Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Seattle, Washington

imageI wanted to take the opportunity to let potential students of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) know that you have several choices in Seattle, WA.  There are many excellent instructors of grappling that offer a bevy of classes throughout the Seattle metropolitan area, and it has come to my attention that a certain school is advertising proclamations such as being “…Seattle’s only school that teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu exclusively.”   An assertion that quite simply is not true, and when informed about the typo the individual decided to leave the statement be.

So buyer beware when shopping for BJJ in the Seattle area, make sure you check out a bevy of schools including Fosters BJJ, SIMA in W. Seattle, and the best in the northwest: NW Jiu Jitsu Academy in North Seattle!  And if it applies make sure to inquire why certain instructors are making false or misleading claims in their advertising campaigns for no real good reason.