This is Why I Train BJJ: Renato Paquet & Leo Viera

Renato Paquet & Ricardo Viera

Words from me would be a disservice to this video.  These ten minutes I will be studying for the rest of my life.  SO many lessons to be learned from this!

I ain’t going to lie… I shed a tear.  Absolutely beautiful!

Give thanks for BJJ saving my life and having my brothers on the mat!  Most importantly to my coach, my mentor, my friend… Brian.  I can never repay you!

Here is some translation I found online mostly from The Jiu Jitsu Lab:

I couldn’t understand what Paquet said as he was getting up after tapping Leo, but Leo jokingly says something like, “It’s not over yet,” and Paquet breathlessly replies, “For me, it’s over!”

Right before Paquet kisses him, Leo says it (rolling with him) was a pleasure.
Paquet is out of breath and says, “75 years old. Dinosaur. Old.”

Leo says something to the camera guy at that point like, “When he gets to the side he has the strength of a 20 year old.” He then shows his a fat lip and says, “thick as hell” (he says grosso, which could mean “thick” as in the fat lip is a big one, or it could mean “rude” as in the older guy was rough with him.) Actually, then the older guy shows that it happened when he tried the paper cutter choke and I think he was saying that Leo put his mouth in the way so thats why he was hurt. Leo acknowledges that that’s what happened…it’s very lighthearted.

Paquet, 9:05: “The day you get one of those [touches his Red Belt] I won’t be here anymore; nevertheless, when you get it, you will feel my presence, you will feel that my spirit will be alongside of you. Nobody deserves this more than you do. Mind this, and remember me when time comes.”