The NCAA Wrestling Tournament and THE Ohio State Buckeyes

imageIntermat just released their final rankings for the 2015 NCAA wrestling season with five of the top ten spots held by Big Ten squads, and with your Ohio State Buckeyes ending up third on the overall team rankings.
The NCAA also released the tournament brackets which will feature a Buckeye in EVERY single weight class!  This is very exciting news as Logan Steiber eyes his fourth straight NCAA title and the Buckeyes look to lay claim to the championship. Make sure you tune in March 19-21st for the tournament broadcast from St. Louis, MO. and cheer for the Buckeyes!

Click here to see the brackets.

Iowa Iowa 99.5 Big Ten
Missouri Missouri 96 MAC
Ohio State Ohio State 93 Big Ten
Minnesota Minnesota 89 Big Ten
Cornell Cornell 84.5 EIWA
Oklahoma State Oklahoma State 60.5 Big 12
Penn State Penn State 60 Big Ten
Virginia Tech Virginia Tech 60 ACC
Edinboro Edinboro 57 EWL
10 Illinois Illinois 54 Big Ten