Rigan Knows Best – Open Mat Radio Interview Episode 40


Our boys over at Open Mat Radio posted their Rigan Machado interview this evening, where they talked about everything from Rolls Gracie, to the toughest competitors, to De La Riva guard, to reality TV, to the popularity of foot locks in Brazil back in the day!  You do not want to miss this historic interview!  And when Rigan inspires you to hit the mat don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime this October with the 5 Brothers Camp in Dallas, TX.

Click here to listen to Rigan’s epic interview on Open Mat Radio!




Big congrats to NWJJA very own Scott Stillwell on taking silver in the purple middle weight division at the Oregon Open yesterday!  Also a shout out to Stache Webb who fought valiantly and from what I here Phil was a coaching fool all day!

It sounds like you guys had a great time and in the end that is all that matters.  I look forward to helping you dissect your game on the mat in the coming weeks.

Cheers brothers,

imageWow their is A LOT going on this final weekend in September here in the Pac NW!  First and foremost want to wish my brother-in-stache Spider best of luck at the Oregon Open down in Portland, OR.  He will be fighting blue belt medium heavy.  Kick ass, learn something, and most of all have fun!

imageWhile you are down in Portland make sure to check out Tim Cartmell and Asa Fuller’s seminar at Ecole de Budo.  Starting Friday night, Tim and Asa will be showing techniques from all ranges of combat both gi and no gi.

And if you are not able to make it down to the Rose City, the one and only Rener Gracie will be here in the Emerald City throughout the weekend starting with a back mount mastery seminar tonight, then doing mount mastery and his bully-proof program for kids tomorrow.

Great opportunities to learn and grow for grapplers of all levels.

Train Hard.  Play Hard.


Opinions vary about Eddie Bravo, mostly stemming from his advocacy of the use of marijuana, but having trained with Eddie on several occasions their are two things that cannot be argued about him:

1) Eddie ALWAYS gives props and credit where it is due!  His admiration for coach Jean Jacques Machado is unquestionable.

2) Eddie’s eye and understanding of the game of BJJ is much underrated in my humble opinion! Many have touted Eddie’s excellent commentary in early UFCs, but really his understanding of the grappling game is where he shines.

Both of these elements can be seen in the following clip from a recent seminar with Eddie.  Listen to what Eddie has to say about his coach Jean Jacques Machado and the development of the overhook – butterfly hook game.  He is spot on!  The Machado’s have developed SO many aspects of the art we study each night, yet you rarely hear their name brought up.  Check this out:

imageimageI am very pleased to announce that 8th degree Professor Rigan Machado will be the featured guest on Open Mat Radio this Sunday!  An exclusive interview with one of the most decorated grapplers still teaching and sharing the mat with students the world over.  Not only has Rigan lived and made BJJ history, but the truth be known he is honestly one of the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet with a wicked good sense of humor.  Richard and the crew at Open Mat run a great show so make sure you check out the interview when it is posted Sunday.imageWhile we are on the subject of the Machado brothers, make sure you sign up today for the Machado 5 Brothers Camp before tuition increases in a couple weeks!  This is a classic opportunity to get on the mat and train with all the brothers Carlos, Roger, Rigan, Jean Jacques, and John.

Keep posted to The Ground Never Misses for some really exciting news including Carlos Machado’s first book, an exciting exclusive interview in BJJ Style magazine, and a super huge announcement soon to come!

Also start planning for Rigan’s visit to the Emerald City January 19th, 2013!  More info to come as we get closer to the date.

Train Hard.  Play Hard.

The camaraderie we build on the mat with our brothers and sisters when training is something that cannot easily be put into words.  Something about sharing blood, sweat, and tears that builds strong friendships, mmmmmm, scratch that… strong brother-ships if you will.

I have been with Brian and the NWJJA for over 6 years now and one of the people that I stepped onto the mat with is Mark Mestel.  Not only is Mark an all around nice guy (I know… I was surprised to see this from a Michigan grad too!!), but he also is one of the most successful defense lawyers in the state.  And this past summer Mark was honored with arguably one of the most prestigious awards in law.

Sorry, pic does not do justice!

The WM O Douglas award is presented for extraordinary courage and dedication to the practice of criminal law, by the WA Assoc. of Criminal defense lawyers.  Pretty much means Mark is top pig in the pen, and one of the best in the nation.  Oh, and this is an award that is voted on and Mark received a rare unanimous vote!

I still remember the kind words you shared with me when you came and watched me fight a couple years back.  The encouragement and support you shared will never be forgotten.  I am honored to call you a friend and brother!

Congrats Mark,

Dr. Jameth Sheridan of Health Force Nutritionals has just released his Warrior Force line of supplements geared directly towards athletes of all facets, but especially those involved in combat sports such as martial arts, football, lacrosse, Judo, boxing, etc.  I am very excited to be offering some exclusive reviews of the full Warrior Force line including Warrior Food Extreme today.

imageWarrior Food is the hub of the Warrior Force line acting as much more then just a protein supplement with Spirulina blue-green algae helping support kidney and the immune system functions, as well as an extensive enhancement blend that is 100% vegan / raw / organic / gluten free / including no GMO’s!  The protein source is completely non-animal (NO WHEY!!) based sprouted brown rice, and hemp.  To be honest on paper this line of supplements is arguably the most complete product line that has been made readily available whereas Dr. Sheridan has thought of everything from packaging in 100% recyclable materials, to ensuring each jar has gone through a complete Energenesis Energetic Enhancement.

I found the best medium to mix your Warrior Food in is almond milk, I prefer chocolate.  Not only is almond milk non-dairy, but it is packed full of nutrients and mixes easily with the Warrior Food.  The Warrior Food line comes in natural / vanilla / chocolate flavors, where in my biased opinion chocolate is the best.  There does seem to be a slight chalk taste throughout the flavor profile but both me and my friend Karliss who tried out a sample thought that coffee helped buffer some of the bitter.  As with anything personal taste can take on many different profiles and I suggest experimenting with various liquids and additives.

Warrior Food does contain BCAA’s which are beneficial for post recovery workouts and I felt the most bang for your buck was consuming a post workout shake with WF in it.  But I also felt that taking WF prior to my rolling and teaching of classes left me feeling full enough not to be bothered with hunger, yet not feeling bogged down or sluggish.  Certainly no “sloshing” feeling!  Either way WF certainly lives up to its billing of being a no nonsense vegan alternative to whey based supplements, and in the health conscious Pacific NW these types of supplements are becoming more and more popular with vegan’s, and vegetarian’s.

Click here to be linked to Warrior Force’s complete line where you can buy anything from a trial size to a 1000 gram bottles for $59.98!  Make sure to check back here at The Ground Never Misses for more Warrior Force reviews.

Train Hard.  Play Hard.
Jake B.

imageI wanted to take a moment to wish all my Pekiti Tirsia Kali brothers best of luck this weekend as they fight the Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack Summer 2012!  Kick ass and take names!

And for those of you in the Seattle area who are interested in training some Pekiti Tirsia Kali come join us at Three Harmonies Martial Arts on Wednesday’s at 7:15 and Saturday’s at 12noon.  (classes held at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy: 942 N 95th St. Seattle, WA.)

Here is a clip from 2011’s European Gathering of the Pack:

No better way to spend your afternoon then training with the best in the PAC NW, Brian “Mr BJJ” Johnson!  Go check it out in west Seattle.image
Just wanted to let you all know that I also offer private lessons for those interested in improving certain aspects of their game, gaining strength and conditioning, as well as troubleshooting.  Several of my group students have taken private lessons with me and seen their game jump astronomically.
imageCall or email today to schedule a lesson!  206-941-3232 / [email protected]
Some things I can help you with when training one on one, or with a small group:

  • Weight Loss
  • Striking improvement
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Clinch Work
  • Pekiti Tirsia Kali
  • Strength & Conditioning Specifically Geared Towards Martial Arts
  • Chinese Martial Arts

I have over 20 years of training behind me and I still train and learn to this day as a purple belt in BJJ under my coach Brian Johnson.  I also meet with my teacher Tim Cartmell out of So Cal as often as I can, often when I am visiting Los Angeles to compete in grappling tournaments.
I look forward to helping you meet your goals via the path of a martial artist.

Train Hard.  Play Hard.
Jake Burroughs

John Will is one of my great inspirations both on and off the mat.  I have had the pleasure of training with him over the past 6 years and I must say he is one of the most impressive martial artists / coaches I have ever come across.  One of the things that impresses me most is his humble approach to the arts.  For instance he just shared the following post on whom he considers the most impressive martial artists still alive, in no particular order:

8th degree Rigan Machado

– Rigan Machado: his insight into the nuances of BJJ goes beyond anyone else I know – and I know some of the best. I have witnessed him tying up and tapping out world champions – seemingly, without effort.
– John Smith: perhaps someone only the wrestling community would know. My favourite American freestyle wrestler – current USA coach. Amazing competitive record and all-round takedown genius.
– Richard Norton one of the best martial artists on the planet. All-round paragon of excellence – the person who taught me never to accept mediocrity. An amazingly proficient martial artist.

John Smith 2x Olympian / 4x world champ

-David Meyer: a great martial artist whose moral compass is set to true north. Once he came to realize that there was a better and more complete style of Jiu Jitsu down the road, he not only closed his school but suggested that all his students go and join up. David is an inspirational being.
– Marcelo Garcia: not only does he have extraordinary skill in BJJ but he is an all-round nice guy, driven by passion and joy, and seemingly without a nasty bone in his body. A smiling virtuoso.

L-R: David Meyer / Chubby Jake / Mr. BJJ / John Will

Now … having just named those awesome martial artists – I must say that there are also many, many others that come to mind. Each brings something unique to the martial arts landscape … and it is an imaginary amalgam of this large collection of inspirational figures that should serve as a kind of archetypal guide for each of us as we strive forward in our efforts to be better than we currently are … JBW

Truly an inspiration that at John’s level and rank he still find inspiration in those around him and gives credit always where it is due!


imageYou have heard me rant and rave about Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine before, and if you have yet to subscribe then I truly don’t know what you are waiting for.  The latest issue should be motivator enough though, chock full of great articles including an exclusive interview with our very own coaches coach John Will!  Check out a couple of snippets I took of the excellent interview where Will offers insight into how he got started in BJJ, why he chose Rigan Machado as a coach, and his thoughts on a number of issues.
Renown for his teaching skills, check out what John has to say about the keys to a good seminar (which his are some of the best BTW):image
And few know that John Will is one of the infamous Dirty Dozen of BJJ (first 12 non-Brazilians to earn the rank of black belt).  Below is the most comprehensive list I have seen!

To read the entire interview log onto Jiu Jitsu Style and download the latest issue.  I stand fast by my statement that it is THE premier grappling magazine on the market!

imageimageFor those of you in the DFW area looking to experience a full MMA training camp make sure to the Colony Location September 20-24 for a great week of training with Carlos and John Machado, Willie Thompson, Even Thompson, and more!imageNeoCell’s latest product to make a splash in the nutritional supplement pool is their Hyaluronic Blueberry Acid, a proprietary blend of several fruits that is both tasty and affordable!   Hyaluronic acid (HA) has been shown to improve the lubrication in joints, reduce “floaters” often found in the eyes, as well as aiding in viscoelasticity of the skin.

Jean at NeoCell was kind enough to send me a bottle of HA which contained a months worth of daily tablespoon dosages.  Great tasting and ease of going down make this a no brainer every morning.  Those suffering from acid reflux or with sensitive stomachs may want to buffer with something a bit less acidic, but overall I felt NeoCell’s HA is excellent.

I thought I would feel the most effects on my joints, but to be honest the one thing I have noticed, or rather not noticed, is “floaters” in my eyes.  Of course fresh natural blueberries are always preferred, but in those long winter months it is nice to have access to a supplement as affordable and accessible as NeoCell’s HA!  Pharmacist Suzy Cohen lays out some of the benefits of blueberrys.  And here is an article on the health benefits of blueberries in Life Extension magazine.

NeoCell’s Hyaluronic Acid can be purchased by clicking this link!

WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  Thanks to Reilly Bodycomb for sharing this gem of a clip from the 2012 Paralympics Judo tourney.  Absolutely some of the best Judo I have ever seen, and hands down the finest showing of newaza (ground work) in any of the 2012 Olympics!

I would love to train with a blind grappler, as their approach would be so unique and I think they would be able to give me a new approach to training.

I just wanted to thank the networks of the world for not finding enough advertising revenue and value in the athletes who TRULY have had to fight against insurmountable odd’s just to do what most of us take for granted,  to televise much of any of the Paralympics!

And here is a list from The BJJ Mind of the Twelve Lessons Jiu Jitsu Teaches, though I would say ANY grappling system will teach you all the same lessons:

  1. If it were always easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.
  2. Challenges make us stronger.
  3. Adopting a positive mindset will make the journey easier.
  4. There is always more to learn.
  5. Problems can have more than one solution, and questions can have more than one answer.
  6. The simplest solution is the best.
  7. It feels good when you know what you are doing.
  8. You are your greatest opponent.  Conquer fears, laziness, excuses and negativity.
  9. Keep a calm, clear mind.  Even when things are falling apart around you.
  10. Our bodies and minds can stretch beyond what we thought possible.
  11. We can improve by helping others.
  12. The more you practice, the better you get!

September 28-30, 2012 Ace Jiu Jitsu coaches Tim Cartmell and Asa Fuller (black belts under Cleber Luciano) will be visiting the Rose City (Portland, OR.) for a weekend of seminars.  Below is all the info:

imageSchool of Budo
7506 N Chicago Ave.
Portland, OR. 97203

Friday September 28: 6-8pm
Saturday September 29: 9-12noon / 2-5pm
Sunday Belt Testing

One Session: $40
Whole Weekend: $100

Visit Ecole de Budo for more info. 

As I mentioned the other day the Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational is set to be the most exciting event quite possibly ever in BJJ history!  20 minutes, no points, submission only.  I mean how much better does it get!?!?!
While everyone is ranting and raving about all the young guns who will be showcasing their skills, I am stoked about our very own professor Jean Jacques Machado fighting Nelson Monteiro!  The level of skill and decades of experience promise to make this the match of the night.  Unfortunately the super fight between JJ and Ricardo De La Riva never panned out (due to the promoters, not the fighters), but this promises to be just as exciting.

Who exactly is Nelson Monteiro though?  A fifth degree under Carlos Gracie Jr. Monteiro was one of the pioneers of BJJ in America.  Receieving his black belt in 1989, Nelson moved to southern California the following year and started teaching out of his garage.  About 5 years later a man walked into Nelson’s academy and it would alter the course of grappling as we know it.

Sheik Tahoon Bin Zayed Al Nayan, a prince of the UAE came to the US to study and in the process fell in love with BJJ and wrestling in general.  This prompted the prince to present Nelson with an offer he could not refuse… come to UAE and be the prince’s personal trainer and coach!  During the five years living in the UAE Monteiro helped the prince formulate the foundation for a little event known now days as the ADCC grappling championships, arguably the most prestigious grappling tournament in the world.

Professor Monteiro has well over 25 years on the mat which in my opinion will make his fight with Jean Jacques epic!!!  Here is a little clip of Nelson fighting:

Rumor has it there will be a live stream of Metamoris, or head to sunny San Diego October 14th to watch live.  Either way you do not want to miss this event!  WAR Machado!!!!!!!!!

Train Hard.  Play Harder!

Check it out, Kid Peligro giving a shout out to RCJ Machado and the 5 Brothers Camp being held in Dallas, TX. October 26-28, 2012.

imageClick here to check out Kid Peligro’s blog and the camp announcement!  And when you are done there head over to RCJ Machado Pro to secure your spot as spaces are filling up fast!


A beautifully executed Viktor Roll from 7 time world Sambo champ Rais Rahmatullin..  Many grapplers are neglecting certain aspects of their game, but this clip illustrates not only the sportive efficacy of the rolling knee bar, but also consider how efficient this technique would be in a self defense situation!

All I know is what you see below, but I can promise you this… it is going to be the BOMB!!!!  San Diego, October 14th, 20 minute matches, submission only.  The site is supposed to launch today! And though I couldn’t find any definition of Metamoris, it must be from an archaic language that simply means Frickin’ BJJ Awesomeness!!!image
imageGet a jump start on getting in shape for the holidays by joining a class at the Three Harmonies Martial Arts Center here in Seattle, WA.  For the entire month of September I will waive the $40 membership fee for new students.  We offer a variety of classes in an effort to not only meet, but exceed your goals in training.

Whether you are a stay at home mom looking for a great workout, a busy executive wanting to lose weight, or a college student wanting to learn some self defense, we have the right class for you:

Kickboxing / Combatives Class:
Mon-Thurs 6pm
Sat. 10am

Pekiti Tirsia Kali:
Wed. 7:15
Sat. 9am

Private instruction is also available.  Call today for more info or throw us an email: 206-941-3232 / [email protected]

Train Hard.  Train Smart.