WBJJO Training Camp w/ Rigan Machado and Guests

Join world renown grappling coach Rigan Machado and guests such as BJ Penn, Fabiano Iha, “Gordo” (creator of the 1/2 guard as we know it), Kenny Johnson and more in Florianopolis Brazil!  This is a great opportunity to train in Brazil at Rigan’s inaugural camp!

I would like to offer one bit of constructive criticism to the host and organizers of such camps as these…. they are great opportunities for sure.  But we all must realize the state the economy is in currently here in the USA, and camps that cost thousands of dollars (not including a very expensive plane ticket) are well worth it I am sure, but lets give some of the less well-to-do practitioners more then 3 months heads up to save money.  Otherwise these become nothing more then meet and greets for wealthy grapplers.