September 26, 2013

On The Mat's Biohazard Rash Guard Review

Readers of the Ground Never Misses know that we have a special place in our hearts for Scotty Nelson over at On The Mat.  Amazing customer service coupled with a time tested product line equates to nothing but success when it comes to producing quality grappling apparel.  One of the nicer additions this year is the Biohazard rash guard.

Long sleeves along with 3 extra inches at the skirt make this the perfect rashie for long lanky fighters.  She breathes really well and the flatlock seems have held up to some serious abuse over the past couple months since I have been wearing the rash guard.  Sublimated graphics are reminiscent of HR Giger's dark futuristic work (those of you unfamiliar... he was the artist for the original Alien from the movie "Alien"), which is highlighted via a bright yellow biohazard symbol with OTM in the center.

This 6oz lycra rash guard is also made in the USA which is another selling point for me.  With our economy circling the porcelain pagoda, where my grappling products are made certainly factors into my purchase decision.  Retailing at $64.99 you can purchase the Biohazard rash guard by clicking here! 

As with all of OTM products Scotty and his crew stand behind it 100%, so if you have yet to order anything from OTM click here and head on over to their pro shop! 
All photos courtesy of Elton Pinto

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