2010One Session: $75Two Sessions: $105 Whole Weekend: $155

To register contact Jake Burroughs at:206-941-3232 / [email protected]

Brazilian Jiu JitsuSaturday Oct. 30th, 1pm – 7pm (including lunch break)“Using the Gi as a Weapon”            Open to all levels and styles!  Traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uses the kimono (gi) in a multitude of different ways mostly for choking, but in this seminar Tim will also show various pinning and controlling methods employing both your own, and your opponents uniform.   Various clock chokes, cross chokes, arm bars, and lapel chokes will also be taught from all positions utilizing the gi in ways you never imagined.  This seminar will take your offensive grappling game to a whole new level, simultaneously increasing your awareness of your opponent’s gi attacks!

Mixed Martial Immersion 101Sunday Oct. 31st, 10am – 4pm (including lunch break)            All levels and styles are welcome to join us as Tim teaches the students the first few sets in a series of flow drills designed to train the students all ranges of combat working both offensively and defensively in each flow drill.  Martial artists of all backgrounds will benefit from this seminar, as Tim will draw on his various background for the material presented.
Bagua Fighting ConceptsSunday Oct. 31st, 6-9pm            No prior Bagua knowledge or experience needed!  All are welcome to come learn fundamental fighting strategies and applications for the art of Bagua Zhang (Eight Trigrams Palm).  Tim will guide students through striking entries, into clinch positions, finishing with throws and takedowns that make Bagua renowned for its efficacy in close quarters.

The Instructor                       Tim Cartmell has been a practitioner, teacher, author, fighter, competitor, and an overall ambassador of the martial arts for over 35 years both in North America and Asia.  Just a few of Tim’s accolades:- 7x Copa BJJ Champion                       – Cleber Luciano’s first 2nd Degree Black Belt- Asian Full Contact Kickboxing Champion- Author of: “Passing the Guard” (w/Benneville) / “Effortless Combat Throws” /  “Traditional Sun Taiji” (w / Thome)- Ace Jiu Jitsu head grappling, and MMA coach- Instructor to 2009 California State Pankration Champ Edmund KimFor a full bio please visit www.shenwu.comimage
24 of October in Bucheon, Coreia of the south06 of November in Christmas, Brazil13 of November in Aucklandn, New Zelândia20 of November in Estocolmo, Sweden04 of December in New Iorque, the USA11 of December in Johannesburg, South Africa18 of December in Xangai, China15 of January in Lisbon, Portugal22 of January in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil05 of February in Lawn, Brazil12 of February in Warsow, Poland19 of February in Sidnei, Australia26 of February in Montreal, Canada05 of March in Wools Vegas, the USA12 of March in Tokyo, Japan19 of March in West Palm Beach, the USA26 of March in London, England02 of April in Manama, Bahrein8 and 9 of April in Abu Dhabi (World Pro In the Gi), Arab Emirates14, 15 and 16 of April in Abu Dhabi (World Pro), Arab Emirates

Thank to Tatame.Com for the news.  Winners at the trials get an all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi to compete in the world pro cup, where cash prizes can exceed $12,000!  I believe only the blue belt absolute champion gets a trip, whereas each weight category for purple, brown, and black will win a trip.  See you on the mat!JakeimageHappy Labor Day ladies and gents!  I hope this weekend is sun filled, beer drenched, complete and utter chaotic fun for you and your friends and family!  While we are enjoying the fruits of our labor I think it is important to remember how fortunate we are not only to have well paying jobs, but also to appreciate the true gift that is to live in a free country where few of us go without.  Not all are as fortunate as we are reading this blog post right now.

I ran across the Muay Thai Preservation Project quite by accident yesterday screwing around on the net.  I wanted to post a link here as many of you are interested in Muay Thai, but I know a lot of you are also interested in helping out those not so fortunate, and by allowing access to martial arts by those less fortunate is one of the best gifts that can be given to anyone!  The martial arts offer so many various positive attributes that I could write on for pages, but we all know the rewards of training martial arts.  Now imagine you did not have the means to make it to class ever.  Hell, imagine not having enough money to even buy a simple pair of shoes to walk the streets in!

Their are a number of options in which you can choose to help on their site.  Click here to check out the webpage!

Enjoy your weekend,