Outstanding Students

imageAs we mark one more lap around our brightest star, I wanted to take a moment and send a shout out to two of my most dedicated and loyal students, Bonnie ‘Bonzai’ Jang, and Elton ‘El Roy’ Pinto.  It is a common argument as to which one of these two started with me first, but either way they both were introduced to the martial arts via my kickboxing program I used to teach at All Star Fitness downtown.  From there they stuck with me and everything I taught them including Kali, BJJ, grappling and self defense.  Both followed me to my group class at NWJJA and both have been consistent practitioners of the martial arts for the past 7+ years.

I wanted to take a moment and offer my respect.  You will most likely never read of
imagethese two conquering a UFC belt.  I am not sure if either one has a desire to teach the next generation.  But they have something that I see sadly missing in many martial arts school now days … dedication and loyalty!  I watch student after student bop around from dojo to dojo, freely throwing on a patch or sticker proclaiming their loyalty to THEIR precious tribe.  That is until they find their NEXT precious tribe and jump ship.  These folks neglect one of the martial arts’ most important lessons of dedicating yourself to a teacher and a practice.  I suppose the quantitative definition of “dedication” can be argued, but I do not mean the modern day equivalency of “dedicating” oneself to a job for a year, perhaps two (after that you overstayed your welcome at most modern tech firms!).

I wish you two all the best on your martial path.  I hope you never have to use what I have taught you, but I also hope you will never forget my lessons.  You have all my respect and gratitude, for you have taught me more then I could ever wish to impart upon you.


imageTo say I am bummed the fuck out would be the overstatement of the week!  One of my first introductions to a genre called ‘metal’ was Motorhead.  Loud.  Fast.  Hard.  And most importantly … unapologetic in everything he did, Lemmy was the front man and so much more.  To be honest we are all blown away you stood strong for seven decades long!

Kick ass and take names wherever you are.

imageThe integration of ballistic weapons (firearms) into FMA practice is something a lot of people talk about, but very few actually know.  Fortunately groups such as Detroit Kali under the guidance of teachers like Jeff Davidson, and Guru Ungyo, do understand how to apply firearms into the myriad of combat scenarios for modern day self defense.

Join Guru Ungyo (20 year veteran Law Enforcement Officer, 10 years SWAT operator)as he will teach the following:

  • image
  • Grip and stance
  • Home Defense Tactics
  • Cover
  • Movement
  • Clearing Corners
  • Entering and Clearing Rooms
  • Close Quarter Scenarios
  • Carjacking Scenarios

January 30th 2016 in Detroit, MI.  Click here for more information and to reserve your spot
imagePlease be safe and well while spending the holidays celebrating however it is you do… which I assume regardless of culture involves a battle axe!? imageSpeaking of perfect stocking stuffers… hygiene; the gift that keeps on giving and ensures one does not give anything to anybody they share the mat with!  A shout out to our friend Chad Hospodar over at Arm Bar Soap Company. imageThe Arm Bar Soap Co. is a Cali based grassroots company started by one man with a vision of offering quality, all natural products made here in the United States. So consider such aspects when shopping the mega stores online and buying gifts made overseas.

Supporting a homegrown business AND purchasing a gift for a loved one is what the holidays are all about.  What started as one guy with one bar of soap has turned into a number of soap varieties, clothing, and even training towels.

The holiday crunch is upon us, with the New Year lingering just around the corner.  Family, travel, finances, extra hours, cut hours… all this stress adds up quickly.  Do you have a method to deal with it?  Can you calm your mind, breath, and energy in frantic situations and remain centered?  If not do you desire to?  Daoist culture has been applying meditative techniques to everyday life for centuries, and Robert James Coons has written an easy to follow text demystifying the intricacies of the practice of internal elixir cultivation.

imageThough Daoist meditation and qigong is not a new subject matter to be written about, many of the texts are rather scholarly and dry.  Without a specific Daoist philosophical background the reader is often lost in a nebulous haze of terms and theories.  Even with the best texts their is little instruction on the actual meditative practice.  Enter Coons… a student of Yang Hai, and a lifelong student of Chinese culture and language.  Coons has written an easy to read and follow book weaving Daoist philosophy with meditative practices anyone can do regardless of physical condition, age, or gender.  As a matter of fact all his practices can be slightly altered for those even incapacitated in bed.

Coons lays out a fundamental lesson on aspects of Daoist practice such as the dantian, Microcosmic Orbit,  and Yin and Yang, before delving into more advanced practice methods for internal elixir cultivation. Daoist geeks such as myself will not be disappointed either as Coons weighs in with his translation of Lu Dongbin’s 100 character ancestor stone.  Lu was an important (arguably the most important) scholar during the Tang dynasty and offered the first guide to Daoist meditation.  This poem is rarely translated and Coons offers a great breakdown of the treatise.

The celebration of little Baby Jesus day is exactly one week away and their is still time to get “Internal Elixir Cultivation” by Robert James Coons from Tambuli Media as it is a perfect 5.25″ x 8″ for stocking stuffing galore.  So if you have a martial artist, qigong practitioner, or you yourself who is in need of meditation click here to order your copy today!  

Why not??

Friday night the UFC crowned its newest TUF Champion with Ryan Hall taking a decisive victory over Artem Lobov.  Hall is arguably the most decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor ever to grace the octagon, and I must admit that I am stoked to see what he has to offer now that he has cinched up his early striking apprehensions.  Training under Ray Thompson has improved his striking , add that to an undeniable grappling phenom and you have what amounts to a ton of fun to watch in MMA.  Unfortunately Hall could not showcase his skills 100% because his opponent Lobov forgot to show up and put up a fight.

Congrats Ryan Hall.

image    I suppose it was inevitable that fakes would start to claim to be blackbelts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but it is becoming all too common place now days.
Thanks to Brandon Quick for getting ahold of RCJ Machado and asking about this “certificate.”  Apparently the asshat also known as Hemant Rajcoomar is running around the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago claiming to be a 3rd degree blackbelt under the Machado brothers.  This claim is completely fictitious and it should be obvious that the certificate above was photo-shopped.  Let it be know Hemant has NO rank within the organization.

If anyone on the islands runs across this douche-waffle please proceed to wrap him/her up snugly and choke the living piss out of!  Thanks.

imageOur friend Reilly Bodycomb compiled a great compilation of highlights from the 2015 World Sambo Championships that was held on Morocco over the past weekend.  Excellent takedowns, sweeps, and throws demonstrated!  I am so glad that traditional avenues for folk wrestling still are alive in other parts of the world and thriving.  BJJ fever has taken over the west it seems and fewer and fewer academies are focused on the integral takedown / self defense aspects of grappling.   Thankfully even locally we have an excellent source for Sambo in Aaron Fields, he calls his dojo Seatown Grappling.

Either way thanks to Reilly, and enjoy the throw bonanza: