Biegler Blade Works – Kutlery for Kali

imageThanks to the Guv for turning me onto  Biegler Bladeworks site.  Always happy to help spread word about fellow Pekiti Tirsia Kali players, especially ones that produce beautiful pieces like Mr. Biegler does.  Though a bit pricey I am sure they are worth every penny, look at the meticulous custom design work.  In the near future I will solicit Biegler for a blade to review on the Ground Never Misses and we will see just how tight these blades are, but in the meantime check out their gallery page and keep the drooling to a minimum!
UPDATE: Just got an email from Brian, he will be sending out a blade or two later this year for an exclusive review on The Ground Never Misses!  Stay tuned!

For those in the Seattle, WA. area interested in learning how to use / defend against one of these beauties, hit me up for Pekiti Tirsia Kali lessons ([email protected]).