I am honored and humbled to announce my first sponsor for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; 1914 BJJ Kimono’s!  Alongside Zach and Nate Adamson of Seaside Jiu Jitsu in Seaside, OR. we will represent 1914 here in the Pacific NW with pride and honor.  Blake Kerr and his partner started 1914 in May of 2011 with the intention of producing kimono’s that are both stylish and functional.   Yet it is not 1914 products alone that inspired me to pitch them for sponsorship, it is the attitude and willingness to share and help the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grow that has drawn me to the company.  Check out the announcement from 1914 on Facebook late last night:

“1914 is proud to announce that we have made a couple additions to the family! We have found the Northwest to be an amazing place for BJJ. 1914 BJJ is very proud to support Zach and Nate Adamson of Seaside BJJ in Oregon and Jake Burroughs of Three Harmonies Martial Arts out of Seattle, WA! These guys are not only fantastic BJJ practitioners, but great examples to their communities! We cannot say enough how blessed we feel to have them in the family! 1914BJJ OSS!”

This is an exciting beginning of a relationship that is intends on helping strengthen the local, national, and global community of grapplers from all walks of life.  Make sure you bookmark “The Ground Never Misses” and check back for updates and details of some great things to come such as:

  • Kimono & Gear reviews
  • Tournament coverage
  • Training opportunities with world champions (cough*Tanquino*cough) here in PAC NW
  • An exclusive interview with Mike Fowler
  • Seminar recaps
  • Much, much more.  All brought to you by 1914!
The guys are working feverishly to flush the final kinks out of the website before the launch, but we will announce the launch along with a gi review in the coming week or so!
I wanted to thank 1914 for their sponsorship of me fighting in the Arnold Grappling Tournament in Columbus, OH. next weekend.  This is an exciting time for me as I am using this tournament as a prep for the Pan Am’s that I hope to make later next month.  This will mark the first time I have fought in a professional no gi tournament of this nature, as the ADCC is holding their first qualifier at the Arnold Grappling Tournament!  I am thrilled to fight with some of the best and win, lose, or draw I look forward to the learning opportunity and experience as I take another step in my competition journey.
Life is funny sometimes… in rough times come golden moments, and without the support of my family and great wife, none of this would be possible.  They all have sacrificed so much with me and I want to let them know it is appreciated.
Both on the mat and off I owe a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid to my coach, my friend, Brian J. Johnson.  Guiding me like a father, supporting me as a brother, your relationship has made me a better person, and I thank you.
Last but not least I want to thank all my brothers and sisters on the mat!  My skills are merely a reflection of the talent and quality of those surrounding me and you all have had a major ‘roll’ in my development!  I bow in gratitude to all you have taught me.
INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG: So please go buy lots of 1914 gear;) and leave us a comment below letting us know what you think!
Hands folded in respect,
Jake Burroughs