M Kimono’s Black Hybrid Weave Gi Review

All photo’s courtesy of Elton Pinto

M Kimono’s and Luciana Machado Simon have become a staple in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community.  Founded in 1995 with her brother Marcelo, M Kimono’s can be seen in the earliest Gracie magazines and old pictures of the greats grappling in Brazil.  A brand that has lasted nearly 20 years has something to offer, and the black Hybrid Weave I received has lived up to expectations.imageRenown for its durability and strong weave, M Kimono’s (MK) is without a doubt one of the toughest gi’s I have ever worn.  A beautfifully simple kimono with the “M” logo embroidered in silver on the upper arm’s with “Jiu-Jitsu” underneath and that is it as far as patches or advertising.  The clean design pays a homage to the traditional uniforms on our predecessors which were plain white.  The Hybrid Weave comes in white / black / blue, and the black one has maintained it’s color without fading over the past couple months I have been training in it.  Aesthetically I give MK a 10 as it is beautiful in its emptiness in terms of “bling.”

imageAs of the pictures I am 6’4″ 200#’s and have a size A4, with the entire gi weighing in just shy of 5 pounds, a rather heavy hitter for competition.  But this gi is designed for more then just competition as the triple stitched seams scream to be tested weekly at the dojo.  One would think that a kimono this rugged would be rough to the touch, sandpaper like.  I am happy to announce not the case here with MK!  Honestly one of the softest weaves I have ever owned.  With the exception of the collar, the kimono is a very soft and pliable fabric which breathes just fine.  The collar is soft and comfortable but thick.  Armpits are reinforced as are the skirt slits.  Everything on this gi is triple stitched and solid.

The pants have a thin draw cord which I am am not crazy about since it cinches up when it is humid out, but it does not get untied during training much at all.  100% cotton with double fabric running the length of the leg in front from just above the knee to the cuff, those velociraptor like guard passers at your school will not tear these to shreds.  The pants are a bit restrictive and do not have the most favorable cut in the groin, but again these pants will last you a lifetime on the mats.

imageBe mindful of the directions regarding washing and drying any MK, as you are supposed to hang dry these bad boys.  Unfortunately that is not an option in the Pacific NW as mold and mildew strike faster then a Mayweather jab, so a little drying is needed.  The 100% cotton gi WILL shrink, the pants especially!  Really that is my only gripe about MK.  If you live in a place where you need to dry your gi at least partially in a dryer then you may want to jump up a size and shrink that bad boy down.

imageThe Hybrid weave has held up beautifully, not a single thread has come loose on it.  The kimono breathes very well, though the pants do not, and is uber comfortable to roll in .  The weight may deter some competitors from wearing MK in tournaments, but retailing at $180 this is a great mid-range gi.  Customer service is great with MK!  My gi was practically sent overnight (shipped from Europe!!) and was in my hands in no time.  Luciana is happy to answer questions for you and resolve any issues that may come up with your order.

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Collar thickness compared to my Atama purple belt