Lloyd Irvin Rape Trial Truth

imageIf you are remotely online and involved in BJJ then I am sure you have heard of the appalling attack on a female student of Lloyd Irvin’s on New Years night this past January.  I am not going to go into details about any of it because it absolutely makes me sick on so many levels, but on the flip side it is important that I, a lowly blogger, use such a tool for good.  And in this instance I can use my blog to disseminate truth.

Our friend the Red Menace over at Georgette’s Jiu Jitsu World, an Austin based lawyer, has spearheaded the campaign against Lloyd Irvin and the rape culture he seems to have incubated at his academies.  Along with the help of others Georgette has put up this simple, yet to the point, site outlining the details of all aspects of the rape and subsequent trial where Nick Schultz and Matthew Maldonado are looking at life in prison if convicted on all counts: Lloyd Irvin Rape Truth

imageAll details of the attack, Lloyd Irvin’s own legacy of rape (oh, sorry… he did not rape the girl, he just held her and watched as the other 6 men did.  Not so much because Lloyd did not want to rape her, he “couldn’t get aroused.”  That is a literal quote!), and Georgette will be updating the site weekly as details on the case come to light.

In the meantime lets spread the word and raise awareness about sexual assaults on all levels and put this fire out.  I must say it was refreshing not to see a bunch of “LI” hand gestures at the San Fran Open.  That said, the two back patches of Irvin’s I did see… were on women:(

Sorry to be a bummer on a rainy Sunday morning, but we cannot accept these things in our culture, society, nor neighborhoods.

Train Hard.  Train Smart.