DVD Review – “Combat Sambo: Dynamic Entries” by Reilly Bodycomb

Following in the footsteps of his excellent two part Leg Locks tutorial (should be considered the new “bible” for leg locks IMHO), Reilly Bodycomb has just introduced his latest release “Dynamic Entries.”  To the best of this reviewers knowledge this is the first instructional DVD to specifically address some of grappling’s high flying fancy techniques, subs, and entries.  Aoki and Imanari include some crazy moves on their respective DVDs, but not to the extent of Bodycomb.  Asked what his impetus was with creating such a DVD; “Flying Arm bars are awesome!”  ‘Nuff said!

A Combat Sambo student of Steve Koepfer out of NYC, Reilly’s approach is multifaceted in that he is not just a grappler, but also does stand up striking and MMA.  Throughout the DVD the student is taught via a self defense / fighting framework.  Certainly the majority of the moves will work in grappling only environments, but being from Combat Sambo Reilly addresses defensive techniques against kicks, covers from punches, as well as specific collar ties.  Students of all backgrounds will benefit from this DVD regardless of your style or approach!

Organized in nine easy to navigate chapters, “Dynamic Entries” flows in a very easy to follow progression from Kick Counters – Overhook Entrances – Underhook – Collar Tie (Muay Thai Plum) – Guillotine – Dynamic Shots – Takedown Counters – Leg Control Simplified – The Knot, ending with a rolling credit page which highlights Reilly nailing some of these crazy entries and subs in competition footage!

Here is a sample entry:

As you can see Reilly’s instruction is clear, concise, and precise even when teaching something as crazy as this move made famous by Masakazu Imanari (shown at :06 of this highlight):

Demonstrating the technique at full speed first, then showing multiple angles and repetitions as Reilly is instructing in a voice over make this DVD super easy to follow at home with a training partner.  I really liked the black mat background, but I would have liked to have seen Reilly in one color and his partner in another just to make it easy to see whose leg goes where, especially in crazy leg tie up submissions like The Knot.

The video is shot from one camera angle and is clear and stable.  Reilly does a great job ensuring many different angles are presented, as well as using stop action frames so the student can see progressively how the technique is done.  This is an absolute necessity when shooting something like Flying Arm bars and their ilk.  Unlike submissions in the guard where one can demonstrate slowly and methodically, most flying techniques are at the mercy of gravity, so stop action filmography is a must and Reilly and his crew nail it!

As mentioned previously the audio is voice over instruction so their is no garbled rustling around with mics on uniforms, and no do overs when someone misses a line, or gets jumbled up.  In my opinion this is the way to go with instructional’s and I am not sure why others do not follow this line of thinking.   DVD creators take note, use “Dynamic Entries” as a template for projects projects.

The score for this DVD has to be given a huge shout out since it is reminiscent of 80’s video games taking us back to the high flying Donkey King and Mario Bros. days!    8 – Bit music provided by Mark Denardo.

Overall this DVD is much more than just entries, though the focus remains on bridging the gap and getting hold of your opponent.   Students of stand up as well as ground based systems will benefit from these techniques as Reilly covers a wide spectrum:

Kick Counters – Leg catches and follow up submissions from round kick and push kick defenses.  Leg locks are an obvious right off the bat when catching kicks.  Not only does Reilly guide us through the take down, but also the quick leg attack; “The best submission is the fastest!”

Overhook – Defensive entry followed by teaching the legendary Victor Roll (you will see this throughout the DVD so pay attention) as well as high percentage take downs into side control positions.

Underhook – Again working a defensive entry into tying up the under hook.  I like this approach as it is comprehensive and usable immediately in self defense situations by students.  All too often instructionals show one aspect of a technique, but if the student does not know how to get into that exact position… well then it all becomes superfluous!  This is where Reilly shows quite possibly the awesomest (yes, yes, I did!) technique ever: Flying Head Scissor.  “The flying head scissor is about as awesome as it sounds!” – Bodycomb

Collar Tie – Offering six various techniques including a detailed tutorial on tightening up your triangles, this is a great chapter for budding MMA fighters!  I also appreciate that Reilly offers sound warnings and advice on avoiding injuries with high flying techniques and dangerous takedowns such as scissor takedowns and the like.  Shows the maturity of a coach who has been there and done that, even at such a  young age.

Guillotine – This chapter meshes well with the previous offering a detailed tutorial (and a variation I have never seen) on the Guillotine along with flying arm bars and rolling shoulder locks.

Dynamic Shots – Reilly is renown for his crazy entries usually ending up badly for his opponent’s knee, foot, or ankle.  When I met him at NAGA World’s last December he enthusiastically came running up to show me his 25 second heel hook he just nailed!  Here is him breaking down several of those entries.  Valuable unto itself!

Takedown Counters – Here is the meat and potatoes of the DVD showcasing seven different technique flows, but the gold is in the details.  Reilly offers so many little tidbits of info even discussing his opponents takedown attempts in detail.  These are all scenarios one could end up in such as attempted double legs, caught kicks, as well as reverse Victor Rolls.

Leg Control Simplified – If you do not own Bodycomb’s two volume leg lock bible, this chapter will convince you of it’s value!  Reilly offers great advice on how to control your opponents free leg when attacking his other foot.  A topic very few have covered, and none of them as thorough as Reilly.

The Knot – Carrying on from the previous chapter, the Knot is a leg tie up position that needs to be seen to be understood!  Variations including Reilly’s favorite The Love Knot are also explored.  Besides the lesson on tying the knot, the submission chain, and leg attack defense elements of this chapter are invaluable.

Just in case you did not know who this young grappler is….

“Dynamic Entries” is a great addition to any martial artists library.  I caution newbies with trying a lot of these techniques out as they could end badly for both you and your training partner!  Train hard, but train smart!   Reilly has a great sense of humor and is very humble considering his depth of knowledge in the art of Sambo.  He is currently training out of Guy Mezger’s gym in Dallas, TX. and is available for seminars and workshops.

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