Congrats to nwjja fighters

imageAccording to the 30 of you that voted on our poll this past week, you all want to see more Sambo, wrestling, and Kali!  Sambo took over with a surprising 66% of the votes.  I never realized I had so many folks interested in Sambo!?  For those of you new to grappling, Sambo is a Russian martial art that is also a sport which relies heavily upon throws and takedowns, and is renown for its ruthless leg locks.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  13 (43%)


  4 (13%)

Kung Fu

  4 (13%)


  8 (26%)

Muay Thai

  4 (13%)


  13 (43%)


  2 (6%)


  20 (66%)


  15 (45%)

Votes so far: 30
I shall do my best to oblige with this nice HL clip of Igor Kurinnoy, arguably the most decorated and talented Samboist to compete.  I had the privilege of training with him a couple years back, and I can honestly say the man moves at a scary velocity (as demo-ed in this clip).  Sadly I can find VERY little actual competition footage of him online, but rest easy knowing that I will be offering more Sambo clips and highlights in the future for sure.

Here is a recent short bio of Kurinnoy’s accomplishments and a bit of history on his ascent to the top of Sambo ranks.   In the meantime enjoy these awesome throws and wicked leg attacks accompanied by native Ohio boy RJD2:

imageThe idea and implementation of weight vest training is nothing new to the world of martial arts training.  Much of what we already do is excellent exercise, add some weight to it and you are working even hard to maintain posture and move smoothly.  For the most part weighted gear has been too cumbersome and awkward to actually do any uncooperative partner work with… until now!

Titin Tech Industries has introduced a 14 pocket compression shirt that allows the user to add up to eight pounds of hydro-gel inserts.  These packs can be cooled and allow for practitioners to move freely regardless of the intensity of their routine.  And if you think adding 8 pounds to your center is no big deal, how could it possibly help me get stronger Jake!?!?  Imagine carrying an 8 pound bowling ball around all day!

So for a limited time only when you check out make sure you use the coupon code “Jake” to get free shipping and the crew from Titin will get a weighted compression shirt straight out to you!

Click here to be redirected to Titin Tech’s webpage!   And don’t forget to use the code “Jake” at checkout for free shipping!  

imageHot off the cusp of last nights UFC (thanks Russ & Brett for hooking a brother up!) event in Seattle, WA. where Ronda Rousey garnered tons of attention, BJJ Scout has created a new breakdown video on her takedown game in MMA.  Rousey is by far the biggest name in MMA right now being the poster child for female MMA in the UFC, but we should not forget that she is an Olympic Judoka and one of the best grapplers in MMA period.

From the poll to your right it looks like more grappling such as Sambo is wanted here (you got one more day to cast your vote), and while this is not strictly Sambo, a great grappling analysis none the less:

imageAccording to the poll to the right my readers would like to see more Sambo here on the Ground Never Misses.  You ask, you receive.

Below is a textbook fireman’s carry that ends with total victory (a perfect throw in Sambo is considered a fight ender just like an ippon in Judo).  Picture perfect timing and footwork, very impressive.  I am firm believer that we can learn loads from watching some of the best compete, but before you study this match make sure you throw down your vote on our poll to the right ->

imageFinally after having fits with Youtube for the last few weeks I was able to upload my videos this weekend from the Jean Jacques Machado Canadian Open in Windsor, ON.  Upon arrival Ron Dupuis informed me that there were not any purple belts my size/experience level, and he nervously asked me if I would mind fighting a brown belt my size?  “Of course I am game Ron!” was my only response.  By the time our bracket was getting warmed up another brown belt, Bryan Dobs, had joined in the fun making it a brown belt absolute division.

Scott was my first opponent and he is one of Jean Jacques top brown belts from LA, whom just recently moved back to Michigan with his wife.  Scott is damn near identical in size (though I am much better looking) and so this made a good draw for my first brown belt match ever.

imageI had pulled my psoas the week before and my body was not having anything to do with any adduction movement with my right (dominant) leg, so I decided to pull guard…. which on video looks painfully slow and awkward, though in my head it went smooth as Ex-Lax! Even with Ron yelling and trying to distract me (dirty Canadian tactics…. I was unphased, dealing with Canucks all my life 😉  As usual with my opponent standing I go right into De La Riva guard (funny side note… never meant to become a DLR player, just happened) and start to work my sweep.  Luckily I keep my balance and end up on top where I started to work my pressure.

Scott was a great test for me as he is my exact size and keeping that in mind I really tried to spread myself out and isolate my pressure.  I even started to attack his wrist a bit when I trapped his arm with the gi, but Scott did really well defending everything I threw his way and I ended up winning on points 7-0!

imageMy second match was against Bryan Dobs who was just promoted the day before to brown belt at the Jean Jacques seminar.  Bryan in a word…. squirrely!  Homeboy can connect his elbow and knee building a frame like no other!  I made a few fundamental mistakes such as not cross facing and controlling his head better and I paid dearly for it.  Scrambling back and forth I end up in Bryan’s guard and he has broken my posture down.  Unbeknownst to me he was working a tiny, but lethal, fist slowly into my neck for a nutcracker choke.  Little bugger nailed it!

50/50 Winner with a badass shirt!

I look forward to rolling with him again as I was truly impressed with his ability to keep me off balance working from the bottom, as well as his beautifully timed escapes.

Again I can’t thank my opponents and Ron Dupuis enough for a great time and experience.  Made lots of new friends and I look forward to seeing you all at the Machado camp and future events!

Also wanted to thank my sponsor 1914 BJJ, best gi’s on the market!  My partners and everyone who helped me prep for this tournament, and of course my coach and mentor Brian Johnson…. never has steered me wrong.

I am very pleased to announce my Kali teacher returning to Seattle, to offer a two day workshop on Pekiti Tirsia Kali, one of the most beautiful and effective of the bladed arts.  All levels of experience are welcome, as Meynard will lead us through a progression of concepts that will be applied with moderate resistance.

Also while you are stopping by make sure to vote on the poll to your right -> and let me know what martial art you would like to see covered here more?


Three Harmonies Martial Arts PresentsPekiti Tirsia Kali:Edge & Impact Weapon Fighting Conceptsw/ Guro Meynard Ancheta
imageAugust 24: 12-4pmAugust 25: 10am-2pm942 N. 95th St.Seattle, WA.$75 One Day  $105 Entire WeekendOpen to any and all levels of experience!
“Doce Methodos Progressions for Technical and Full Contact Sparring.”In this seminar, students will learn blade combat flow and how to apply the “Methodos” in a dynamic and progressive way. The skills taught in this seminar will lay the foundation that will allow students to explore the principles of the Doce Methodos (Twelve Methods) while training with resistance and thereby develop true fighting ability with edge weapons.  Students will learn effective and proven techniques applied in real time against uncooperative and skilled opponents.  image Meynard Ancheta has been training in the martial arts for over 25 years.  A brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as a dedicated student of Tim Cartmell’s for over 10 years in various disciplines, Meynard has comitted his life to training Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Leo Gaje.  He is head instructor of  PTK Southern California, and the PTK instructor for Three Harmonies Martial Arts in Seattle, WA.

For more info or to register contact Jake Burroughs:  [email protected] / 206-941-3232

imageOnce against BJJ Scout has produced a stellar analysis of one of grappling’s top players, Rodolfo Vieira.  This is his second in a series on the takedown strategy and techniques employed by Vieira.  Nothing short of genius what this guy/girl is doing!  To read the entire blog post click here! Study this regardless of you martial background:

imageRobson Moura is the man!  Multi time world champion, producer of multi world champions, and all around classy cat lays down a short interview where he talks about the current state of BJJ with the lack of aggressive attacking in tournaments, the loyalty (or lack there of) factor in BJJ, and the difference in mindset from even 10 years ago in the art we love.  Some call it an evolution.

Moura is an ambassador for the gentle art, but his words ring true with most traditional arts.  I have seen the same things he sees in BJJ happen in traditional Japanese arts as well as the Chinese martial arts.  Loyalty, respect, dedication…. all seem to words fading into antiquity.

Someday I will train with this man!  Until then lots of food for thought here that will unfortunately will fall upon many a deaf ear:

Smile Max… you just took gold!

Well readers you asked for more tutorials so I present to you an excellent video of our very own Max McCrackin fighting at last weekends Revolution Tournament.  Max is a student at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Coach Mike Leary, and with me in my stand up combatives class.  A diligent student and hard worker, this was Max’s first competition ever and he showed up with style taking a submission and the gold medal!

Mike Leary is the head instructor of NWJJA’s youth classes which meet at 4:30 every Tuesday and Thursday, and then Saturday mornings at 9am at 942 N. 95th here in Seattle, WA.  Mike is a loyal and dedicated brown belt under Brian Johnson, and he not only teaches techniques, but conveys those principles and qualities in everything he does as a father, coach, friend, and husband.  Here is what coach Leary posted about Max:

“Max McCrackin gets the gold at his first BJJ tournament in Seattle Wa. He has been a dedicated student training 3 days a week for about 2 years at the Northwest Jiu Jitsu Academy. When he first started Jiu Jitsu he was very shy and at times the target of bullies at school. His parents Steven and Maria felt that he needed to learn an effective form of self defense. So they brought him to the Northwest Jiu Jitsu Academy owned and operated by 2nd degree Machado Black Belt Brian Johnson. Brians youth instructor and Brown Belt Mike Leary has been working with and coaching several seattle youths for the last 2 years.”

One of the best things about this video clip is that Coach Mike added subtitles explaining what you are watching.  An excellent breakdown of BJJ!

Enjoy, and congrats Max!  Proud of you!

imageWell our first poll here in a while asked what kind of content you would like in the future to be posted on The Ground Never Misses, and with 19 folks chiming in these are the results:

  • 73% of you would like more tutorial style videos
  • 21% would like more editorial/opinion pieces
  • 5% of readers would like more reviews

So with that info I wanted to show a great Judo clip my amigo Jeremy shared on FB the other day.  Sasaki Judo is one of the premiere Judo training facilities in the US and here is a great demonstration of some various throws and takedowns beautifully executed!

imageHere is a great clip from over 15 years ago of Carlos Machado fighting Mauricio Pereira at the 1997 Pan Am’s!  From the looks of the poll on your right (one last day to vote if you have not done so) you all would like to see more instructional / tutorial videos here on the Ground Never Misses, and I cannot think of a better lesson then from red-black belt Carlos Machado!

This epic battle shy’s in comparison to what Pereira went through in 2006.  Mentor to the likes of Fabricio Werdum, Pereria was shot to death over some trivial dispute June 14 2006.  He was a 3rd dan in BJJ.  RIP

Remember you can get on the mat with Carlos this October at the 5 Brothers Camp in Dallas, TX.  Meanwhile study the above video, lots to learn from the multi time champion!


imageA seminar by John Will is really more of what I would call an event due to the fact that I always walk away  with so much more then just new ways to choke someone out (though we learned a number of those as well).  Hard to put into words with a hazy head but John’s yearly visit to the Emerald City is a refreshing reminder to myself to constantly be looking at the martial arts in the broad spectrum.  How can I apply the principles on the mat in my everyday life?  The monicker “The Coaches Coach” is fitting on many different levels.

imageWe started the seminar off with a lesson on Osoto-gari and several ways to set it up.  Using this as a warm up gave John the chance to discuss the importance of having some fundamental take downs with the gi.  Then we spent the majority of the day working on the crucifix, where John showed us several ways to enter into the crucifix position, and then showed us a handful of submissions depending on where your opponents arm is in conjunction to your body.  This is my… seventh John Will seminar I believe and a common theme is his “Hour Glass” approach to teaching.  That is, working one position (that is the center of the hour glass) with a number of ways to get into into, and then a number of ways to finish/transition out of it (those are the top and bottom of the hour glass respectively).

As per usual the lessons were awesome!  Peppered with stories of when John was learning crucifix position in the jungles of Brazil with the Machado brothers, Renzo Gracie, and some of the Gracie family, we were taught a number of different submissions and finishes for MMA/BJJ/ or Self Defense.  But what was the real lesson?  For me…

“Jiu Jitsu is like a puzzle that you have to figure out.” – John Will.  He spoke about how he believes BJJ is different then other martial arts… it encourages and engages analytical thinking in a physical realm.  “When escaping move what you can, not what you want.”  I mean how many different problems in daily life could you apply such advice too?  We get all too focused on one aspect, yet so many other aspects of our life are free and open and positive.  John Will teaches a way of thinking, a method of learning if you will, where the technique that is taught becomes secondary (at least to me) and the way in which to analyze a position… a submission… a technique.  That is the true lesson.  So much to think of with just a few hours on the mat with one of BJJ’s sharpest minds!  Many “teach,” John Will truly “coaches!”

And we cannot forget to mention that 4th degree black belt David Meyer is also in attendance helping out where need be.  David and John are friends from before time itself and David always makes it to any event John does to help out.  An added bonus for those of us sticking around after the seminar… rolling with a legend!  What a great day!  Thanks to the 30 in attendance and especially our coach Brian Johnson!


imageWanted to send out a happy birthday wish to my all time favorite fighter Kazushi Sakuraba who is 44 years young today.  Here is a great highlight film on Saku’s  amazing MMA career where he remains one of the preeminent grapplers, strikers, and wrestlers!  A man with bigger balls then most, Sakuraba will go down as the best MMA fighter in history.

Brett doing what he does best… win!

Wanted to send out a huge congrats to everyone who fought yesterday at the Revolution tournament.  From all the reports I have heard you all fought great and had some awesome matches.  Brett “Dutchess” Smith took him Gold in the no gi, and Rachel Lin took double silver in gi and no gi!

Way to represent NWJJA all of you!  Remember you save $30 on the John Will seminar today at 12pm, so grab your gi and come work your escapes and crucifix position.

imageLast call on the John Will seminar this Sunday 12-3pm at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (942 N. 95th St.)!  Word from the man himself is he will be covering the crucifix position in grave detail for half of the seminar.  So after you ensure you vote on the poll to your right -> check out these video clips by John Will:

Followed by 1.5 hours of Escapes:

Don’t miss the best seminar in Seattle this year!

imageWanted to wish Spider, Brett, Rachel, and anyone else I do not know about fighting at the Revolution Grappling Tournament tomorrow, best of luck!  Play your game, impose your will, and most importantly have fun and learn.

Also remember you save $30 off the John Will seminar Sunday 12-3pm.  Any competitors from the Revolution pay only $35 for the seminar!

Jiu Jitsu brotherhood gi

I mentioned in my previous post on the 2013 Worlds that one of the greatest aspects of the martial arts is the camaraderie and sense of kinship you have with your fellow warriors, especially when you fight each other.  Walking the mezzanine of the Pyramid at UC Long Beach you literally rub elbows with the best fighters in the world, along side some of the greatest coaches and instructors the art has ever known!  So it should come as no surprise that I took full advantage of the opportunity to speak with Origin BJJ owners Pete Roberts and Andre “Dedeco” Almeida who were both visiting the 2013 Mundials.

This marked the first time I have met either Pete or Dedeco in person as all of our communication has been via email and phone.  I was fortunate enough to contact Pete a couple of years ago prior to Origin really being on the radar screen.  I noticed their Genesis 550 gi online and simply asked if I could offer a review and a great symbiotic relationship was born.  Flash forward to mid 2013 and I find it hard to keep up with everything Origin is doing!

imageFirst and foremost Origin gi’s are now 100% made in the USA!  This is HUGE news as Origin will be the first major BJJ kimono manufacturer to be completely run and made in the United States out of Farmington, Maine.  To check out a complete story on the AWESOME compound they are rocking up in Maine check out the May issue of Jiu Jitsu Magazine where editor Mike Velez gets an inside look at operations from start to finish.  Pete shares the struggles and hardship Origin has gone through just to get something made and done with the utmost quality and affordability in mind.

imageThey say mimicry is the highest form of flattery, but Pete pointed out another vendor at the worlds who had blatantly ripped off Origin’s exact design of the Origin Mundial Backpack.  And when I say exact I mean dude at Dom Fight Gear simply replaced Origin logo with his own and changed the color scheme.  Everything else is exactly the same only made poorly.  This is frustrating to Pete because of the hard work he and Dedeco have put into Origin.  They are constantly thinking about new innovations to improve our rolling experience.  For instance Dedeco explained the positive feedback they were getting from the new swivel buckle design on the gi pants for Origin!  People love how snug they are and nothing comes loose while rolling.

Small things such as the swivel buckle or the built in rash guard on the special edition Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Gi Origin manufactured last year.  With plans to release one or two special project type gi’s a year, and though the boys are being tight lipped on what their plans are, you are promised a great gi!

Great stitching is a trademark of Origin’s!

With the economy in the state it is here in the United States, lets take a moment and really think about where we want to spend our money.  Wouldn’t you rather spend a few extra bucks more knowing that the company you are purchasing from is employing folks in a rural Maine town?  When you call and receive great customer service its because you talk to someone at the company, not some call center in the middle of India.  100% manufactured in the United States means you are giving back to our economy in the truest sense of the word, supporting the small businessman and his employees!

All Photos courtesy Terry Neil

Check out Origin’s excellent website where they offer everything from gi’s to backpacks, to rash guards and grip trainers!

imageHey readers, I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for the loyal following I have amassed on this little blog.  I really appreciate the support!  In an effort to stay on top of what my readers want I brought back my semi-weekly poll on the upper right hand section of your screen.  We have a lot of new readers as well so please, everyone take a second and let me know what you would like to see more of!  And by all means please share my blog with your friends and anyone interested in martial arts.

imageTrain Hard.  Train Smart.

imageWanted to share a few “must see” videos with you guys.  Regardless of what styles you train I think there is something in all of these of value.

Fair warning… this first vid will make any father breakdown with tears of joy as this 10 year old girl teaches two of the best guard passes by two of the best guard passers in BJJ (Rommulo Barral & Leo Lo) in awesome detail!  Too cute:

Alberto Crane is a friend and coach of our academy here in Seattle, as well as being one of the most dominant tournament fighters of the 1990’s!  A student of Draculino, Alberto is known for his aggressive style and shows a couple follow ups to the omoplata here:

Lastly but certainly not least we have BJJ Scout’s latest video breakdown where he analyzes Rodolfo Viera’s awesome Judo game.  What he is referring to as “planes” is exactly what my teacher Tim Cartmell termed “dead angles” and this video is arguably one of the best explanations of this fundamental principle of throwing!  To read the entire takedown – breakdown click here to be redirected!

Study Hard.  Train Hard.  Party Hard!

imageTired of the monopoly of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling tournaments the IBJJF has on the market?  Want to support an amazingly well run grappling tournament?  Well we have the answer for you in just a few short weeks at the 2013 Naturally Fit Grappling Games in Austin Texas July 27th!

Not only will this be the premier gi and no-gi tournament of the year in Texas, but there will also be special guests such as Ultimate Fighter 16 winner Colton Smith signing autographs, as well as Roger Machado, John Machado, Carlos Machado, and Rigan Machado!  More guests to come, make sure to like us on Facebook and check out Naturally Fit to register or for more information.


John Will will be visiting Corte Madera, CA. two weeks from today, so if you are in a 180 miles radius I really cannot see any good reason to miss this seminar:imageAlso don’t forget my fellow Pacific NW’ers in exactly a weeks time (July 14th) we will be on the mats with the Coaches Coach himself in Seattle, WA. from 12-3pm!  DO NOT MISS this opportunity to train with an original member of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen!”  Stop by the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy or call us at 206-440-8856 to reserve your spot today!

And for any of you that are still not sure on what you are missing…..

Effective July 9th the following class schedule for my Combatives Class as well as the Pekiti Tirsia Kali Class:image
Monday 6-7pm: Combatives

Tuesday 6-7pm: Combatives

Wendesday 6-7pm: Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Thursday 6-7pm: Combatives

Saturday 9-10am: Pekiti Tirsia Kali
              10-11am: Combatives

imageThere are a couple things you will notice here…. First and foremost the importance of training in the combatives class even if you are mostly interested in Kali training.  We now have 5 days a week you can train in a group lesson.  Private instruction is scheduled individually.  Tuition will not change… still $105 / month for unlimited classes, or if you choose to attend 1-2 classes a week it is only $85 / month.  Private instruction is available as well in BJJ, striking, weapons work, personal fitness, etc.  Contact Jake Burroughs to arrange a lesson today: [email protected] / 206-941-3232

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Presents:
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminarw/ “The Coaches Coach”    John B. Will

John training with Renzo Gracie back in the day!

July 14th12-3pm NWJJA   942 N. 95th St.    Seattle, WA.      $65 for 3 hours with a grappling legend!*Revolution Competitors Special: $35*John Will’s martial resume reads like a virtual who’s who of the martial world.  One of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen,” Australia’s first BJJ black belt, John has trained under the Machado family loyally for over 20 years!  Renowned for his teaching prowess, John travels the world teaching martial artists and coaches alike!  This is one of only three stops he makes in North America so don’t miss this opportunity to train with a legend.Contact Brian Johnson at 206-440-8856 or stop by the Academy to reserve your spot ASAP!

Trevor finally caught me!

Here I am damn near 36 hours removed from my first trip to the 3rd Annual Jean Jacques Machado Canadian Open in Windsor Ontario, and honestly I am not sure I can coherently give a solid review.  I have made so many new friends and had such a great time I am not sure I can do it all justice and really capture the moment, but with a dose of insomnia and a few local micro brews in me I am happy to give it a go.

First and foremost a big “Obrigado” goes out to Ron Dupuis for running a great weekend of BJJ action!  Both the seminar and the tournament started on time, ran smoothly and overall were great events.  Honestly IBJJF take note… though this tournament may shy to you in comparison of numbers, I did not witness one blown call all day from these referee’s whom BTW have not been “professionally trained” by you.  Thank you Ron for bringing Jean Jacques to Canada and the midwest.  And if you are in the area make sure you train with the best, Windsor BJJ!

imageSecondly I must state… coastal residents of the United States… make it a priority to visit the midwest / mid Canada in the next year.  Take notes and mimic their attitudes!  Seriously this was the nicest, most awesome group of competitors I have ever fought with.  I have been a participant in many different martial genres, competitions, and events in the past 22 years; I can say truly the camaraderie and brotherhood found in BJJ is second to none.

Coach Reed of Reed’s Martial Arts in Cincinnati  brought a large group up which included Stu “Studebaker” Diamond (silver medal white belt heavyweight) of the Takedown Radio Show!  Matt “Iron Man” Reilman (gold I believe in blue belt heavyweight) who was an awesome training partner (quit calling me “sir” dude!!!) and a future MMA star on Bellator!  Write the name down you heard it here first.  Amanda Benjamin (double medal winner white belt middleweight) who you will also see in female MMA in the next couple years.  Last but not least Bryan Dods who was promoted to brown belt, congrats!

Prof Machado watching the action!

On top of those great folks all other competitors were awesome as well.  Trevor was busy choking me out with his patented rear naked when he was not busy tearing through the juvenile gi and no gi divisions!  Scott Morehouse has been training under Jean Jacques in LA for over 7 years and recently moved to Lansing, MI. with his family.  Scott is one of Jean Jacques top brown belts and travels over 90 miles one way to train 3-5 times a week with Ron Dupuis in Windsor.  Oh, by the way he has to clear the border each way each time which can take anywhere from 10-50 minutes depending on how big a jackass the agent wants to be any given night.  So next time you are whining and crying about your commute… think of Scott who spends 2 hours ONE WAY to train!

For those I forgot to mention… apologies from a foggy brain 😉

On to my fights… due to the number of malnourished grapplers in Canada there were no big purple belts so Ron asked me if I would like to fight Scott, who is my size exactly, but a brown belt.  I said “Hell’s yizzy!  I am here for fun and experience!”  By the time our division was called Bryan Dod was included in the group though he only weighed in at 130#’s!  A true gamer in what became a brown belt absolute division!

Brown Belt division champs!

Bryan and Scott fought first with Scott taking the fight.  Bryan fought great but the experience and size won out.  After a short reprieve it was my turn to face Scott.  I will post video later (my dumbass couldn’t remember my Youtube password so I couldn’t upload the videos today) but overall I am VERY happy with my performance!  I played my game and imposed my will which were two of my goals.  I jacked up my psoas last week thanks to a weird angled banana split so I really did not want to play a throwing games with someone my size.  I pulled guard (still need a cleaner pull) and he was savvy so I went right to DLR.  I managed a semi sweep but he caught me in half guard which I eventually passed and got side control.  From there I really just focused my pressure and worked my top mount game to a T!  I managed to use his lapel to control his far side arm and nearly had a new (to me) wristlock I have been working on.  When threatening said arm with an americana he gave his back where I nailed my kimura grip and pulled him into my lap, sinking in the hooks.  I would eventually dish him off and he managed to secure half guard and a solid lock down, but as the time ran out I managed to squeak by on a 7-0 victory!  A solid performance in a tough fight!

imageAfter Scott I got a short breather before fighting Bryan.  With Ron distracting me by giving  me shit from the sidelines, Bryan had the clear advantage even though I had 70 pounds on the guy.  As we scrambled from his deep half I end up in his guard and subject to AMAZING posture control strength on his end! I could not gain it back!!  The new brown belt sunk in a nut cracker choke with his fist to the point everyone thought I was out because my head turned purple.  Little do they know… ok… I ain’t going to bullshit… I was 1 second away from being out!  It came on fast!  Bryan choked out the win taking gold proving size matters not in BJJ!

Best part of the day… having Jean Jacques Machado drape a silver medal around my neck!!!  Hell’s yeah!

Thanks to my training partners back in Seattle, and especially my coach Brian Johnson whom has never given up on me.  Thanks to Armbar Soap Co. for keeping the cooties off me, and of course my sponsor 1914 BJJ Kimonos who make THE best gi’s on the market!!  Again I can’t thank all of you enough, especially Jean Jacques Machado and Jay Zabellos for a great weekend of training, making friends, and proving that martial arts truly bring people together and form lifelong bonds.  I share blood sweat and tears with my brothers and sisters.  This will never be forgotten.


Hard to tell but that is a silver medal and purple belt.

Also wanted to send a shout out to Blake Kerr over at 1914 BJJ.  Not only do they manufacture the best fitting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi’s on the market, Blake will take the time to answer any question and ensure you get the best fit for your grappling needs.  I have worn my 1914 Gi in competition for over 2 years now and it is NOT showing an ounce of wear nor tear.

1914 was an integral facet in me taking silver at the Jean Jacques Machado Canadian Open this past weekend.  I got bumped into the brown belt division where I had two hard fought matches.  The first against one of Jean Jacques top brown belts whom I beat 7-0.  The second fight I got     caught in a nutcracker that was TIGHT!


Thanks Blake for keeping me sharp on the mats!  Check out 1914 BJJ and get yourself an awesome gi today!

Nothing like the feeling of a legend congratulating you as he drapes a silver medal around your neck!

Wanted to send a quick thank you to Chad Hospodar and his company Arm Bar Soap.  Not only is AB Soap one of the best products on the market, but Chad and his crew have some of the nicest, quickest customer service you will ever get.

Thanks for keeping the cooties at bay this weekend at the Jean Jacques Machado Canadian Open where I nailed silver in the brown belt division (I’m still a purple)!

Cheers, Jake