Alberto Crane to Teach 50/Zero Guard in Seattle

image   Our good friend and coach Alberto Crane will be teaching his 50/Zero Guard game here in Seattle, WA. March 4th 6-9pm.  We apologize for the last minute seminar surprise, but Prof. Crane is in town on other business and we offered to arrange this as a way to help him spread word about his unique approach to attacking the leg and sweeping unsuspecting opponents. Alberto Crane 50/Zero Guard SeminarNW Jiu Jitsu Academy942 N. 95th St.Seattle, WA.6-9pm$50
Fourth degree Alberto Crane needs no introduction to any student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu history.  One of the very first Americans to travel to Brazil to train and compete, Crane studied under “Draculino” prior to Draculino moving to the US.  A veteran of the UFC, Alberto continues to compete to this day always innovating and looking to deepen his grappling knowledge.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to train with BJJ history.