Alexandre Pequeno Franca Nogueira

There is a TON of BJJ related events coming up here in the Pacific NW, with David Meyer visiting Portland this weekend, we also are lucky to have Tim Cartmell visiting Portland, OR. and the Ecole De Budo Dojo the weekend of February 8-10th 2013.

Here is Tim on Budo Video’s “Rolled Up”:
Rolled Up Episode 27: The Never-Ending Path of a Martial Artist with Tim Cartmell

Tim CartmellFeb. 8-10 2013
Ecole De Budo Students: $100All other Guests: $150
Friday Feb. 8th, 6-8pm“Standing Self Defense with a focus on developing striking power”
Saturday Feb. 9th, 11am-4pmGi Grappling
Sunday Feb. 10th, 9am-12No Gi Grappling
Ecole De Budo Dojo
imageFor those of you unaware Tim Cartmell is a 35 year veteran of the martial arts and a 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where his accomplishments are overshadowed only by his ability to teach and convey complex principles to students of all levels.
Students of all levels and ranks are welcome to join us for this great opportunity to train with one of the best kept secrets in the martial arts, in one of the most beautiful dojo’s in North America.
Our friend Buchecha representing Ace JJ &, Checkmat,  hunting legs in San Diego, CA. at the World Pro Jiu Jitsu Trials which he went on to win.  Congrats!

I frickin’ love this art!  RESPECT!!

Here is a quick snip from Carlos Machado (newly promoted red-black belt) from the Machado Brothers Camp from a few years back, where he is teaching a finish to what many call “Wizard Control.”  This is interesting as my coach has developed a whole game around what he calls “Entangled Arm.”  Stay tuned to hear an exciting announcement regarding Brian’s Entangled Arm game!
Regardless of what you call it study this clip and work these details into your BJJ repertoire:

Dude has obviously been working this, as here he nails Clark Gracie quickly with the same baseball choke we show below!  Beautiful execution and much more disciplined response after the win!

imageHuge props to Chris, Ivan, and Brett on a multi-medal tournament in Phoenix at the UGF Arizona tournament!  Representing NWJJA and Machado BJJ with pride all told I believe there are 9 medals!!  Seriously I lost track but it sounds like everyone placed in their divisions and absolute.

MVP of the tournament is without a doubt Dutchess Smith who nailed a beautiful wristlock in the no gi semi’s!  Future world champ right there!!!

Seriously though congrats to all!  Proud of the work you guys have done.


WOW!  Super sneaky baseball bat choke from the bottom from Magid Hage on Zack Maxwell.  Lesson here… ALWAYS know where your opponents grips are and respect them!
Great submission, but again what is with the bullshit gesture at the tail end of the clip?  Really?  Necessary?  Appropriate?  From a black belt competitor who just won?!   Ugghhhh… seems to be par for the course with certain groups, and others not so much.  Good thing we wear patches to identify ourselves.


imageOur friend Chad over at Arm Bar Soap Company has released his third batch of soap and I must say he continues to improve with each new release.  Batch three is made with cocoa butter instead of glycerin, and it is the smoothest, softest, nicest antimicrobial soap on the market.

Often times soaps geared towards us combat athletes leave your skin feeling drawn and taught.  Not any longer with cocoa butter base Arm Bar Soap!  A nice combo of essential oils make sure you don’t smell like a surgeon showering up after training.  Arm Bar Soap is hands down the best on the market, so make sure you click here and order yours today!


imageWanted to send out a shout to team NWJJA represented by Chris “Spider” Webb / Brett “Dutchess” Smith / Josh “This Space is for Rent” Baek & Ivan “The Terrible” Moran.  Good luck and most importantly have fun at the Arizona UGF in Phoenix, AZ. this weekend!  Play your games, impose your will, search for the wrist, and enjoy the sun!


Jean Jacques Machado has a gift in that he can convey the most complicated of principles and techniques in seemingly the easiest of ways!  Here is a great defense against someone passing your guard when you have a leg lasso on them:

imageAmerica’s most decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor, and our coach and good friend David Meyer will be visiting Portland, OR. for a handful of seminars in just under two weeks. Teaching at a few different venues (more info below) make sure not to miss this opportunity to train with one of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen” (first 12 non-Brazilian black belts), and one of the most prolific competitors in American grappling history.

This is an excellent opportunity to have David sign the bible of competitive grappling “Training for Competition”  , or his more obscure co-author project “The Triangle” with his coach Rigan Machado.  David is a literal library of knowledge and is one of the pioneers of BJJ here in North America.  Come join us at one or all of the seminars below (subject matter will be different at each seminar):

Friday February 1


Bridgetown BJJ

5003 North Lombard Street  Portland, OR 97203


“Jiu Jitsu for MMA”.   No gi is needed.


Saturday, February 2


Martial Arts Fitness Center

Located in the Oregon Trail Shopping Center

2041 NE Burnside Road, Gresham, OR  97030



Saturday, February 2

Ecole de Budo

7506 N Chicago Ave Portland, OR 97203

“Secrets of Never Being Stuck on Your Back”

$60  (BJJ Bring a gi)

Here is footage from 1993 of David fighting as the “fifth” Machado brother in a Judo competition.  David was only a blue belt in BJJ at the time, but the brothers talked him into trying his hand at a Judo tourney for experience!

Every time you step onto the mat with a member of the Machado family I promise you will walk away with more then just a few cool techniques (those are GUARANTEED with anyone training under the Machado’s!), as the family is interested in imparting a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of grappling in general, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu more specifically.  Rigan Machado stopped in on his yearly pilgrimage to the Jet City to coach us in both gi and no gi training sessions, and it could not have been better!
In what has become the largest seminar ever hosted at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Brian’s dream of one day, 20 years ago…. one day being able to train, let alone host, Rigan Machado has come to fruition consecutively over the past 5 years!  To get access to a red-black belt is all too rare; to harbor a friendship with such a red-black belt is priceless.

Rigan opened the seminar with a story of one his true mentors and whom he proclaims is the best grappler ever to live… Rolls Gracie.  Passing on the knowledge that Rolls imparted upon his students 30 years ago Rigan told us how Rolls not only encouraged training in other grappling systems and rule sets, but also integrated the techniques and restrictions into the practice of there BJJ.   “Rolls wanted his students to be exposed to everything.”  In essence what Rigan is talking about is cross training in the purest sense of the word.  Many do not know but Rolls was an integral asset to the Mexican Olympic wrestling team, and trained in any grappling based system he came across especially western wrestling, Judo, and Sambo.

imageThe latter, Sambo, is a Russian martial art where competitors have limited time on the ground and cannot pull guard in sport version of Sambo.  This forced Rigan and his brothers to approach their training differently when they came to North America and still had a thirst to compete and the only competitions were Judo and Sambo (keep in mind at this time there was not the infestation of grappling tournaments we have seen spring up in the past 10 years).  Naturally they could not out “Sambo” the Sambo players, so relying on their stand up game was not a valid strategy.  With limited time on the ground they could not rely on an extended guard game, so the Machado brothers started developing quick attacks which gave birth to quick drilling.

This open mindedness is exactly what drew me towards Brian and the Machado family.  Since joining NWJJA 7 1/2 years ago I have had the fortune to train under not only 2nd degree Brian Johnson, but also all five of the Machado brothers at multiple times, as well as John Will and David Meyer whom are both members of the “Dirty Dozen” under the Machado’s.  I can honestly say that a very specific, peculiar trait exists amongst this group… and that is an unwavering love for the art of the BJJ!  As if they are driven to make you “get it” even if you don’t you can’t help but walk away from a weekend of training feeling like you are part of something bigger, better then the drudges we walk around in most of the time.

imageTechnique wise Rigan emphasized quickly attacking as soon as you hit the ground (regardless of top or bottom position, but we worked mostly from side control in the seminar).  A series of kimura’s, arm bars and a T Choke were the highlights of the gi seminar.  No gi wise we focused on attacking the turtle with various wrestling rides and working the seat belt grip.  Rigan also showed a reverse omoplata which was wicked cool!  As per usual it is the little details that I find absolutely invaluable which of course I am not going to share with you freely ;), but I will drop this nugget… make sure when you attain the seat belt grip to tuck your over hand wrist under their armpit.

Once again the students of NWJJA were schooled in the finer intricacies of locking the wrist, as Rigan offered a sneaky wristlock from side control  Yet another world champion understanding the finer more sophisticated joint locks in our arsenal.  I see a trend in world champions doing wristlocks: Rigan Machado / Alberto Crane / Buchecha / Tim Cartmell / Brian Johnson….;)

imageI want to thank our brothers and sisters who made it in from all over British Columbia, Port Angeles, and throughout Washington representing a plethora of schools in the Pac NW.  With right around 46 participants in the gi session alone this marked the largest seminar we have ever had at NWJJA, and all told we had 75 different practitioners all weekend. Thank you so much for the support!

Lots of seminars are coming up, so make sure to bookmark “The Ground Never Misses” and check us daily for news and announcements!


imageMy old friend and student Big John dropped me a surprise call tonight!  A blast from my New Mexico past, John instantly reminded me just how quickly the sands of time slip through our conscious awareness as he regaled me with stories of his daughter that just turned 20!  She and her brothers were little tykes in my kids class back home just yesterday.

As I was catching up with Big John he reminded me why I am involved in the martial arts as he told me that it was my teachings and my class that got him through some of the toughest times of his life including being jobless with 5 kids and a wife to care for!  WOW!  I cannot describe the high one gets when a student shares how you and your sharing of the art you love has positively affected them!

A brother of mine recently posted on his wall that sometimes we are shown the dark so that we seek the light.  His words couldn’t resonate more!  I think sometimes people like John and Kamau are put into your life to guide you towards the light, and for that I am grateful.

Give thanks,

imageA quick reminder that our good friend Rigan Machado is flying in tonight for a great weekend of training in the Pacific NW!  This has turned into the largest seminar NWJJA has ever hosted and promises to be epic, as we are sold out of the gi portion but still have a handful of spots left for the no gi seminar (stop by the dojo at speak with Brian, or give me a shout: 206-941-3232 / [email protected]).

As a reminder their is no Three Harmonies Classes nor Competition class tomorrow at the dojo because of the seminar.

Also if I may inject one last note: Students please make sure you read the full set of protocol posted throughout the dojo, especially the part that states NO FOOD ON THE MATS.  For those a bit slow on the uptake that most certainly includes gum!  I will not tolerate seeing a piece of gum on the mats, literally ON THE MATS!  We all appreciate your concern for the halitosis you have been rocking but gum is NOT acceptable in the dojo!  Not to mention rolling with it is beyond stupid because you can very easily choke on it!  If you need breathe control I highly suggest Listerine breath strips that melt in your mouth quickly and take care of breath issues.

Thank you,

Photo’s Courtesy of Terry Neil

It has been my limited experience that grapplers either prefer a rash guard, or don’t.  I don’t seem to find many folks who sometimes wear one, sometimes don’t.  If you are of the former then their are essentially three things you are going to look for in a rash guard; does it wick moisture / does it help me thermo-regulate / does it look nice.  Outside of these three area’s their is little to consider other then aesthetics, which is obviously the crown jewel in the case of the “Sakana” rash guard.

Price wise most rashies fall in the $40-70 range with short sleeves being a bit cheaper then long sleeve versions.  Fuji’s “Sakana” design is a long sleeve rash guard that falls into the higher range price wise for rash guards, but so far has hit the mark for me with a very comfortable smooth interior that does not bunch or chafe.

imageWeighing just over 8 ounces, the Sakana has proven to be one of the more comfortable rash guards I have ever owned.  A great fit at XL for me it has not shrunk a bit (I tend not to dry my rashies), and wicks away sweat while maintaining a nice even core temp.  The compression is not too restrictive yet tight enough to not roll up the stomach nor forearms.

Now as far as aesthetics go I think Fuji’s Sakana is the hottest design on the market!  A beautiful black and white mosaic of a samurai sparring with waves along with the ever present Koi fish, and demon amongst the mist of the breaking waves.  A homage to several common themes found in Japanese art.  Brush marked kanji for “Budo” (martial way) adorn both the body and the sleeve, with scales bordering the cuff.  The artwork is sublimated so rest assured it will not come off, and so far no fading what-so-ever.  I love the detail and simplicity with black and white really catching the eye, while simultaneously representing yin & yang.


If you are in the market for a solid rash guard, that is also a wearable piece of art, hit up our friend Aaron Rubin over at Martial Art Supplies dot com.  The Fuji long sleeve Sakana is retailing for $64.99 at and you can be redirected via hyperlink by clicking here! imageThe European Open marks the official – unofficial start of tournament season with the IBJJF, and therefore also means that newly instated rules will be in effect from here on out at IBJJF events.  Nothing of major consequence, but each and every competitor has an obligation to read and familiarize themselves with IBJJF Rules.  Also keep in mind the Revolution Tournaments will be going to a IBJJF rule format starting this year as well.

Click here to open a link and read all 42 pages of rules!

After all we don’t want to end up acting like this ass hat at the next tournament just because you did not pay attention to the rules (thanks for the vid Spider!):

Here are the major rule changes you will see in 2013.  Thanks to Gracie Mag for these!

Takedown Score:
Starting in 2013, the referee will award two points for a Takedown after the athlete who initiates the Takedown stabilizes the position on the opponent on the ground for three (3) seconds.

Classification of penalties:
Terminate the category “Minor Penalties”. All situations that were classified as “Minor” will now be classified as “Serious”.

Marking penalties on the scoreboard:
All penalties noted by the referee shall be marked on the scoreboard. Ends the concept of gestural penalty. Starting in 2013, counter penalties could go up to three (3) and the fourth penalty will result in a disqualification.

Adding new “Severe Penalty”:
An athlete will receive a “Severe Penalty” in situations where the athlete commits an illegal move against their opponent that results in a disqualification.

Adding new “Serious Penalty”:
An athlete will receive a “Serious Penalty” in situations where the athlete commits an illegal move against their opponent that results in a penalty.

Referee proceedings:
In situations where there IS NOT a submission hold in place, the referee may stop the match when an athlete puts their opponent in a position that is liable to penalty (illegal hold). The referee will return the athletes to a regular position.

In situations where there IS a submission hold in place, the referee will not stop the match when the athlete under attack puts the opponent in a position that is liable to penalty (illegal move).
In matches with three (3) referees, the disqualification of an athlete will not happen until at least two of the three referees agree with the decision.

Restricting registration for athletes with experience in other sports:
Starting in 2013, athletes with experience in wrestling at the University level in the USA or with a professional career in MMA cannot subscribe to compete as a white belt. Besides the USA, wrestling competitors with experience in National tournaments around the world are also restricted from competing as white belts.

In light of Strikeforce being one of the last hold-outs before getting gobbled up by the Fertitta conglomerate, I wanted to show this highlight reel someone put together on Alexandre “Pequeno” Franca Nogueira.  “Who?” you ask?!  Known in some circles as the Guillotine Master, Pequeno was one of Shooto’s most prolific lightweight champs (holding the record for retaining the title in all of MMA; 6 years, 8 months, 2 days before having to to relinquish it due to a knee injury) with a record of 14-6-2 in pro MMA.

Saddens me to see yet another great fight organization get absorbed by the UFC monopoly.  This leaves Bellator as one of the only heavy hitting competitors to the UFC.

Check out how Pequeno seems to bait his opponents in to shooting in and giving up their neck.  Awesome technique.  Killer soundtrack.  Great vid for a groggy Monday morning.


Our friend and coach David Meyer will be visiting the Pacific NW here in the near future (more on that soon) and here he is with our other friend and coach John Will showing a fundamental top control drill.

At first glance this may look a bit simple, dare I say basic!?  But if training at NWJJA has taught me anything its that the fundamentals are where it is at!  Our training partners coupled with the best coach in the Pac NW offer one of the greatest training environments around.  And as of late everybody’s “basic” pressure and movement has been fucking phenomenal!!  Keep it up guys!

In the meantime study this video, lots of good things packed into 90 seconds:

Great open guard work with the “Wizard” Jean Jacques Machado:

imageBudo Jake runs a weekly web cast called “This Week In BJJ” and the first show of the season features our good friend and coach Asa Fuller in an hour long sit down interview followed by a few self defense techniques.  Asa is a first degree black belt under Cleber Luciano, and the head coach at Ace Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley, CA.  alongside Chris Thue, Tim Cartmell, oh and this one guy teaches several days a week…. Buchecha, I think is the name.  Pretty much considered THE best in the world BJJ wise (and Ace has one of the coolest logo’s out there)!

Many do not realize just how experienced Asa is both in regards to training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but also competition (made it to the ADCC a few years back in Spain!).  The amount of experience and level of skill at Ace Jiu Jitsu certainly qualifies it for one of southern California’s best kept secrets considering the student to black belt ratio on any given evening is 5-1, 7-1 on a busy night!

Check out the interview and techniques segment below:

Screenshot of the app

For those of you utilizing a Windows based platform phone, don’t forget to purchase the NWJJA Basic 12 BJJ Curriculum App which showcases the same curriculum Brian uses at our Seattle based academy to teach his fundamentals classes with.  Our designer says that the Windows 8 version for tablets and computers will be out very soon (bookmark The Ground Never Misses).

Click here to be redirected to the site to purchase the NWJJA Basic 12 App (a steal coming under $5!!).

imageFor just over 2 years now Jiu Jitsu Style has climbed its way to the top of grappling based magazines available, and held that position STRONG!   In their first issue of 2013 they hit it off with an interview with Carlos, Roger and Jean (John Machado’s son) Machado talking about the birth of BJJ in America, structuring classes, the difference between promotions in Brazil and North America, along with a handful of great topics!

If you have not already subscribed make sure you do it today.  Jiu Jitsu Style is THE magazine on the market for grapplers of all backgrounds!  Rather hard to find on the newsstands, you can subscribe via any number of formats (iPad/iPhone/single issues / subscriptions etc) by clicking here!

“Courage is essential for the warrior.  Be engaged in the moment.  It is all about how I feel about things.  I don’t expect much.  I obey my heart.” – Rickson Gracie

Hope you listen to this my friend.

Rickson Gracie: Just Like You from Citizens of Humanity on Vimeo

Ross over at Ross Training first turned me onto Kai Green, world class bodybuilder and weightlifter genius, a few years back.  I have no desire to body build, but I am a firm believer that martial artists are students of the body, mind, and spirit that encompasses all aspects of any physical endeavor.  With that in mind strip away the minor detail of Kai being a bodybuilder and just listen to his philosophy on simplicity, discipline, focus, diet, starting out, and approach to his chosen discipline and what you are left with is an hour of free advice most pay hundreds of dollars to gather!

I admire his humbleness and never ending search for perfection.  Always learning, always pushing, without nothing more than a simple focused approach.  Respect:

imageEvan “Titan” Thompson, and his older brother Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson are featured alongside their father who also trains the boys in season two of The Takedown MMA Radio podcast! 

imageFan’s of the UFC will recognize Stephen, and Evan is well on his way to becoming a household name with his first pro MMA win last week with a first round TKO!

You can check out The Takedown MMA Radio show on a number of different platforms including i tunes, Podbean, Podcast Alley, and Stitcher Radio.  Or simply streaming on their site Takedown MMA Radio. 

Then tune in next week as they have a special guest with Prof. Carlos Machado!

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Proudly Presents:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminarw/ 9th Degree Professor Rigan Machado                                                                    imageJanuary 19th, 2013NW Jiu Jitsu Academy942 N. 95th StSeattle, WA.
Gi Seminar: 12-2pmNo-Gi Seminar: 2:30-4:30pm
One Seminar: $55Both Seminars: $100                                                                             

All levels of experience and belts are welcome to join us for an afternoon of grappling training with one of the most sought after coaches; Rigan Machado.  A legendary competitor and a world class instructor, Rigan is one of the Machado Brothers (one of the pioneering families of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu here in North America), and has come to Seattle once again toshare some new developments with different material in each seminar!

For more information or questions please contact:Jake @ 206-941-3232 / [email protected]
Or Stop by the dojo to register for the seminar! Space is limited so register ASAP!