Mongolian Wrestling Seminar

Few have broken the cultural divide of Mongolia and it’s long, rich wrestling tradition. Local firefighter / martial artist Aaron Fields of Seattle Ju Jutsu / Sea Town Sambo is one of those lucky few to have traveled to Mongolia, trained with the nations top wrestlers, and be invited to compete in their annual wrestling competition (to the best of my limited knowledge he is one of the ONLY westerners to be extended this invite)! I will post more about this fascinating art later, but this is an extremely RARE opportunity to train in Mongolian style wrestling, and to learn about the rich grappling legacy of inner Asia.

SAMBO Roots clinic on Mongolian Folk Wrestling
Sea-Town Sambo and the Seattle Jujutsu Club

An American Sambo Association Seminar Series clinic

Saturday December 12th , 11 am – 3 pm (or so)

20 dollars for the day

Aaron Fields will be showing Mongolian folk wrestling technique as well as talking about the cultural background of the sport

This is as close as you are going to get without living in Mongolia!

All experience levels welcome

Clinic location:
Sea-Town Sambo/Seattle Jujutsu Club
1314 NE 56th St

Please reserve space ahead of time and feel free to contact Aaron directly with questions.

Please bring a ju jitsu/judo dogi top, kurtka, belt, shorts
The club has a limited number of loaners