Orihinal Eskrima & Grappling

imageThanks to DSTRYRsg for this awesome little clip.  These Ecuadorian cats train in both Cacoy Eskrima and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and seem to have an amazingly open attitude in their expression and exploration of combat.  Admittingly my Spanglish is piss poor so I am not sure what they are saying all the time but the technique and strategy speak for themselves.

I certainly have questions and head scratching moments in this short clip, but more importantly I think they address a subject often completely ignored in FMA… realistic situations/scenarios where a foundation in grappling is key.  Is it ideal to fight on your butt or knees?  No.  But one never knows where/what position we may have to engage someone in, so it is paramount that we learn solid fundamentals both standing as well as on the ground.

It is a biased opinion, but a right one none the less… the overwhelming majority of “tuhons” and “masters” in the FMA world would benefit greatly from some private lessons in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from a qualified instructor.  I have seen a lot of folks out there replicating (poorly) moves they saw on Youtube or the UFC within the context of FMA, and quite frankly it is pitiful and painful to witness.  So before you get too critical of these guys ask yourself what you are doing to push the limitation of your understanding and skills?