Congrats BJJ, Spider & Bacon

I have no pics so this will be a lame post (I am in LA right now), but I had to send a shout out to my brother Chris “Spider” Webb who was promoted to a much deserved blue belt today!! Way to go bro, you had no idea how hard it was for me to keep my mouth shut leading up to today! You have earned it. Enjoy it while you can mi amigo, as tomorrow you start all over again;) Always remember Spider, a black belt is a white belt who never gave up.
Also wanted to say how proud I am of Team NWJJA at the Can Am’s today… Our fearless leader took 2nd in his weight and absolute. Randy “Bacon” took 1st in both his divisions, and Spider placed in his first tourney with a silver! Rumor has it the ref fucked him out of 1st, but none the less a valiant effort and roll!
Congrats guys! I will see you Tuesday night.
I want to offer a huge congrats to the following folks whom were promoted last night at the dojo. Brian does not “give” belts, they are earned at our academy. A lot of people cannot handle not getting a pat on the ass every other month and quit, but those of us who endure know the value of a rank when you earn it under Brian. Rest assured if he hands you a belt, you have been that belt for quite sometime. (I did not think to bring my camera last night, so I subbed this suitable image in lieu;)
Matt W. – Got his well deserved blue belt
Two of the best training partners I have had at the NWJJA were promoted to purple last night; Amauri, and Jason “BJJ Jesus” Wolfenshlagerstein. Both are my size and are constantly challenging me and are great partners to work with. Congrats gents, you have earned it!
Andy Wilson got his purple belt last night as well as Noelle!
Huge congrats for Denise Holcomb and Eric Montenegro for their overdue brown belts! Both Denise and Eric are shining examples of black belts both on and off the mat, and they moved one step closer to that rank with their brown belts last night!
It is great to watch those you have come up through the ranks with succeed and grow and become better and better every time you touch hands and roll! I am proud to call you brothers and sisters in the arts, and I look forward to many more great years of training with all of you.
I sparred and grappled for many a year with little to no mouth guard or any type of protection for my teeth and mouth. Put quite simply, it was stupid! God knows how much stress and damage I did to the enamel and structure of my teeth over the years.
My evolution slowly creeped to the classical “boil & bite” style mouth guards. Lured by asinine claims like “$20,000 Dental Insurance,” I thought these guards would be just fine. But as I started to use the B&B guards more I noticed afterwards my teeth and jaw would feel out of whack and sometimes sore. I got tired of feeling like this, not to mention the B&B guards are really hard to breathe with when they are in your mouth which is not good in any type of sparring.
I did a bit of research online for whom was making affordable (key word) solidly built custom mouth guards that are pressure laminated. Dentists have recommended pressure laminated made guards over vacuum made because the pressure laminated allow multiple layers and I have noticed that they allow more “play” in the way they are worn, without sacrificing protection. Smartguards Canada is one of the best I have found!
I wanted to make sure I was not getting ripped off, so I asked my family dentist about this whole process and he agreed with everything I had found regarding the pressure laminate, and explained that for the same thing it would cost $400-500 to get one done with him! He encouraged me to use Smartguards.
If you are looking for a good quality custom mouth guard (and when I say IF you are looking, I mean if you don’t already have one you need one so go order one now!) then you will be more than happy with Smartguards. If you already have a mold of your mouth you can save about $10, but otherwise they send you all the things you need to take an impression of your upper row of teeth, you send it back and within a few weeks your custom made mouth guard arrives. Not only is it a snug fit almost feeling like it is vacuum locked onto your teeth, but it also comes with your name laminated in the guard, and you can choose any color, design or logo you want. Yours truly of course got a Blackhawks logo and colors on mine. I tried to take a pic, but they came out shitty.
The Smartguard is easy to breathe through, where actually I barely notice it in my mouth. Communication is only slightly hindered. Very comfortable and easy to keep clean. Now I have not been all out socked, but I have caught several elbows and knee’s in the mouth grappling and the guard has done an amazing job thus far. I have also noticed just how much I actually clench my jaw when sparring and grappling! Something I had not noticed before. Again this guard is amazing in helping with that issue.
All in all Smartguards cost about $125 US and are worth twice that! I have seen lots of new companies who have come out since I ordered this guard, but many of them are $500- 5000!! For your average athlete in any sport these guards will work wonders. Think about a knocked out tooth will cost on average at least several thousand dollars depending on the damage! Even for me that is simple math.
Train Hard. Train Smart.Jake

World Sumo Champion Byamba has a brand new site up and running. He has training tips, video clips, as well as some of the acting roles he has partaken in. Byamba has fought professional Sumo and grown up grappling in his native Mongolia. I am hoping to connect with him and Andrew Freund of USA Sumo while visiting Tim next weekend in LA. If I do get the chance to train, and my elbow is feeling okay, I will let you all know how the training goes!
With the slaughter and the sweep of the Sharks yesterday, the Blackhawks moved onto the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 18 frickin’ years!! I figured there was no better time to unveil what could quite possibly be the coolest gi ever…

This is a red Vulkan Ultra Light gi that I had the Hawks crest sewn onto the back as well as the shoulder “C’s” which are found on the shoulders of the jersey. Vulkan gi’s are pretty much the nicest ones I have ever come across, I own three of them. For competition they are the lightest gi on the market weighing in around 3.3 pounds. My Atama belt is a third of this gi’s overall weight! (Caveat here: some tournaments such as the IBJJF run tourneys do not allow certain colored gi’s, as well as some patches and placement of patches. ALWAYS check the rules and uniform requirements.)
It is no surprise to anyone who has spent just a few minutes around me that I have a bit of a passion for hockey in general and the Hawks specifically. I have been following them since I was a kid. I have never seen them win a cup (last one 1961… yes, that is damn near 50 years ago) and have a vague memory of the 92 cup loss to the Penguins.
They have played well this year and deserve to be in the finals, and frankly I think they have all that is needed to win the cup this year. I am stoked to say the least!! So this is my official Blackhawks gi. To the best of my limited knowledge, the one and only!
Train Hard. Train Smart.Jake

Great archival footage of Nat Pendleton training boxing, wrestling, and mixing it up working striking versus grappling. Thanks to my teacher Tim for sharing this one!

Sea-Town SAMBO and The American Sambo Association is proud to announceIgor KurinnoyMerited Master of Sports

July, 24-25, 2010Seattle, Washington
Sea-Town Sambo/Seattle Jujutsu1314 NE 56th StSeattle, Washingtoncontact: Aaron Fields at [email protected]206.713.9745
A partial list of Igor’s accomplishments are:-A three time World Sambo Champion.-A Five Time Sambo World Cup Champion.-A Silver Medalist in the Sumo World Championships.-An International Judo Champion.-Owner and Director of the Borec Sports Club in Moscow, Russia.-A graduate of the world famous Sambo-70 Sports Club.-The author/creator of the Sambo for Professionals Series.
Cost $100 pre-pay150 at the door75 for one day


According to the BBC, Manny Pacquaio has agreed to a 14 day blood test if Mayweather would like to come back to the negotiating table for what could potentially be the biggest boxing draw ever! Here is the full article.
I personally would love to see the fight just to see two greats going toe to toe. I must admit my skepticism though, Pac Man has obviously juiced throughout the years (as most boxers do) and I am not sure how good he would be versus Mayweather without. But regardless I really hopethis fight happens sometime this year asMayweather has to face some serious competition before retiring “the Champ.”
Any true fan of MMA does not need to be reminded of the glory days of Pride FC when Kazushi Sakuraba (one of the best) took on the Gracie family (this will be the 5th member over 6 fights), and one can glimpse of the outcome by the moniker that Sakuraba quickly took to… the Gracie Hunter!
According to Kid Peligro, this upcoming weekend Dream 14 in Japan the hunt will continue for Sakuraba who will take on Ralek Gracie, Rorion Gracie’s son. For those of you with Verizon, it will be on HD Net. For those of you with Comcast, well… they are an evil corporate conglomerate who will do there best not to provide you with as many MMA viewing options as available in in effort to make your MMA lifestyle incomplete. Ditch Comcast and come to the Fios side!
Enjoy,JABBig thanks to Pete over at for finding this on Youtube and sharing. Following up on the Sumo Chongake post I made a few days back, here is a highlight reel of Jacare’ owning his opponents with a variation of Chongake. Jacare is considered arguably one of the best BJJ fighters alive today and is starting (very successfully) his MMA career.
Rafael Lovato Jr. is also found of this take down and showed us some of his tricks of the trade in Seaside, OR. when Brian and I visited for a seminar.
Again the amazing aspect of the martial arts is the creativity within the commonality. Every martial art has a variation of this technique and we see it set up and executed uniquely by each person, yet the physical principles are universal truth! This is why I love the martial arts!!

Grapplers Quest has announced four awesome super fights for there upcoming tournament and show in Vegas Memorial Day weekend:
Penny Thomas vs. Shayna Baszler
Hermes Franca vs. Bill “The Grill” Cooper
Jeff Glover vs. Javier“Showtime” Vazquez
Caol Uno vs. Fredson Paxaio

Obviously the unofficial theme is BJJ vs. MMA as Uno, Baszler, Franca, and Vazquez have solid established MMA career’s, where Thomas, Cooper, Glover, and Paxiao are more renown in the grappling community. These promise to be solid, fun fights! Rumor has it Takanori Gomi is fighting in the tourney and GQ is scrambling to find him a super fight opponent too!
I am jealous of any whom are attending! Most likely these fights will be more entertaining then the UFC card that weekend! We shall see.

For those of you who do not follow the links on my blog roll (look down and to the left), I got this from Kid Peligro at Robert Drysdale has announced he plans on fighting his first pro-MMA match with Armageddon Fighting Championships on July 17th. No opponent has been announced yet.
Drysdale is one of BJJ / Submission Grapplings outstanding heavyweights with multiple World titles, as well as 2007 3rd place heavyweight, and winner of the absolute divisions at the prestigious Abu Dhabi’s! Not to mention he has amazingly hot students he demonstrates on:

Last week while visiting my broski Shadow, my timing just so worked out that I would have an opportunity to take a 3 hour seminar with Pan Am Silver Medalist Abmar Barbosa. Just a week away from the Pan Am’s, Abmar paid a visit to 50-50 Jiu Jitsu and Ryan Hall in DC.
The lesson started a bit late, but in all fairness went well over the 3 hours we were scheduled to have. Abmar wasted no time getting right into some of his favorite positions and techniques he has had success with competing against the likes of Kron Gracie and other world champions! Abmar is a heavyweight and from the few opportunities he came over and demonstrated on Shadow and myself, he really seems to know how to use his pressure. Some of the finer pointers I took away were:
– Drawing your knee up when in side control. He said for control do not dissipate your weight over four limbs, but rather pin with head control, stay on your toes anddraw a knee in to either block the hips or shoulders from turning in.
– When passing with the under hooked leg, reach to your opponents cross lapel palm DOWN, not up. Up is weaker and leaves you susceptible to wrist locks (I am not sure why he mentioned this to us only…) and/or getting your hand caught in an awkward position (ask me in class guys I will show you what I mean).
Over the following 3 hours we worked a bevy of things and there seemed to be no congruent pattern or overall theme. We worked 1/2 guard, reverse De La Riva Guard, full guard, etc. and it seemed like we were all over the place.
Something I have noticed with many BJJ practitioners who are amazing competitors, is that they are not always able to convey the info as well as they would like. Abmar’s skills are not in question by any means, but this seminar was all over the place, and with a room full of (about 20 participants) white and blue belts this becomes confusing and the retention rate really starts to dive bomb.
And it is not that the positions were impossible or fancy, a couple were, but overall they were good techniques, but it became very hard to recall what we went through even right after the seminar. Abmar has some great stuff to show, is a super nice guy, but in the future I think it would behoove him to organize the lesson plans a little bit more in an effort to show us some sound principle based mechanics on his favorite techniques.
Many thanks to Abmar for the seminar, Ryan Hall and 50-50 for hosting, and of course my bud Mike for putting up with my dumb ass for a week!
Play Guard For Life.Jake
Sorry embedding was not available for this clip, but here is the clip of Asasekiryu doing a pulling heel hook on Wakanosato at the May Sumo Basho. Called a Chongake in Sumo. Rarely seen in Sumo this technique is similar to a ankle pick in wrestling, and is quite a common move seen in Judo, as well as Northern Mantis.

Just launched BJJ Weekly seems chock full of potential with interesting tutorials, product reviews on Shoyaroll (which seem hard to find as of late) gi’s, training tips, and even recipes (check out the protein pancakes Shadow!)! Best part of the whole deal… it’s free! So check it out when you get the chance.
Train Hard. Train Smart.JABI am pleased to be a part of the 2010 Martial University in Sumner, WA. this year. Martial U is where instructors from various backgrounds come together and offer a whole day of learning opportunities for local martial artists. For those seeking out deeper knowledge, or for those looking to get involved with the martial arts, this event offers the opportunity to try out various teachers and styles all the while helping out a worthy cause. All proceeds go to the families of the slain Lakewood officers.
June 19th, 2010 8am-3pm (registration at the door 7:45)Sumner High SchoolSumner, WA.
$35 pre registration$50 day of
Book signing at lunch by Kris Wilder & Philip Starr
For more info contact:Mark Hachey[email protected]253-445-1495
Instructors include:Jake Burroughs – Ground Proofing SeminarsKris Wilder – Judo / Goju RyuPhil Starr – Yi Li QuanTodd Durgan – KenpoRestita Dejesus – TaijiShabir Ramzan – SilatBrian King – Systema
Allen Pittman is just short of a legend in the Chinese martial community. Being a student of Robert Smith he was one of the first to appear in an English language book on the arts of Xing Yi, and Bagua.
Recently Pittman has produced a series of DVDs on Bagua, two of which offer a survey of the various palm changes found amongst different families of Bagua (Chen Pan Ling, Wang Shu Chin, Gao I Sheng, and others).
The first volume covers 1-5 palm changes, running 52 minutes at costs $45!
The second volume covers the remaining palm changes 6-8, running 26 minutes and is $25!
These DVDs are home made on Mac software and are as clear as one could expect for being filmed with a handheld in a backyard somewhere. The audio offers nothing as Pittman is not miced up.
This is NOT a professionally made instructional DVD, and I do not think that was ever the intent. It seems to me this was made with his students in mind to offer a reference for their studies.
Each of the mother palm changes is shown multiple times, along with a few basic applications for each change. I am certainly no authority on Bagua but one of the main reasons I wanted to check these DVDs out was for his take on Sun Bagua, which I do study. On the DVD Pittman states he learned a “variation” of Sun Bagua via Rose Li. Apparently this “variation” is quite a variation as the Sun Bagua (both form & application) he shows looks NOTHING like the Bagua I have learned from Tim, who learned from the creators daughter Sun Jian Yun.
As for the other systems I cannot comment as I do not study those families of Bagua. In regards to the applications I can say that some were good solid basics illustrating the foundational throws, strikes, kicks, and locks of Bagua. But as is the case with some teachers there were a bevy of applications that would most likely get someone’s head stomped in if they attempted said moves.
I must say it was a very interesting idea that few others have done in terms of showing the various similarities and subtle differences each sub art offers. Obviously one will not learn anything from these DVDs, which again I do not think is Pittman’s intent (though it would be nice if he stated that on his site), but if you are a student looking for variations, or you want to see what “flavor” fits you best you may want to check these titles out. My only criticism on that note is the cost of these titles. $45 for a DVD of this level and quality is too much in my humble opinion. Your average instructional DVDs professionally produced run $30-60. To charge more than $10-15 for these titles is greedy.
While visiting my bro “Shadow” in DC I decided to time it with one of the area’s biggest tournaments the Copa Nova in Ashburn, VA. Anytime I travel I try to coordinate my travels with opportunities to learn and grow as a martial artist and a human. This trip I lucked out and was able to both compete and to train a seminar with Abmar Barbosa (more on that later).

The tournament director announced over 300 competitors from child through master levels. Few belts higher than blue attended that I saw, but some decent matches none the less. Admirably they have adopted 98% (I never heard what 2% was missing) of the IBJJF’s rules. Many local tournaments are heading in this direction which I think has both positives and negatives (again, more on that later). But one positive aspect is the elimination of rules meetings which inevitably eat up TONS of time before tournaments! You are responsible for understanding the rules prior to coming to the tourney.

Here on the east coast I guess they do no gi first then move on to gi competition. I was not aware of this, as on the west coast it is flip flopped. No biggie though as I signed up for both.

Naturally not a god damned thing started on time. I literally sat around for 6 fucking hours waiting for my first match. I must say this has gotten really, REALLY old in my young career. IBJJF gives you times that your division will start, and in my experience (only two official events) they are pretty close (within a 1/2 hour). Not knowing when you go forces you to try to balance staying warm and loose while not wasting energy. Up and down, up and down gets screws with your body and mind.

A total of 8 mats were available, but (again, on par) at any given time there were as many as 6 (no not a typo) that were stagnant and down with ref’s and time keepers playing titley winks (how do you spell that???). This is par for the course even in WA. where the Revolution usually only has 6 mats and 1/2 are often down for up to 20 minutes!!

Around 2pm I was warming up (again) on the side of the mat waiting for my division to be announced to be on deck. I was not totally warm, but not cool. I flew in the previous afternoon but jet lag had not hit yet, though I was stiff. I was starting to get hungry even though I had eaten and munched on some protein bars from home (homemade, not the store bought crap!). When all of the sudden out of nowhere I hear a ref yell my name. “What the….” (fill in the blank) is what I mutter to Shadow.

I go to the ref, and he says “You’re up.”
“Sir, no one called our division yet.”
“I know, we are squeezing you guys in right now.”

Fuck me, no prep time, or perhaps too much prep time. Oh well, on the street you have no time to prep for an altercation, man up and put your big girl panties on Jake!

Long story short(ish)…
I am squared up against a young kid who is a bit chubby but strong. We scramble about four or five times sweeping each other in a flury (no one gets points). He ends up in side control. No problem I think, I have really been working on the subtleties of my Ballard Bridge Sweep, so I start to work to set it up (sorry kids, not letting you on to my secrets. It is bad enough 1/2 the academy has figured it out!). He falls for the bait, but as I sweep him he transitions smoothly, I have underestimated my opponent (fatal). He moves to the other side of me maintaining side control and immediately wipes my arm away with his head into a key lock. I try to escape… then shit hits the fan… I hear three distinct tears (much like celery being broken), and tap!

My opponent was super cool and stopped immediately but it was too late, my arm was hurting. He heard it as did the ref who immediately asked if I need a doc. I said no, I am fine (sorta hurt at this point). My opponent is apologizing and I reassure him he has nothing to apologize for (again the awesome brotherhood and camaraderie of BJJ shines through), it was a great key lock and the injury is my own fault.

Lessons learned:
– Get warm and stay warm. If local tournaments cannot maintain decent schedules don’t support them.

– When you are caught just tap. Not worth it in the end. My ego caught me and taught me a lesson.

– I am a true believer that pain is in our life to teach us. I learn a lot from pain (emotional, physical, mental) and use it to grow. I have already learned a lot from this (most likely my most serious injury other than a couple of rib injuries I have had, which I do not consider too major).

– Get on top as soon as possible and maintain position. Dominant positioning is paramount in BJJ (all martial arts really). I have fucked around too much the last couple of tourneys. Not aggressive enough!

Not too wax too much woo woo shit here, but I had a strong premonition for over a month that I would get hurt at this tourney. Shadow asked why I still competed (and berated me for not telling him prior). Simple answer… because this was my fate. I needed this lesson. I will grow stronger because of this.

Overall it was an okay tourney. The lack of medical staff is a serious concern. Paramedics NEED to be on site. Makes one wonder if they even had insurance! Obviously I did not go on to compete that day ($80 down the tube). I did not have faith in my arm to continue in the gi and absolute divisions. After the adrenaline kicked down I realized I made the right decision.

Not to worry folks… I immediately began my rehab protocol of 12 ounce (actually Stella is only 11.2) curls when I came back. The arm is in decent shape. I only tore the ligaments, no ruptures. I tested the arm out last night at the seminar with Barbosa and it was touchy but good. I will be back in the academy Thursday night when I get home.

Hopefully some of you can learn from this,

Last week our coach Brian (Mr BJJ) was on a well deserved vacation, and like anytime he is away the senior students all step up and help out covering classes ensuring everything runs smoothly and the classes experience no interruption. It is always refreshing to get different perspectives and ideas from the various students, as this is how we all grow as martial artists. Korbett, Eric, Denise, and Chicken Wing (yeah you Mike) all brought something different to the table that gave all of us different looks at BJJ. Eric gave us a great warm up and started the class with some light and technical rolling which I felt was a great way to get the blood pumping.

The one shining star was Johnny Fu with his Fu Jitsu on Monday night. Johnny had written out on 3×5 cards the previous evening various “handicaps” accompanied by a goal. For example: you must keep your dominant hand in a fist and finish a darce in free rolling. Now obviously ones partner had a different card. We picked new cards each round making sure everyone got different cards then the previous round.

In my humble opinion this was great! Johnny has a knack for making us think outside the box of conventional martial arts. These types of restrictions (for lack of a better term at 1 in the AM) forces us to approach our art in a different manner, which in turn forces one to become creative. Was it easy? No. Did the handicap work smoothly? Of course not. Many did not match up with what our partners goals were, but that is the frickin’ point!! We had to adjust and move differently, just like BJJ!! Brilliant class Johnny! The academy will suffer when you leave us brother.

And with the positive of course comes the negative. It seems like some students have an attitude that if Brian is not teaching then they do not have to show up to class. What these students fail to realize is that though Brian is certainly the captain of our ship, it takes more than just a great teacher to make an academy. We are no greater than the parts that make up the academy, so when students ditch classes because a black belt is not there it only weakens the academy as a whole. This is frustrating especially to those who are training to compete! Not to mention it obviously makes those students all the weaker in their game, and really shows some true colors of their attitude and approach to training.

So for those who were at the academy all week training hard and helping me prepare for the Copa Nova I want to offer my heartfelt thanks! I was all the better because of you and your efforts. For those who decided their time was better spent elsewhere, well… what can I say … your selfish approach to the arts will only make your progress stagnant in the grand scheme of things.

Train Hard. Train Smart.

School of Budo Proud to be hosting

CECIL BURCH – July 17 & 18, 2010

Please join us for this unique opportunity to study and train under BJJ black belt and CMD master instructor Cecil Burch.

Cecil Burch has been pursuing his passion for Martial Arts since he was 16. After studying Shotokan, Kenpo, and Tae Kwon Do, he moved to Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts under Dan Inosanto and Paul Vunak. Cecil was one of Vunak’s first certified Full Instructors. In 1990, he began extensive study in Savate under Salem Assli. He also spent time learning Muay Thai and a number of different Pentjak Silat systems.

In 1994 he began training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with Megaton Dias. Cecil is currently a black belt under Megaton and has competed extensively. Including the 2010 Pan-Am as the Bronze Medalist (as a black belt), 2009 American National Gold (brown belt – super heavyweight) & Silver medal (brown belt – absolute division), and the 2006 Pan-Am gold medal (purple belt).

In 2003, he started training with Rodney King, creator of the Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) boxing system. Cecil was one of the original people authorized by Rodney to begin teaching CMD in 2005 and was a founding member of PCWA (Performance Coaching World Alliance), the umbrella group of CMD trainers. He is currently one of the four highest-level CMD trainers in the world.

Cecil has been conducting seminars for the past few years and enjoys passing on whatever he can to anyone interested in functional fighting arts.


Times and Class Blocks:


Sat, July 17, 10:00 AM – 12:30PM – Fundamental building blocks of CMD – philosophy and reasoning behind the method, basic defensive platform, footwork, basic offense, core drilling and training

Sat July 17, 2:00 – 4:30PM – Streamlining BJJ for non-attribute based street self-defense – surviving, defending, and escaping from the bottom

Sun July 18, 9:00 – 11:30AM – Building on baseline CMD and focusing on applications and drilling/sparring


Location: School of Budo – 7506 N Chicago Avenue, Portland OR 97203

Cost: $80 for EBR dojo members / $100 for non-members


We are limiting the seminar to 20 participants so please reserve your spot as early as possible.

For questions please contact – Michael Selin 503-705-5275 / [email protected]

Thanks to Marks Daily Apple for the following article from Scientific American. It looks like carbs are starting to be recognized as the evil we should avoid in our diets, not saturated fats like we have been led to believe for the past three decades. Those who follow Primal dietary guidelines will not be surprised by this, but those of you still digesting that bread from last night might find some of this article eye opening.
Read the full article here!
Enjoy,JABThanks to Robert Drysdale for the footage of his BB Abmar Barbosa schooling young black belt Kron Gracie at the 2010 Pan Am’s! Nice rolling brother! 11-0 was the final.
Looks like I get the chance to train with Abmar next week when I visit DC. I will let you all know what the experience is like when I get back.
WOW! Thanks to Roy Dean for finding this one. 2009 Grapplers Quest Absolute Final between Bill “The Grill” Cooper and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. This is a dandy guys and girls! precise grips and movements by both fighters, which leads into a number of submission attempts, and escapes. Truly one of the best examples of BJJ one can find on line.

Thanks to Scrappy Phil for sending this my way.