93 Brand Choking Hazard Rash Guard Review

imageimageNow that summer is in full swing you are going to want to ensure you grab some new rashies to keep you cool and cootie free.  The limited release collaboration between 93 Brand and Meerkatsu has resulted in the “Choking Hazard” short sleeve rash guard from Roll More dot com.  Dare I say this might be the perfect summer rash guard.

imageThe 85% polyester / 15% spandex weave has just the right amount of compression maintaining comfortability while providing the cooling and wicking one expects from a grappling rash guard.  I have worn the Choking Hazard for the past couple of months and the reinforced stitching shows zero wear and tear in terms of pilling, pulling at the seems, nor loose threads.

imageThis is a 100% sublimated rash guard, with even the tag sublimated into the collar (small things like the absence of an annoying tag rubbing on your neck are what make the Choking Hazard a winner), maintains the faux prescription bottle theme perfectly.  A cute breakdown of uses, active ingredients, colourings, directions, and warnings adorn the back complimented by a giant “Choking Hazard” sign on the ventral surface.  The short sleeve version is offered in the sharp orange and black color scheme that is good looking without being obnoxious featuring a design from artist Meerkatsu.

Honestly this blend and quality of design are one of the most comfortable rash guards I have come across in a while, and the only negative aspect I can find is it is manufactured in Pakistan.  Comfort coupled with a great design and affordable price ($59.99 msrp), should put the Choking Hazard rash guard on top of your wish list for summer grappling clothing.

imageYou can order your size rashie from the Roll More martial arts website by clicking here.