Apologies for a lengthy absence.  I have had quite a busy life and have tried to refocus and prioritize my energy and time, and quite frankly a lot of it was removing myself from the electronic hum that is such a part of our lives now days!  I am not sure how much I will be posting, but I can promise it will be the same quality you have come to expect (if anyone reads this blog any more).

Guru Jeff Davidson has released a couple new short clips on Kali counters.  You will notice a couple of things…
Firstly Jones (gentleman wearing the baseball cap) ALWAYS has his weapon/empty hand in between him and his partner.  An essential fundamental often sacrificed for power.  His partner keeps his in front about 50% of the time.
Another key element I want to highlight is the control and gentleness of the entire drill.  I have trained for years with “soft handed” Taiji “masters,” in the “gentle art” of Judo, and the “flowing” art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I have yet to meet an entire group (not just the teacher) with better control and more gentle of a touch whether it be a stick, knife, or hand.  There is no need to go hard and beat the shit out of each other.  As a matter of fact it is often counter productive to the learning process, but ego and machismo (especially in the FMA!!!) often win out leading the way to less technical practitioners and eventually teachers.