Lovin’ the Half Guard

The Half Guard is one of the most dynamic and evolving positions in the whole pantheon of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Developed by Roberto ‘Gordo’ Correa (I did not know this previously) as a way of dealing with a knee injury that prevented him from working his closed guard, the half guard is arguably one of the premier positions in grappling today.  Our grand coach Rigan Machado has been developing a lot of half guard material over the past couple years including the variations such as deep half, and inverted half guard.

So when I perused Dan Faggella’s blog “Science of Skill” this morning with my coffee in  hand I was quite pleased to find a short interview and link to Danny Ives’ new site “Bjj Halfguard” which as you can probably discern is dedicated solely to BJJ’s Half Guard.  Being one of my favorite positions to both work and be in, I am elated to share his blog with you and am eager to check out what Danny has to offer on his forthcoming DVD series.

Check out the interview “BJJ Half Guard for Non-Athlete’s by clicking here!

A student of Lloyd Irvin Danny is renown for his Half Guard work, check out this video of him teaching a basic no gi sweep: