Gear Review: The Arm Bar Soap Co. – Batch #1

In our current economic state there seems to be no shortage of new companies cropping up within niche markets such as grappling/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Many of these companies are great and are doing wonderful things for the grappling community, and many are simply out just to make a quick buck…. not too concerned about the impact they leave in their wake.  Chad Hospodar and his start-up The Arm Bar Soap Co. is all about giving back to the wonderful art that has given so much to all of us, and I hope his attitude spreads like an infected zombie pandemic!

BJJ is truly a lifestyle and a huge part of our life involves staying on the mats training so we can train and help our fellow brothers and sisters grow in the art as well.  Simply put… you ain’t on the mat, you ain’t learning!  So a rich, strong, disinfecting soap is essential in our day to day activities on and off the mat.  Yet Chad did not just want to represent this lifestyle in his marketing campaign; he wanted a simple bar of soap to embody a way of life that for so many of us cannot be put into a few simple words.  How do you do accomplish such a task??

   "I wanted to create a product that came straight from the roots of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It needed to represent our Jiu-jitsu culture yet remain a very high quality item. I also felt that "other" soap bars were very expensive and also had over priced shipping. At The Arm Bar, we are trying to change that. It's also been our mission to use the most all-natural ingredients in our products meanwhile sourcing locally to create them. The bars themselves are made at a facility in San Francisco, Ca, that has been making all-natural soap products for almost 50 years. The labels that showcase the kimonos that wrap each Arm Bar are made near Stockton, Ca. And last but not least, the display boxes that we had made for re-sellers are made in San Dimas, Ca. This is why each label reads "Made with Love, in the Golden State.". Of course, it costs considerably more to have every bar made like this, but it makes me proud to know that these soap bars are very high-quality and are something I am comfortable putting my name behind." - Chad Hospodar

Designed and made in small batches (1200-1500) ensures the highest level of quality while simultaneously keeping consumer cost reasonable.  This also enables Chad and his team to directly inject feedback from customers, making slight adjustments as per requests from his clients!  Using all natural ingredients that are eco-friendly only make this product that much more appealing.  For instance batch #1 has oats to help exfoliate along with the following blend of essential oils:


  • Peppermint
  • Bergamot
  • Lemongrass
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree

Peppermint does a great job of opening up the pores allowing the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus to clean and scrub, the Bergamot and Lemongrass leave a pleasant aroma and your skin with that “ahhh” feeling.  My criticism of other fight soap companies, or even Dr. Bronner’s all natural hemp soap, is that they often leave your skin dry and feeling “taut.” Not the case with the Arm Bar Soap Co.  Even the wifey likes it and uses it regularly stating she loves the smell and just rough enough natural texture of the bar that really seems to help exfoliation!

The bars last forever as well, as I have been using one single bar for nearly two weeks straight (sometimes twice a day) and I still have 2-3 more uses out of it.  This soap really lathers up too.  I contemplated a demonstration, but I have been trying to bolster numbers here on the Ground Never Misses, not drive folks away!  And by no means are these bars limited to just grapplers, these would be perfect for people from any walk of life looking to use all natural ingredients, insuring protection from skin diseases and ailments.  Perfect for kids too.

As if all this couldn't get better, the customer service you get from The Arm Bar Soap Co. is second to none.  And this is a pet peeve of mine personally, customer service.  Because it makes all the difference in the world now days just to make some eye contact, engage, and offer great service to the customer.  In an Internet based world this is becoming a rare commodity but folks like Chad with good upbringing's are carrying on the flame of killer customer service.

Single bar's start at $4.95 plus shipping, or go 5 bars for $19.95.  Either way click here to place an order.

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The older I get the more important certain qualities like all natural ingredients, solid customer service, minimal impact on the earth, and supporting fellow cats in our never ending endeavors swimming the ocean we know as the mat, become more and more important to me.  Chad represents the lifestyle he promotes... a fellow purple belt under Franjinha Miller, he embodies the spirit of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Ma halo,