Prof. Marcos Santos Promoted

imageAttendees of the 2013 RCJ Machado 5 Brothers Camp were treated to a special belt promotion on Sunday afternoon, as we saw Prof. Marcos Santos receive his fifth degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!  Marcos has been a loyal and dedicated student of the Machado brothers since he was 12 years old.  He was one of the first black belts to open an academy in NYC which was unfortunately cut short by the disaster of 9/11.  Marcos has been working diligently to grow his academy in Ft. Worth, TX.

Always willing to lend a hand and lighting up any room with his contagious smile, Marcos Santos epitomizes what it means to be a black belt under the Machado family.  Loyalty.  Hard work.  Perseverance.  These are all synonymous with “black belt” under the Machado banner, and Marcos goes above and beyond in all categories.

Please take this moment to congratulate Professor Marcos Santos on 5th degree black belt, and check out this footage from 1997 as Santos takes gold in the brown belt division with Rigan Machado coaching him, Carlos Machado in the background, and I believe that is Joe Moreria reffing.