Filipino Martial Arts Legend Leo Gaje Pekiti Tirsia Kali Seminar in Seattle, WA.

For the first time ever Seattle, WA. will host Pekiti Tirsia Master Leo Gaje for a weekend of training in the bladed art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.  Gaje is PTK highest ranked instructor and is a pioneer of the Filipino martial arts worldwide.  This is truly an opportunity to train with a living legend… you do not want to miss this regardless of your martial background.  Open to all martial artists and levels.image

imageWe are very excited to announce that Roger Machado will be the guest on Budo Videos video podcast “This Week In BJJ” Friday August 30th at 4pm PST.  Budo Jake runs the show and is a great host asking intriguing questions and also including a short techniques section with each guest!  Tune in to check out the interview with one of the founding brothers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Roger Machado, whom some call a philosopher of the mats.

You can watch the broadcast live at 4pm PST (west coast time) by clicking this link. 

Or you can subscribe to This Week In BJJ on Youtube and watch as well.

Tirelessly editing the cat(s) at BJJ Scout have put together an amazing HL reel of some of this years best competitors in the lower divisions.  Once again his eye and understanding of detail is second to none and these are quickly becoming THE best BJJ videos on the web. Click here to read the entire report:

I wanted to thank everyone who attended Meynard’s Pekiti Tirsia Kali seminar over the weekend, especially my students.  Everyone worked hard and came away with a much deeper understanding of PTK.  Meynard was quite happy with everyone’s progression since his last visit, and he left us with plenty to work on until we see him next.
What makes Meynard such an exceptional teacher is not the amount of “tricks” he has up his sleeve (though those are impressive as well), but the method in which he teaches and disseminates the lessons.  A system rife with confusion and rabbit trails in every direction, PTK can often be hard for a student to organize and systematize in their head.  Meynard lays out a solid pedagogy that is centered around progressive stages of uncooperative drilling and sparring.  This is key to ingraining the techniques into our muscle memory.

Using the Doce Methodos (Twelve Methods) as a foundational base Meynard ran us through a number of drills and patterns designed to help us progress on our path to bladed combat.  Progressively we built on each successive movement using double and single stick for the most part.

For those interested in training in a traditional Filipino martial art, there is not a single one more advanced then Pekiti Tirsia Kali!  We train at the Three Harmonies Club on Wednesday nights at 6pm (get there a little early if you can) and Saturdays at 9am.  I am also available for private lessons if need be.  For students of mine keep on the lookout for Aaron Cole to come over and train with us everyone now and then, and I also hope to have Meynard back this winter for another seminar.

imageUhhhh, I am still trying to figure this choke out after watching it half a dozen times!  Other then the bullshit double guard pull at the beginning…well played sir, well played indeed!

imageGrab a stick and a knife to come out and play with us as we get on the mat in just a few hours to train with one of Pekiti’s best kept secrets, Meynard Ancheta!  Picked him up from the airport last night and he showed me some of what we will be covering…. GOING TO BE SICK!!!

Don’t miss out… still a few spots left.  Call Jake for more info: 206-941-3232

imageAmazing footwork.  Uncanny understanding of range.  KO power in both hands (notice how he switches stances).  Prince Naseem Hamed will go down in history as one of boxing’s greatest fighters.  Though I would never advocate the cockiness and bravado he exhibits, his style is fun and unique to watch.  Enjoy on your unproductive Friday:


After many hours trying to get a cheaper room rate for our camp members we were able to work out a deal. Room rates for the camp members this year will run $79 plus tax per night at Fairfield Inn and Suites in The Colony, TX. We will be posting the link to receive the discounted rate soon.
RCJ Machado
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to train with one of the founding families of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Truly a once in a lifetime chance.

imageimageI had the distinct pleasure of spending this past Sunday with Tuhom Rommel Tortal of Pekiti Tirsia Kali Manila.  A genuinely nice gentleman, Mr. Tortal is considered by many to be the heir apparent to the PTK crown under Leo Gaje who is Tortal’s uncle.  Though my budget lately has been nada, I am glad I scraped the bottom of the cookie jar to go to the six hour seminar in Federal Way.

Tortal had us moving the whole seminar banging out footwork drills, contrada drills, and fundamental manipulation of single stick, double stick, single blade, as well as empty hand.  I believe he was a bit disappointed on the level of shape some folks were in so kept the pace clipping.  Whenever Professor Tortal would have drill, he would also show us the application and where these movements would come into play.  This is an important aspect considering many FMA teachers are drill happy to the point where they do not even know why they do certain drills!

This would be the first time I have ever trained in the Lukgood (the Malaysian’s call it a Kerambit) and to be honest the training gave me a new found respect for the weapon.  Though I think in an actual encounter I would much prefer a regular knife, the Lukgood(?) is certainly a formidable weapon in close.

We worked a number of basic single and double stick drills along with some applications, but the lesson always came back to two fundamental aspects: footwork and angles.  If either of these two principles was askew, the technique would fail!  That is what I like about Tortal… the emphasis on basic footwork and making sure we hit at the correct angle.

imageTowards the end of the day we worked a bit of empty hand.  Again Tortal moves like a snake; fluid, fast, deadly.  Limb destructions and dumog were the topic of this section, and while many of the movements would require a completely willing opponent, the principles were none the less solid.  Get offline of the attack and counter!

I want to thank Prof Tortal, Art Samson, and especially my good friend and training partner Russ Segawa.  Sorry I did not take more pics, we were busy training!  If you ever get the chance to train with Rommel Tortal make sure you do it!  He is one of the best Filipino martial artists I have ever had the luxury of training with!  I look forward to his visit to the Pacific NW next.  And if you are interested in training some Kali, then make sure to check us out this weekend where I have my teacher Meynard Ancheta coming in for our very own Pekiti Tirsia Kali seminar!  Contact Jake ASAP for more info: 206-941-3232


imageThe powers that be over at BJJ Scout felt guilty for taking a week off, so us lucky followers get a double dose scouting reporting on Rodolfo Vieira’s Guard Passing!  Rodolfo has an incredible guard passing game and can arguably be called the BEST pressure passer in the game today.  To read the entire analysis click here or to Check out part one of BJJ Scout’s Guard Passing video study:

And then the scout takes on a Positional Case Study examining the crossface Vieira is known for, as well as how Buchecha has countered the cross face pressure pass.  A lot can be gleaned from BJJ Scout’s videos!  Check it out:

imageHey guys, there is a LOT going on this fall so I wanted to make sure to keep you up to date on the happs for the RCJ Machado five brothers camp coming up this October 25-27th!

This years event will be held at Carlos Machado’s academy “The Colony” which is about 30 miles away from his Farmers Branch location.  We are currently working out a better deal with a local hotel so please be patient as we work to get all attendees the best price possible.  If you have made reservations elsewhere I would suggest cancelling them in order to be closer to the camp.

As always for more information visit RCJ Machado Pro, and/or make sure you like RCJ Machado on FB if you are so inclined.  Those who share this event with the most folks on FB in the next week wins free admission to the camp!  Also make sure to chime in on the waning hours of the poll to your right.

imageLast call on our seminar this weekend with my friend and teacher Meynard Ancheta.  I just spoke with him and he is excited to once again visit Seattle, WA. and share his understanding of Pekiti Tirsia Kali. The seminar is open to any and all levels of experience, no prior Kali education is required.

For more information click here! 

And I leave you with a clip of Leo Gaje who is Meynards teacher and heir apparent to the system of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.  Come join us August 24-25th 2013 to experience Meynards unique approach to the combative aspects of PTK.

imageA solid game plan executed EVERY tournament.  Follow through with his takedowns.  Commitment and dedication in the gym and with training.  Finishing skills to match the very best.  A lot can be gleaned from this great highlight. Study and learn!

imageA great HL reel of a multitude of ways to enter into a heel hook position.  Heel hook’s are often under trained or outright ignored in many grappling schools, but when it comes to an efficient method of self defense / MMA… heel hooks are unquestionably one of the best weapons in your arsenal.  Easy to apply.  A little bit of technique goes a long way, and the destruction is fight ending!  Enjoy Ian “Enty” Entwistle from Phuket Top Team:

And listen to your coach when he says keep your damn hands up:

imageWhen I first set foot in American Kenpo Karate on Hill & Byrne well over 20 years ago there was an individual within the school that stood apart from everyone else.  Superficially one would immediately see the physical differences, Wheels was confined to a wheelchair since childhood…  a relic of a time before Polio was eliminated.  But above and beyond that Wheels had a voice.  A love.  A passion.  It was martial arts.

His loyalty to Sensei Mike Sherman can never be questioned as he taught and trained alongside Mr Sherman for over 35 years!  That is right… over 3 and a half decades!  Wheels had the best sense of humor not afraid to laugh at any inappropriate (I mean really… his name is “Wheels”) joke, and regardless of your mood he put a smile on your face with his positive attitude.  Hell…. I have known the man for 20 plus years and I am not sure Wicker is actually his last name, LMAO!!!

Shit dude, I was hoping to catch up next time I came home.  Mike and I were going to buy you lunch and catch up.  I guess you will have to reserve me a table mi amigo, and have one on me.

Good bye friend, I hope your passing was peaceful and quick.


imageHot topic of the day seems to be Russia’s draconian approach to “public displays of homosexuality” in its country and whether or not Olympians are going to compete in the 2014 winter games.  Got me a thinking about the importance of competition; the potential for a soapbox to make a statement; how would I feel if I was a gay/lesbian athlete in that situation; and the role politics plays in competition of any kind.  What would I do?  What would you do?

So if you have a moment… chime in on the poll to your right and let me know if you would compete in your martial art, in a country such as Russia that is blatantly perpetuating homophobic hate mongering and violence against those that are different.  Would this affect your decision to compete in your sport, or do you not concern yourself with the political and social laws and acts of a given country when it comes to competition?

As for what I would do… still mulling this one over, but overall my tolerance seems to be waning for intolerance (yes Prof. Sturm… I realize that is a form of intolerance in itself!  Work with me… I am a flawed human) of any kind.  I believe that you should be able to do whatever you wish in the privacy of your domestic dwelling as long as it hurts no one else without their consent.  I also believe we all have a fundamental rite to live a life unharassed.  Last I checked Bert and Ernie being crazy gay lovers was hurting absolutely NO ONE!  So what right does Russia, nor any government, have to impose their view of how a couple should be arranged??

I am a peon in the only sport I compete in… Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I have no voice and no one would notice if I was here nor there.  But as I grow older (the “wiser” part is debatable) I feel even small voices together make a loud shout, and regardless of what country it is, I think I would choose not to compete, and contribute to the economy of, any country that enacted such asinine laws.

Friendly reminder that we are under two weeks away for an awesome opportunity to sharpen your bladed weapon skills with my teacher Meynard Ancheta!  Three Harmonies Martial Arts PresentsPekiti Tirsia Kali:Edge & Impact Weapon Fighting Conceptsw/ Guro Meynard AnchetaimageAugust 24: 12-4pmAugust 25: 10am-2pm942 N. 95th St.Seattle, WA.$75 One Day  $105 Entire WeekendOpen to any and all levels of experience!  “Doce Methodos Progressions for Technical and Full Contact Sparring.”In this seminar, students will learn blade combat flow and how to apply the “Methodos” in a dynamic and progressive way. The skills taught in this seminar will lay the foundation that will allow students to explore the principles of the Doce Methodos (Twelve Methods) while training with resistance and thereby develop true fighting ability with edge weapons.  Students will learn effective and proven techniques applied in real time against uncooperative and skilled opponents.  image Meynard Ancheta has been training in the martial arts for over 25 years.  A brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as a dedicated student of Tim Cartmell’s for over 10 years in various disciplines, Meynard has comitted his life to training Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Leo Gaje.  He is head instructor of  PTK Southern California, and the PTK instructor for Three Harmonies Martial Arts in Seattle, WA.
For more info or to register contact Jake Burroughs:  [email protected] / 206-941-3232My friend and teacher Tim Cartmell of Ace Jiu Jitsu was recently interviewed by Asian World of Martial Arts (AWMA) and offered some interested insights into the martial realm as well as sharing this video clip.  I’ve said it once I will say it again, Tim is one of the most underrated martial artist / instructors alive today.  relatively unknown.  An amazing competitor whose eye for detail is eerily perceptive, Tim is one of the martial arts best kept secrets! image“In actuality, there is no ‘Internal/External’ dichotomy, nor even separate ‘styles’, there are only individuals moving and fighting.  Labeling movement and fighting skills as ‘styles’ is just a convenient way of organizing types of training and technique.” – Tim Cartmell

To read the full interview click here!

Congrats to all the NWJJA fighters that put it on the line today at the UGF Washington state championships.  My apologies I could not be there to support, but I am hoping that my list is accurate despite spotty field reporting.  Regardless of outcome everyone’s training has stepped up a notch… Brian and I were just talking about it the other night, great rolling and training lately!
Kamau Kurnel: No Gi Bronze / Gi Gold
Jordan: Blue belt gi Silver
Chris “Spider Stache” Webb: Purple gi Silver / Advanced No Gi Bronze
Ivan Moran: Blue belt gi bronze / No Gi silver
Ray “Ray Ray” Luiggi: Old Man Purple Belt Division Silver
Eamon Clarke: white belt gi bronze

If I missed anyone my apologies.  A special shout out and congrats to Rick Monce who won his first competition fight ever.  Unfortuantely he has a tough division where he lost his next two so did not place, but a great showing for his first BJJ competition!

Congrats again team, remember…regardless of outcome, you have won just training and stepping up to the fight!


imageThe UGF (United Grappling Federation) makes its second annual stop in Seattle, WA. this weekend, and I wanted to wish all of NWJJA’s fighters the best of luck tomorrow.  Kick some ass Perry / Ray / Spider / Kamau / Ivan / Rick and anyone else I do not know of.

Owner and operator of UGF Mike Uhlinger stopped by with Lenna last night to train and had this to say about NWJJA: 

“Great training with everyone tonight. I am always blown away by how great your school is. We travel all over the country and train at a lot of places and your school is one of the best. Amazing instruction, great people ,and a great facility!”

imageA huge compliment from a great guy, running a great tournament.  On that note if anyone wants to make a few bucks by helping out, the UGF pays cash money and/or free tournament entry for time keepers and ring coordinators.  Those interested in helping out on Saturday contact Mike at [email protected]

Either way make sure to support Mike, the UGF, and our fighters at the ONLY tournament that is actually hosted in the city of Seattle!

I did not get to say it in person, so I write here now… safe travels Randy, hope things go well for you down south my friend.
Bummed to  loose a great training partner!

L-R: Eric / Jake / Baconator

imageSeven years ago today I walked into the  NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (was “club” then) and began my training under  2nd degree Machado black belt Brian Johnson.  He has not been able to get rid of me since!  A lot has happened in that short period of time including Brian producing a three DVD set on his “Basic 12 BJJ Curriculum.”  The ground breaking DVD series showcases Brian’s true talent in conveying information and building a solid foundation shines forth on this set of instructionals.

Now we are happy to announce that the “B12 Basic BJJ Curriculum” is available for the Android Phone!  Take all the same lessons from the DVD series on the road with you when you travel, or simply bring your phone on the mat to use as a reference as you train and practice with your partner!

Quite simply THE best fundamental Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructional on the market!  A bold and biased opinion which makes it no less accurate, you will not regret this purchase regardless of your rank or experience in grappling.  But don’t take my word for it, check out what these reviewers had to say about the curriculum:

Click here to read the review Georgette “The Red Menace” Oden did.

imageAnd DSTRYRsg’s great review as well!

So after you finish giving input on the poll to your right, all you Android users out therepurchase the app directly from Amazon by clicking here. 

can now

If you are new to the app marketplace simply click here and follow the simple few steps to get started. 

Or if you are still “olde school” then you can simply  click here and be directed to Amazon’s page to order the DVD version of the B12 BJJ Curriculum.

However you order it, make sure to check it out and watch your game jump!

On a personal note… thank you Brian.  You have changed my life for nothing but the positive and given me a gift I can never repay!  I am so grateful of the past 7 years and look forward to seven  more!


Just finished watching “Fight Club” episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.  An amazing episode that showcased Todd Vance and the Pugilistic Offensive Warrior (POW) MMA club he started for soldiers returning home with PTSD and various other psychological issues.  Those who found no solace in therapy, drugs, or booze have found peace and discipline in Vance’s POW program.imageAn appalling 22 veterans take their life each and every day!  EVERY DAY!  That is nearly one an hour!  UNACCEPTABLE!  We all owe them a debt of gratitude as we have voted their top commander into service, whom in turn has put our kids into all sorts of clusters worldwide.  Take a moment and offer whatever support you can as every soldier returning home deserves help and guidance.  Unfortunately most of our administration do not see eye to eye with that opinion.  Well…. they are wrong!

Todd Vance and POW

imageThe 2013 version of the 5 Brothers Camp is upon us so it is time to get some airline tickets and start prepping!  What can I say about a camp where you share the mat with all five of the Machado brothers for over 15 hours of training, camaraderie, and kinship?!  Without a doubt one of the only events I truly look forward to each year, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on.

For more info or to register click here or visit RCJ Machado Pro!

Direct flights from Seatac to DFW are around $260 right now, that is unheard of so jump on those if you are thinking about it.  For those attending from NWJJA, it would behoove you to contact me so we have a good idea of whom is going and we can make car and hotel arrangements together.

Leave your ego at the door and join us on the mat!

imageLots of events coming this fall…. Mark your calendars grappling fans as September 15th brings the annual date of the US Sumo open in Los Angeles!  Andrew Freund runs a wicked awesome event and this is one of the only opportunities to fight Sumo in North America.  Open to any and all grapplers, this is a great chance to test your takedown skills so make sure to wash your mawashi in your mawashimachine LMAO!

imageYou all asked for it, you all get it… more Sambo.  Here is a great match from the 2012 Junior Championships.  A great fight that illustrates perseverance and imposing of ones will!  Enjoy!

And before you scratch your ADD itch and skip on, please take a moment to leave your info on our poll to your right and let us know how long you have been training and in what.

imageJoin Prof Hufana for the 18th annual HTAI Arnis Summer Camp in Rockport WA. next weekend August 10-11th.  Over 11 hours of stick and blade training.  Open to all hit for more info!

HTAI Camp Location & Camp Site Reservations
Clark’s Skagit River Resort
58468 Clark Cabin Road, Rockport, WA 98283
(360) 873-2550, 800-273-2606

imageOver the past 20+ years my perspective of what a true “martial artist” is has changed numerous times.  I think it is a natural progression for beginners to think martial arts are all about kicking ass and taking names, after all that is what we always saw on kung fu theater Saturday afternoons!  As I progressed into the Chinese martial realm the healing aspect of the martial arts was emphasized even to the point that I graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics.  And now a couple decades later I find myself critical of martial artists who do not push themselves on some level or another, be it physically, competitively, educationally, etc.  I have come to realize it is the fight within ourselves, the struggle of everyday existence and life itself that is what true martial artists are constantly training for. imageSensei Mike Sherman of American Kenpo Karate in Toledo, Ohio was my first instructor back in the way back olden days.  A boxer from the wrong side of town to be a scrawny white kid, Mr. Sherman is hands down the best Karate instructor in Ohio and is the epitome of a martial artist with the warrior spirit.  A 5th dan in Karate with over 40 years of experience Mike Sherman has been a lifelong, dedicated karateka.  Never one to settle, in the 15 years or more since I have trained back home he has gone on to study traditional Okinawan weaponry, as well as becoming a world kettlebell lifting champion!

On a visit back home recently I stopped in to see my instructor from back in day.  As we caught up and he showed me around the new dojo, we hit the back wall which was covered with shadow boxes containing medals.  I made mention that he must have gotten really good at triathlons over the years, and Mr. Sherman looked at me quizzically and said “Dude, I haven’t done triathlons since you have trained here.  These are all from competitive kettlebell lifting.”

I was dumbfounded and in awe not just because of the sheer number of titles that adorned the wall, but I felt such an overwhelming sense of humbleness as 15 years after I last trained with a man 20 years my senior, I still have much to learn and be inspired by!  He has never settled.  Always challenging himself and pushing the levels of physical fitness and ability Mike Sherman epitomizes what I consider to be a true teacher and practitioner of the martial arts.

Needless to say I immediately asked to take some private lessons on fundamentals of kettlebell training!  I mean I would be foolish to pass up this opportunity to train with a world champ and candidate for master of sport, and so I did some training and learned so much in a short amount of time that it is not even funny.  They rank athletes in Russia via a title called “Master of Sport,” and right now Mr. Sherman is a candidate for master of sport… not an easy achievement, especially for a westerner!

This is exactly why I love the martial arts… not only are the majority of people you meet awesome, but I can visit my teacher of 20 years ago and still be inspired and learn so much from him  He also was kind enough to ask me to teach some of his classes where I shared some of my grappling knowledge with his cadre.  I hope his students realize what an absolute gem they have tucked away in a small corner of NW Ohio!

For more info visit:
American Kenpo Karate
5840 W. Central Ave.
Toledo, OH. 43615

It is an honor to be a black belt under you sir, you have taught me from day one and continue to inspire and invigorate.  Thank you.

Jake Burroughs

PS This was Mr Sherman’s response a few hours after he read the blog post on Facebook:
“Thank You Mr. Burroughs !…I’m humbled by such kind words. After all of these years, one of my biggerst pleasures is to see someone like yourself do such great things with the martial arts and not just keep it to themself and continue to give and help others !…I am honored and inspired by you as well ! Thank You”

If you are in Ohio, or live along the Ohio River valley, make sure to head down to the Midwest Sports Complex in Florence, KY. in 10 short days to support Reed Academy / Machado BJJ fighter Amanda Benjamin in her amateur MMA debut!  She faces a tough opponent in Mary Kate Hayes, but we have all the faith in Amanda’s preparation and aggressiveness.  Kick ass girl!imageimageAs of August 1 2013 here is the updated class schedule:

Tuesday 6-7: Combatives
Wednesday 6-7: Kali
Thursday 6-7: Combatives
Saturday 9-10am: Kali
10-11am: Combatives

I am also available for private lessons on stand up, BJJ, personal training, Chinese martial arts, and the healing arts as well.  Contact Jake to arrange one on one training: 206-941-3232 / [email protected]