93 Guard with Denis Kang

What’s in a name?  Here is a clip of BJJ black belt Denis Kang showing some variations of what he calls the “93” guard (no clue why).  I have heard this open guard position called many different things, but regardless of the nomenclature he showcases some solid, crisp, sweeps and submissions here!  I am not sure if this is a promo for an upcoming DVD or what, but it is nicely produced and executed. Thanks to DSTRYSG  for sharing this clip.  Study on this:

For those of you ignorant to Denis Kang, he is one of the Pacific NW’s fighting pioneers.  Hailing from British Columbia, Kang has fought in every major fight organization one can name: K-1 / UFC / Pride / Pancrase / M-1 Global / Dream / Hero’s…. I mean, seriously, do I need to go on!?!  One year younger then me and in those few short decades he has amassed a record of 34-15-2, with 16 wins coming via submission!

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