Collagen Sport Whey Isolate Complex – Supplement Review

imageTo say I was skeptical when Jean over at Neo Cell about checking out their Collagen Sport Whey Isolate Complex would be an understatement.  In general I have found most supplements to be nothing more then crap filler that tasted like a cats litter pan, and left me feeling bloated and no more satiated then eating some fruit and having a egg white shake.  A quick read of Collagen’s ingredient label is what piqued my interest as it did NOT contain: gluten / wheat / sugar / lactose / fillers / synthetic sweeteners!  Okay… now I am interested, and so Jean sent me a 675gram sample of Collagen French Vanilla (your other option is Belgium chocolate).

Technical Talk:
Essentially what Collagen Sport brings to the table in a 4 in 1 product offering a Refueling aspect which is the whey protein isolate which is where the BCAA’s are drawn from (branched chain amino acids).  The next level is focused on recovery with their Super Collagen 1&3 formula aids in the healing and strengthening of your ligaments and tendons.  L-Glutamine and Exogenous Amino Acids are found in the regenerative stage aiding in the healing and rebuilding of muscle tissue.  To replenish is the fourth and final piece to the 4 in 1 formula, and Neo Cell incorporated a daily dose of vitamins and minerals coupled with Pomegranate extract aiding in fighting free radicals in the body.

imageLab Results:
I used Collagen for about a month.  I tried it both as a pre-workout shake as well as a post workout recovery drink.  Personally I found the results more beneficial consuming a shake post workout then pre.  Personally I am not a huge fan of whey as it will often leave me feeling gassy and bloated.  Post workout though I did not experience any of these symptoms with Collagen Sport.

I like the 4 in 1 formula Neo Cell has developed offering a little of everything a martial artist needs.  Instead of having four different shakers with 4 different supplements you can find most of everything you need in one.  30 grams of protein per serving, coupled with 4.5 grams of BCAA’s, and only 123 calories.  No gluten is a plus for those allergic or abstaining.

Taste… that is always the kicker isn’t it!?  Greens, supplements, shakes…. the big question on every ones mind is how does it taste; and my answer is always the same: it is what you make it.  If you are simply going to throw a scoop into water and shake it up, you are going to get a bit of a chalky consistency with a decent Vanilla taste.  I personally suggest using almond milk with a small scoop of peanut butter, perhaps some coffee (in the AM for flavor). Blend her up, and overall the French Vanilla flavor is one of the best I have tried.

Sliding in at just under $50 for a month’s stash places Collagen Sport in the mid range price wise, and can be ordered by clicking here to be redirected to their checkout page.  The customer service I have received from Jean has been nothing short of great, so make sure you tell them Jake from The Ground Never Misses sent you!  You can also find Collagen Sport on iherb, and Amazon as well.  A great product that has one of the best flavors on the market.  Try it out today!

Standing 25 years strong behind the motto “Nutrients that you can trust” NeoCell boast’s an impressive lineup of sponsored athletes such as Frankie Edgar, Ricardo Almeida, Russ Jones (triathlete), Igor Gracie, and Rick Hawn.  That is the other thing I love about Neo Cell, the support they offer their athletes such as Judoka Kayla Harrison.

You can read USA Today’s article “Kayla Harrison seeks Olympic gold In London by clicking here.  Kayla will be tweeting from the Olympics and using Collagen Sport to aid in her training and competition!  Check out her story as it is pretty incredible!

The Ground Never Misses is rooting for you Kayla!  Kick ass in London!