The UG and Sherdog Censor It’s Members Regarding Lloyd Irvin Rape Case

imageIt seems that there is no limit that Lloyd Irvin and his merry band of molesters will go to in an effort to threaten and scare folks away from the truth about the rape culture he is propagating at his schools throughout the Metro DC area.  About a month ago lawyers threatened the owners of the MMA Underground forums and Sherdog with legal action about threads highlighting the rape case involving Lloyd Irvin’s students Matthew Maldonado, and Nick Schultz.  (Click here if you are unfamiliar with the rape case in question, or if you would like to know the truth about Lloyd Irvin)

It is scary how easily some online cave to Lloyd and his bullying.  But the more we speak the truth, the more the truth will shine through.
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On a similar note, Draculino insists he has banned Nick Schultz from training at his Houston, TX. academy, but some rumors in the mill suggest that perhaps senior members of the gym are sneaking him in.  These are unconfirmed and hopefully not true.  I respect the hell out of Draculino and would hate to see his school (which has both children and adult classes) infected with undesirable individuals such as Nick Schultz.

And as a closer I want to offer a shameless promotion of some patches our friend Georgette is selling that I thought might be fitting of the subject matter:

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This is what the Red Menace offers in regards to the above patch:

For those who ask, why wear their names on my gi/shorts/etc…. my answer is this– I think there’s nothing wrong with shaming wrongdoers in a very public way.  That’s my intent.  If that makes you feel uncomfortable or if you think people might not “get it” then I offer it as a conversation starter to help educate the public.