Hemant Rajcoomar is A Fake Posing As A Machado Blackbelt in Trinidad & Tobago

image    I suppose it was inevitable that fakes would start to claim to be blackbelts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but it is becoming all too common place now days.
Thanks to Brandon Quick for getting ahold of RCJ Machado and asking about this “certificate.”  Apparently the asshat also known as Hemant Rajcoomar is running around the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago claiming to be a 3rd degree blackbelt under the Machado brothers.  This claim is completely fictitious and it should be obvious that the certificate above was photo-shopped.  Let it be know Hemant has NO rank within the organization.

If anyone on the islands runs across this douche-waffle please proceed to wrap him/her up snugly and choke the living piss out of!  Thanks.