Training Gear Review: Origin’s OrangaHang Grip Trainers

The stitching and design are
tough as nails!

As stated previously, Pete Roberts and his crew over at Origin BJJ are like little mad scientists experimenting with idea’s and designs like no one else in the grappling community.  Much of this is due to the fact that Pete is not only a BJJ businessman, but also a avid competitor and practitioner of our grappling arts.  In my personally biased opinion this is precisely what sets Origin apart from most others in the field.

Add to their resume the OrangaHang Grip Trainers, the latest creation geared specifically towards grapplers and their needs.  How many times have you thrown your gi over a rusty bar in your dojo to work grip pull-ups, only to get your gi all filthy and tore up!?
“But Jake, I NEED to train my grip’s not just plain old boring pull ups!?”

Rest easy mi amigo, Origin has you covered with “The Evolution of Grip Training:”

(all photo’s courtesy of DKB Images

Produced in Pakistan via 100% cotton, the OrangaHang is designed to replicate the most commonly gripped area’s on your opponents body whilst donning the traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono (gi); the lapel, the sleeve at the elbow, and the cuff of the pants/sleeve.  The versatility of these grip trainers allows for creative licensure with what grip you wish to work; collar grip, pistol grip, monkey grip, etc.

Say you wish to work more forearms today, then simply roll the OrangaHang up to the desired thickness and you put more emphasis on your forearms.  But I caution the practitioner not to look at these grip trainers one dimensionally, for you can loop them through kettle bell’s, clip onto weight bars and/or weight machines (I have not done so since I no longer have a gym membership), or even clip them onto Olympic rings if your gym has such a thing.   Really the limit is your imagination, as I have even used them as a tug of war training with my students clipping them together working their grip’s via push-pull exercises!

Want to work the forearms
more?  Roll into a thicker

Retailing at $49.00 a pair, one of the greatest things about the OrangaHang, outside of their versatility, is they are lightweight and very portable.  Easily slipped into your gear bag or carry on, these trainers can be used damn near anyplace!  This is especially nice when as a competitive athlete has to travel and may not have a gym they can train and use, yet we need to keep up our training none the less.  Pack your OrangaHang’s and boom…. you have trainers with you where you can do:

  • Pull Ups
  • Inverted pull ups
  • Curls
  • Australian push ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Knee raises
  • Core work while suspended with the grips
  • etc. etc. etc……

So far these guys have held up tighter and tougher then one could hope.  I have only had them a few weeks so time will tell, but the design and construction tell me it will be a cold day in hades before these start ripping or falling apart on you.  My only slight criticism is I would like the D-rings to be a bit bigger next time.  A wider gauge would accommodate a wider variety of bars and different sized machines one may run into.
imageAs per usual Origin’s customer service is second to none.  Pete told me he was shipping these out to me and I got a tracking number an hour later.  They ship within 24 hours and can be ordered by clicking here!  When you order please let Pete know where you heard about Origin and the OrangaHang Grip Trainers.  Tell him Jake sent you!

OrangaHangs can be used with any equipment!