Red Belts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Documentary

Franciso Mansur

The cats over at BJJ Hacks are at it once again, breaking new and uncharted ground with amazing camera skills and outstanding mediums.  This spin around the sun brings an awesome project documenting the senior most teachers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the red belts of Brazil!  Pioneers such as Osvaldo Alves, , Renato Paquet, and Joao Barreto have largely been forgotten about, tucked away in their schools down in Rio.

This type of documentary work is essential to us and I am so happy to see someone realizing it and acting upon it.  I have seen first hand generations of knowledge get swept away when teachers die and no one knew about them or their teachings.  Sadly men and women with decades of knowledge and skill are never heard of nor acknowledged.   An endeavor such as this is not easy, nor cheap!  That is why BJJ Hacks is asking for your help, and with Fathers Day coming up I couldn’t think of a better gift for the cauliflower eared grappler in your family.

Osvaldo Alves

They have just under two months to raise another $12,000 to make this happen.Click here to be directed to the Indiegogo site with further instructions as well as contribution packages and rewards.

Help out if you can, as BJJ Hacks do great work and something like this is so very important for the generations to come.  So many of us will never get the opportunity to experience teachers of this level and magnitude, and this film will preserve their legacy for years to come.