Journal of Asian Martial Arts Special Edition

imageI am honored to be presenting an article on clinch fighting from the Chinese martial arts perspective in the latest issue of Journal of Asian Martial Arts along with some of the most revered names in martial arts such as; Kevin Secours / Steve Koepfer / Leon Jay / Llyr Jones / Yun Zhang and Dave Lowry.  Sadly this will be the final issue of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.  Unfortunately it has become too expensive to continue on with such little support from the general public.
I feel especially honored to be featured alongside my teacher Yang Shu Ton (Tony Yang) offering a piece on Baji, my kung fu uncle Ilya Profatilov (Praying Mantis), and my friend Joy Chaudhuri whom has been training Wing Chun under Augustine Fong in Arizona since before I was alive!!!!!

This 200 page special edition is due to hit the printer this week so look for it to be available in the coming weeks online at Go Via Media.  This article will feature exclusive photographs from DKB Images

This is a sad day, but one we should get used to as print media is slowly breathing it’s last kiai.  I have noticed a trend in modern martial arts publications of poor writing skills and a general inability to convey even the simplest of concepts and theories.

I want to thank Michael DeMarco and the JAMA for years of excellent writing and sharing of all things martial.  Quality was the upmost standard by which the journal ran, and like a true warrior Michael was not going to sacrifice quality in an effort to keep it going.  Farewell my friend and thank you.