Update on “Team” Lloyd Irvin – Rape Files 101

Okay… I have been too absent reporting on the Team Lloyd (read: Team Rape) Irvin debacle that is been happening since the first of this year.  My friend Georgette Oden has been ALL over the trial of Nicholas Schultz and Matthew Maldonado who were part of Team Lloyd Irvin over the past new years where they brutally raped a “teammate” and left her for dead in a parking garage in freezing temps.

Couldn’t resist the truth in this meme

I do not have the time nor the stomach to report all the details (PLEASE visit Georgette’s blog and offer your support to her), but Maldonado has been acquitted and Schultz is up on his final one or two counts today.  It is absolutely sickening that Maldonado has been acquitted on all counts even with video evidence (early here say is stating that she asked for a threesome in the parking garage, and the next day her boyfriend got pissed so she then said she was raped).  I have read the entire report…. how the fuck a jury could even come to that conclusion is beyond me but welcome to “the best judicial system on earth.”

To add to this disgusting bucket of bile, douchewaffle Lloyd “I can’t get it up” Irvin has of course paid for both of their defense lawyers, has led an online blitz to buy all sorts of domains with his name in them so when you google “Lloyd Irvin” nothing about rape comes up, and stands behind the rape culture he has created on the east coast (where he teaches kids, women’s self defense, and BJJ!).  Oh… did I forget to mention that Lloyd “Limp Dick” Irvin himself was acquitted of gang raping a female in 1990?  Know why??  Because “he could not get it up.”  Yup, no bullshit… that was his defense (and it worked!).  So he simply sat by and watched while the other 6 men took turns raping her!

I am here in SoCal doing some training and fought over the weekend in the 2013 No Gi World Championships where unfortunately Lloyd “Impotent” Irvin was present with a very small team of like minded individuals such as DJ “Mini-Douchewaffle” Jackson (whom btw was accused of similar assaults in his past as well), and what is truly mind boggling… FEMALE students!!!!  Sijara Eubanks and another female (not sure of her name as of this writing) were proudly flying the TLI banner yesterday!  WTF is wrong with you women????  What kind of message are yous sending females and kids whom look up to you??  SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!

Needless to say Lloyd “Viagra” Irvin and his tiny little crew could not make eye contact with anyone that walked by shaking their heads, and I would report how they did but really who gives a fuck!?  The truly scary thing is this…

Was I the only individual that was witness to both Lloyd and DJ on separate occasions being under the bleachers within 20 feet of unattended children playing?????   Parents assume that an IBJJF event would be a safe place to allow your kids to play and have fun at surely, but I must admit a HUGE knot in my stomach when I saw this and thought “What if that was my little nephew?”  “What if these parents knew the predatory monsters they were in such proximity with?”  There is SO much potential for something ugly here and the truly sad thing is it is preventable.

“Team mates” in rape

I understand it is a slippery slope for the IBJJF to approach, as Lloyd Irvin and his crew are technically not found guilty of anything as of yet.  But it begs the question… how many accusations do we need before being proactive in saying we want nothing to do with people like Lloyd Irvin?  The only way IBJJF will listen is if we speak out.  I am doing what I can with my blog and the voice I have, but I need your assistance in spreading word via this blog post, Georgette’s Blog, or simply via yourself!  Lets blast this shit on FB and all over the web to ensure anyone in the Maryland area reads about the thriving rape culture Lloyd Irvin has groomed and propagated.  For Christ sake people… he is teaching kids BJJ and women’s anti-rape courses!!!!!!

Spread word, proliferate the web with pics and by all means chastise and shame anyone who supports TLI on any front.  Also please visit Georgette’s blog for updates galore on the trial today!  Also check out www.lloydirvinrapetruth.com Let the world know that BJJ, martial arts, and our society at large has no room nor tolerance for rape culture or those who support it!