Rigan Machado Seminar Portland, OR.

imageOur friend and coach Rigan Machado will be visiting the Rose City, Portland Oregon, November 2, 2013 at the NW Fighting Arts Academy.  There will be two seminars, one from 11-1pm and another 2:30-4:30pm, and the cost is $95

I have had the distinct pleasure of training with red-black belt Rigan Machado on numerous occasions and I can honestly say their are few, if any, more knowledgeable grapplers alive on earth!  Do not miss this opportunity to train with one of the best.  Contact Eric at 503-740-2666 to register or for more info.

imageEnson Inoue is one of my hero’s for several different reasons, but the main important one is because he is a consummate advocate for animals and their rite to be treated right.  Enson is on one of his two month long pilgrimages to raise awareness for earthquake aid (yeah, remember that little rumble in Japan a while back?) and has dedicated the 20th day of his journey to our fuzzy friends (and even those with scales).

I could not agree more with the statements he makes below.  If you agree make sure to express your appreciation by checking out one of Enson’s handmade bracelets at Destiny Forever.  

Dedicating my day today to all the abused animals. To all of you treat your pets like shit wish I could just have five minutes with you on the mat!


Thinking it’s cool to mistreat the weaker is not right! Just speaking out for the our furry cuddly friends that don’t have a voice.

imageBig congrats to my friend and training partner Brett “Dutchess” Smith for taking silver in the 160# division at the NAGA Oregon intermediate no gi division!  Brett has been on a tear this tournament season and will add the Oregon NAGA medal to the shelf along with another one of his D’Arce’s!

Nice job brother!

imageOur friend John Machado, one of the five Machado brothers that will be present at the RCJ 5 Brothers Camp October 25-27, 2013 in Dallas, TX. has made a quick preview of some of the material he will be covering at the camp.  Come spend 3 hours on the mat with each brother and train with one of the founding families of BJJ in North America!  You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Visit RCJ Machado Pro to register and/or more info for the camp!  

imageReaders of the Ground Never Misses know that we have a special place in our hearts for Scotty Nelson over at On The Mat.  Amazing customer service coupled with a time tested product line equates to nothing but success when it comes to producing quality grappling apparel.  One of the nicer additions this year is the Biohazard rash guard.

Long sleeves along with 3 extra inches at the skirt make this the perfect rashie for long lanky fighters.  She breathes really well and the flatlock seems have held up to some serious abuse over the past couple months since I have been wearing the rash guard.  Sublimated graphics are reminiscent of HR Giger’s dark futuristic work (those of you unfamiliar… he was the artist for the original Alien from the movie “Alien”), which is highlighted via a bright yellow biohazard symbol with OTM in the center.

imageimageThis 6oz lycra rash guard is also made in the USA which is another selling point for me.  With our economy circling the porcelain pagoda, where my grappling products are made certainly factors into my purchase decision.  Retailing at $64.99 you can purchase the Biohazard rash guard by clicking here!

As with all of OTM products Scotty and his crew stand behind it 100%, so if you have yet to order anything from OTM click here and head on over to their pro shop! 

imageAll photos courtesy of Elton PintoimageBJJ Scout just threw down another great analysis online, this time focusing on what he calls Rodolfo Vieira’s “weave” in this third part.  The weave is essentially what they call in wrestling a Navy ride.  Scout’s awesome work speaks for itself so sit back and study:

Click here to be redirected to the entire write up.

WOW!!!!!   I am speechless!!!!  I assume if you read this blog you have taste and therefore are naturally a Tool fan.  Well check out these badass kids cover the shit out of one of my favorites “46 & 2”

Quite simply if that girl keeps her voice through puberty she is going to sing with some serious balls!!!  And mad respect to anyone, let alone a kid, who can keep up with Danny Careys broken rythms!!!!

imageCheck out red-black belt Carlos Machado on the latest Bishop BJJ Podcast where he takes some great questions, talks ADCC, and spends some time with the Bishop crew (a brown belt couple out of Missouri whom train under Royler)!  Just a friendly reminder as you are listening to the interview slide over to RCJ Machado Pro and register for next months 5 Brothers Camp where you can train not only with Carlos but also his brothers Rigan, Jean Jacques, Roger, and John.  And here is a quick spoiler alert… Carlos will be visiting the Emerald City for the first time March of 2014!

Enjoy: Click here to be redirected to the interview.

imageReturning champ Byamba schools “Kelly” a couple weeks ago with this amazing throw!  I have tried on a couple of occasions to get Byamba up here to teach a seminar.  If I can get the interest we can do it!  Let me know… answer the poll to your right!

In the meantime… study your grappling roots…

imageNorth Korea took a break from threatening to nuke the ‘Murican’s to squeeze in their 11th annual Grand Bull National Ssireum competition a couple weeks ago.  Thanks to Wrestling Roots for smuggling out the contraband footage!

Ssireum is Korea’s endemic wrestling style where you hook one hand through a loop on your opponents belt and underhook with the other hand.  Traditionally they fought in foot deep sand, but apparently the communists could not get enough prisoners to pound rocks into sand so they settled for a tarp surface.  Essentially the same rules of Sumo… first to touch the ground with more than two points losses.

Here we see the highlights of the weight categories and the catch weight division which saw perennial favorite Song Kwang Chol cleaning house and taking home a 1000 kg bull, a golden cowbell (Nazareth called… they have an opening in the band), and a diploma (not sure in what).  Not sure what I would do with a 1000kg bull, too bad it was not a kobe sow!!

imageJust a friendly reminder that there will be no class the next three Saturdays.  Apologies for any inconvenience.
Train Hard.  Train Smart.
JakeimageTime is quickly slipping away to sign up for the RCJ Machado 5 Brothers Camp which is filling up fast!  To get an idea of what you will be working for 15 hours of mat time over the weekend of October 25-27th, red-black belt (one of three BTW that will be present at the camp!) check out this video by Carlos Machado on side control escape:

You can register by clicking here or visit RCJ Machado Pro dot com. 

imageJust found word of this… Ricardo De La Riva will fight Yuki Nakai in a farewell retirement fight for the open guard master!  Rumored to be a 20 minute submission only match this weekend in Japan, here is a short clip giving some insight from the incredibly loyal, dedicated, and game professor:

imageI must apologize to my Sumo fans as I have dropped the mawashi on my Sumo coverage.  I will make a concerted effort to get you more Sumo!  Until then I found a gem on Youtube…

Chiyonofuji Mitsugu was the 58th yokozuna of the sport retiring with 31 tournament victories, second only to the great Taiho.  Chiyonofuji held the yokozuna position from 1981-1991, which is even more impressive considering he was “small” for a sumo wrestler; 120kg!  During the 1988 tournament season Chiyonofuji made a statement with an unprecedented 53 match win streak which would be an unbreakable record for 22 years until Hakuho broke it with 54 in 2010.

Some fan online put EVERY single match win on a highlight reel for our viewing enjoyment:

01 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Hananoumi M3e (Natsu 1988, Day 7)
02 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Ryogoku M5w (Natsu 1988, Day 8)
03 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Sakahoko S1e (Natsu 1988, Day 9)
04 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Kirinishiki M4w (Natsu 1988, Day 10)
05 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Takamisugi M2e (Natsu 1988, Day 11)
06 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Konishiki O1w (Natsu 1988, Day 12)
07 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Nankairyu M2w (Natsu 1988, Day 13)
image08 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Onokuni Y1w (Natsu 1988, Day 14)
09 Chiyonofuji Y2eHD – Asahifuji O1e (Natsu 1988, Day 15)
10 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Daijuyama K1w (Nagoya 1988, Day 1)
11 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Hananokuni M3w (Nagoya 1988, Day 2)
12 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Wakasegawa M3e (Nagoya 1988, Day 3)
13 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Itai M2w (Nagoya 1988, Day 4)
14 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Tochinowaka K1e (Nagoya 1988, Day 5)
15 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Terao M1w (Nagoya 1988, Day 6)
16 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Kotogaume S1w (Nagoya 1988, Day 7)
17 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Mitoizumi M2e (Nagoya 1988, Day 8)
18 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Sakahoko S1e (Nagoya 1988, Day 9)
19 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Ryogoku M1e (Nagoya 1988, Day 10)
20 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Asashio O2wHD (Nagoya 1988, Day 11)
21 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Hokutenyu O2eHD (Nagoya 1988, Day 12)
22 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Konishiki O1w (Nagoya 1988, Day 13)
23 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Asahifuji O1w (Nagoya 1988, Day 14)
24 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Onokuni Y2eHD (Nagoya 1988, Day 15)
25 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Mitoizumi K1w (Aki 1988, Day 1)
26 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Ryogoku M4e (Aki 1988, Day 2)
27 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Tochinowaka K1e (Aki 1988, Day 3)
28 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Enazakura M3w (Aki 1988, Day 4)
29 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Kotogaume S1w (Aki 1988, Day 5)
30 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Akinoshima M2e (Aki 1988, Day 6)
31 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Sakahoko S1e (Aki 1988, Day 7)
32 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Asashio O2wHD (Aki 1988, Day 8)
33 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Kirishima M2w (Aki 1988, Day 9)
34 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Hananoumi M1e (Aki 1988, Day 10)
35 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Konishiki O2eHD (Aki 1988, Day 11)
36 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Terao M4w (Aki 1988, Day 12)
37 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Hokutenyu O1w (Aki 1988, Day 13)
38 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Asahifuji O1e (Aki 1988, Day 14)
39 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Onokuni Y1w (Aki 1988, Day 15)
40 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Akinoshima K1w (Kyushu 1988, Day 1)
41 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Kotofuji M4e (Kyushu 1988, Day 2)
42 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Kotogaume S1w (Kyushu 1988, Day 3)
43 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Itai M4w (Kyushu 1988, Day 4)
44 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Wakasegawa M3w (Kyushu 1988, Day 5)
45 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Jingaku M3e (Kyushu 1988, Day 6)
46 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Hananokuni M2w (Kyushu 1988, Day 7)
47 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Sakahoko S1e (Kyushu 1988, Day 8)
48 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Ryogoku M1e (Kyushu 1988, Day 9)
49 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Daijuyama M2e (Kyushu 1988, Day 10)
50 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Konishiki O2wHD (Kyushu 1988, Day 11)
51 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Asashio O1w (Kyushu 1988, Day 12)
52 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Hokutenyu O2eHD (Kyushu 1988, Day 13)
53 Chiyonofuji Y1e – Asahifuji O1e (Kyushu 1988, Day 14)
End of streak – Kyushu 1988: — Day 15: Chiyonofuji Y1e – Onokuni Y1w

Avid readers of The Ground Never Misses will recall the review of Carlos Machado’s “Unstoppable,” where he essentially took footage from a seminar and condensed it into an instructional DVD.  Quite simply it was brilliant! Condensed material made as accurately accessible as possible… what more could one ask for.  Take the same approach and add in a position such as, shall we say, the leg drag (which no one has covered in a DVD instructional format) and you have the great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructional “Leg Drag Workshop” by Tim Sledd.imageTim Sledd, head instructor of Small Axe BJJ in Bedord, IN. and one of Andre Galvao’s first American black belts, is one of those sleeper cell grapplers in middle America that no one has heard of, but they will be in no time.  Training under Galvao has afforded Tim the luxury of rolling with some of sport BJJ’s most elite grapplers, giving him a unique perspective on one of todays hottest positions: the leg drag.  Useful for both sport BJJ as well as self defense and MMA, the leg drag has become a staple at the world over, and Sledd couldn’t ask for a better camp in which to learn the leg drag.

Filmed over the series of two different seminars “Leg Drag Workshop” is a must have DVD for any grappler at any stage of development.  Breaking every aspect of the position down to the most minute detail Sledd is a patient, focused instructor whom has absorbed the subtle differences in how his team mates apply the leg drag position.  This is arguably the best part of the DVD, getting a lesson on how Andre Galvao applies pressure with the leg drag as opposed to how the Mendes brothers do.  Three experts in their own rights but playing the same position quite differently due to the size differential.

Even though this is filmed over the course of two seminars Tim offers a comprehensive position tutorial with excellent production value, both the video and sound production are solid.  From the looks of it Tim taught these seminars in nice small rooms without a lot of resonance and noise bouncing.  The editing is smooth and every comment he makes is clear and easy to hear.  On the bonus material you can hear folks talking in the background but it does not diminish from the lesson he offers.  And though there are not multiple cameras, Tim does a great job moving to show the technique to multiple angles.

Instruction wise Tim Sledd has a gift!  Honestly if this cat forgot to mention a detail, then I am not sure what it is because training with Tim you are going to know where EACH appendage is and what its job is.  Clear, concise, and accurate positional information is constantly flowing from Tim’s lips, and honestly that is the key to what will make this DVD stand out.  Sure… right now mid-2013 it is the only leg drag DVD on the market, but that will change before you know it.  The quality and detail of instruction will make Tim Sledd stand out and weather “Old Man Time.”  Tim looks at the leg drag as a position, not a technique, which is most likely how he was taught, which in turn makes sense why Atos is AWESOME with the leg drag!  The positional cues such as “Active Toes” / “Knee Staple” / ensuring the spines are aligned etc. are great linguistic cues that help the viewer remember the lesson much more clearly.

Indiana University Workshop:
1. Intro                                                                      5. Half guard
2. Concepts                                                               6. Butterfly Guard Pass
3. Cross Side to Leg Drag                                          7. Skip Knee to Mount
4. Closed Guard Pass                                                 8. Passing Spider Guard
9. Closing

Ground Zero Workshop:
1. Basic Leg Drag Position                                          7. Half Guard Pass
2. Mendes Position                                                     8. Butterfly Guard Pass
3. Reverse Position                                                     9. Skip Knee to Mount
4. Attack From Side Control                                     10. Spider Guard Pass
5. Back Take                                                             11. Questions
6. Closed Guard Pass                                                12. Drills
13. Closing

imageAnother aspect I like about Mr. Sledd’s approach to the leg drag is his emphasis that this is not just a modern sport position (ie. read: fad).  The leg drag is not only an amazing sport BJJ technique but it can also be used in self defense and MMA, and Sledd is constantly reminding us of that.  In the bonus section he even uses a cover, clinch, takedown into leg drag.

The bonus section is often folks’ favorite with instructional DVDs with goodies and fun little extras to try, and while Tim does offer a couple “bonus” techniques (nothing on the bonus section is the same as the seminar content), overall the “extras” seem to be strategic troubleshooting entries.  How does one get to the leg drag position when our opponent is elbow escaping from mount?  Transitioning to the leg drag from back mount.

Bonus Material:
1. Basic Takedown                                                       4. De La Riva
2. Mount to Leg Drag                                                   5. DLR Sweep #2
3. Leg Drag from Rear Mount                                       6. DLR Sweep #3
7. Outro

I cannot wait to see more DVDs from Tim Sledd and/or visit him in Indiana and take one of his seminars, because the detail this man brings to the table is out of this world.  Honestly this $34 will get you further on the mat then whatever you are going to waste it on this weekend.  Click here to be redirected and to place your order today! 

imageThere is nothing I can say to make this any more technical, beautiful, nor fluid…. so… enjoy:

Very pleased to announce the return of my teacher Tim Cartmell to the Rose City (Portland, OR) September 20-22 2013.  Tim needs no introduction here as I have trained with him for over 10 years now and cannot credit him enough with taking my martial applicability and understanding to a whole new level.  Tim will teach a comprehensive curriculum that leads the student from self defense, to the ta
imagekedown, into a dominant position, and then finish with a submission.

Another seminar you surely do not want to miss!  Come join us in Portland:

Dates & Times
Friday, September 20
6:00PM – 8:00PM

Saturday, September 21
10:00AM – 1:00PM
2:00PM – 5:00PM

Sunday, September 22
BB Testing – 10:00AM – 12:00PM

School of Budo Dojo
Portland, OR.

Friday Night – $40
Saturday Single Session – $60
Saturday All Day – $100
Full Seminar – $125

Please be prepared for both gi and nogi class. On Sunday, the 22nd we will be holding our next blue belt tests. Tamas and Rick will stepping up and taking their tests this time. Everyone is welcome to come and give them a bit of pressure by watching!!

imageWe also have Leo Gaje’s Pekiti Tirsia Kali seminar at the end of this month.  This marks the very first time Leo Gaje has visited Seattle, WA. so lets make sure we give him a warm welcome to the Jet City!  For those who have never trained under Gaje, he is literally a living legend amongst martial artists.  Truly one of the 21st centuries most talented Filipino Martial Artists, don’t miss this chance to train with one of the best.  Open to any and all levels and styles:

imageHere are the results from the Copa Podio tournament over the weekend.  I would love to show you some clips, but from the sounds of it very few people saw anything due to another piss poor video stream online.  Apparently the technology to run an uninterrupted stream has not quite caught up to the technology they have to take your money;)

Clark Gracie nailed a collar choke on Diogo Borges at the 22 minute mark of an hour long submission only match.

Leo Lo climbed all over Calasans beating him 7-0 in a no gi superfight.

Onto the round robin tournament and we see that Travis Stevens puts on one of the best showings of an American at Copa Podio!  After a tough day of fights Stevens misses third place after a 2-2 tie got Miyao the decision.  Felipe Pena defeated Diogo Moreno via points to win the championship!

imageBJJ Scout brings us the second part of his/her breakdown of Calasans vs. Lo this Sunday in Brazil!
Click here to read the entire article.

imageBJJ Scout is back at it again with part one of a preview of Leo Lo and Calasans at Cop Podio September 8th, 2013.  Scout has an AMAZING eye for the subtle details of certain fighters games. An excellent analysis for Sundays Copa!

For the complete article click here!

imageStudents at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy don’t know how fortunate we are to be part of the a family like the Machados!  The attitude, approach, and demeanor all the brothers bring to every aspects of their lives is an admirable goal for all of us to look up to.  This past Friday Roger Machado was the guest on episode 41 of “This Week in BJJ” with Budo Jake.

It is a great interview where Budo Jake throws some really good questions Rogers way, and then Roger hits the mat and shows a couple nice techniques including a wicked looking key lock!  Check it out, and make sure register for the 5 Brothers Camp October 25-27th in Dallas, TX. where you can spend an afternoon with Roger on the mats along with his four other brothers!

It’s officially official… here is the camp HL for the 2013 RCJ Machado 5 Brothers Camp:

imageA new little segment here at The Ground Never Misses called “Mat Manners Monday” where I will share short snippets about proper etiquette and manners any martial artist should be adhering to regardless of style or system.  And this weeks subject is hygiene… something often overlooked but arguably the most important in regards to staying on the mat and training.

Thankfully you usually do not have to explain that an individual needs to shower after each and every training session regardless of how “light” the training was, yet many a dojo rat skips over the same exact rule when it comes to cleaning ones gi or uniform.  It does not matter how little you perspired, it is imperative to wash your gi after EVERY training session, just like washing yourself after each session.  If you have one gi I would perhaps suggest investing in another.

Finger and toe nails always need to be clipped to minimize scratches and cuts.  Make sure to scrub under nails after each training session, and while we are at it ensure you have clean feet before stepping onto the mats.  If you walk around barefoot in your everyday life that’s fine, but have the courtesy to clean your filthy feet before walking onto the mat.

imageIt is also important to note that martial artists should be cleaning themselves with a decent antibacterial/anti fungal soap.  These bullshit products like Axe Body wash aimed at teens and young adults not only stink, they really do nothing in terms of keeping your skin healthy.  A complete and shameless plug for Arm Bar Soap Co. is appropriate here.  Chad and his crew have an all natural soap (they are moving onto batch #5 now!) made from essential oils specifically targeting all the cooties we are exposed to any given night.  Hands down the best product on the market in terms of soap designed specifically for martial artists!

And mat manners extend past the student as well.  Teachers it is your duty to ensure that each and every day the mats and training equipment are clean and taken care of.  I have had too many friends get staph infection from filthy pads!  And I grow tired of walking into dojo’s that smell like a rotten taint.  Take pride in your dojo and keep it clean.

Enjoy your Labor Day,

imageWe have everything squared away for 2013’s 5 Brothers Camp including the camp hotel extending the discounted rate of $79.00 / night (plus taxes) from Thursday through Sunday night.  If you plan on staying longer or coming in earlier expect a higher room rate for other nights.  But for those of us flying in from afar make sure to secure the discounted rate for Thursday – Sunday evenings.

Click here to be re-directed to the Marriott booking page!

See you on the mats in Dallas!  This year is going to be even bigger then last!

Leave your ego at the door,