October 16, 2014

Knifemaker Jeff Crowner: Buyer Beware!!!

Buyer be ware... knife maker Jeff Crowner previously of Oregon, now living in Texas, is keen on ripping off customers!  If you are thinking of buying a custom made blade for your self or a loved one this holiday season I certainly would suggest you spend your money elsewhere.

I first spoke to Jeff nearly a year ago at the suggestion of my then Kali teacher Meynard, who claimed Jeff was an amazing craftsman whose blades were little known but some of the best he had seen.  So I reached out to Mr. Crowner in an effort to help promote and get some word out about his blades via my blog.  I explained I was a freelance writer who ran a blog and was working on a couple of articles for possible submission to various magazines and if possible I would like to somehow incorporate his blade work into said articles.  I told him I had never reviewed a blade before and he seemed genuinely excited about working together and even offered the opportunity to write for some online ezines and what not that he was involved with.  He also stated that he would have to charge me something and I said that was fine if he did not mind me paying it off in several payments.  No problem says he.  That was last fall.

Fast forward to June 20th of this year... after $300 of checks to Jeff had been cashed I was patiently waiting for my blade as he had told me he was sending the blade ASAP.  I get a random text stating "No way I am making a blade for you.  I will refund your money."

Naturally I tried to get ahold of him to ask if this meant for me and if so, why!?  But got no reply and to this day have no clue why he decided to back out of his side of the agreement.  But whatever, I gave him my address once more and waited for a check.

To save a long drawn out story, Jeff has yet to reimburse my money and it seems he has no intention to.  He has tried to slander me even getting to the point where lawyers were calling me and naturally when I explained they were being led on a wild goose chase they scoffed at the waste of time.  I have no clue what his problem is nor do I care any longer.  Buyer beware with Jeff Crowner and his collaborations.

Jeff's old site is still around but is most recent one Jeff Crowner blades states the account is suspended and it seems he is trying to erase his presence online.  Looks like he moved to Texas and now wants to hide how much of a rip off artist he is.  His previous number I have is 541-852-6039.  Buyer beware my kali and silat heads! 


  1. Jeff Crowner is NOT a "Scam Artist" & I have never known him to be in the time I have been fortunate enough to call him a friend! If you have an issue with Jeff then you should take the necessary measures to handle it in private. Jeff is one of the nicest, honorable and respectable people I have come across living here in the Pacific NW and his workmanship speaks for itself. I am fortunate enough to have a custom Crowner ginunting and for a "Scam Artist", he didn't charge me a dime for it. Out of the kindness that is Jeff, he offered it as a wedding gift to my wife & I. I do not know that details of your issue but I do know Jeff and it sounds like there is more to the story. If you have a beef, then call him, send him an e-mail, he's not hard to get a hold of but don't make accusations in a public forum, that just looks bad! Take your issues to him, he's more than willing to work with people and is a professional in all levels of his business.

    1. I have tried on numerous occasions to contact him and to receive my money. I am glad your interaction with him was more positive, but plain and simple this is the only conclusion I can come to when he refuses to reimburse $300. If he chooses to pay I will gladly erase this post.

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  3. Jake, t's also clear you KNOW I have your money…because you put a toris tag in the article. You could only provide a PO box for mailing. Apparently you live out of a closet in the dojo—and I refuse to send you money to anything other than a real address. USPS will not deliver a restricted-delivery check to a PO-box.
    They also can't mail a summons there.

  4. Jake,

    From my experience, the blade Crowner made for me is the sharpest blade I have ever held. It took a little longer than I would have liked but not an unreasonable amount of time at all. Blown away by the finished product.