Uzi Tactical Pen – The Pen Is Truly Mightier Than the Blade

imageUzi Tactical has released what could arguably be the best self defense tool created post 9/11, with the Uzi Tactical Pen w/ Glassbreaker #7. A completely functioning pen that is essentially a thrusting and hooking weapon in the trained hand, Uzi Tactical has designed an affordable, functioning self defense tool.

imageAvailable with a variety of ends including glass breakers and DNA catchers, as well as being available in black or gun metal, Uzi keeps things reasonable with all of their models coming in under $25 USD.  These vicious little beauties are perfect for those wanting a non-lethal alternative to a knife or gun, but not cinching in the leverage department.  Used just like a knife in either a standard grip (point up) or an “ice pick” (point down) grip, though the pen does not have a sharp edge on it the tapered point can easily penetrate skin and do enough soft tissue damage to be a serious deterrent.

imageYou may recognize the brand Uzi as being synonymous with 1980’s action flicks in that EVERYONE used an Uzi machine gun back then, with it being the THE go to in terms of compact machine guns.  In the past 30 years Uzi has branched out to include all sorts of tactical gear including self defense pens, watches and flashlights.  Though I have never owned one of their guns, Uzis tactical pen has really impressed me with its durability and flexibility of use.

imageIntelligent design is paramount in the manufacture of any tool and Uzi has some smart engineers at the helm with this aircraft aluminum production.  For instance the flattened thumb pad a third of the way down the 5 3/4″ shaft allows more leverage and power when using a thrust or conversely as a hammer fist with the glass breaker tip.  Both ends are easily removable / replaceable, and the length affords easy manipulation using as a hook.

Absolutely the pen is effective as a thrusting and stabbing weapon, but as with ANY tool used for self defense training is key essential ingredient.  Melding quite smoothly with all the essentials of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, the Uzi Tactical Pen fits nicely in the hand regardless of grip and has a decent heft to it weighing in at just over 50 grams which offers enough bulk to pack a punch and not warp or break, all the while not being a burden in the pocket.  A strong clip secures the pen in any pocket with minimal to no wear and tear on the pocket lip.  That said I do not regularly wear dress pants so pay attention if you choose to wear it in business attire.
The Uzi Tactical Glassbreaker #7 retails for $23.96 and is available by clicking here.  I look forward to reviewing other Uzi products, but in the meantime check out this affordable non-lethal self defense tool for every day carry.